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Coastal Scents Hot Pot Eyeshadows Review :)

Hello My beauties :)  I hope you are all well :) 
As you all know I am no stranger to the website Coastal Scents :)  I have all 3 of their reveal palettes which I adore and use alot and I have also tried some other items especially some of their hot pot eyeshadows :)  You can view all of my reviews here on them :) 
Well I had to go back and order more of their Hot Pot Pressed Eyeshadows to fill up my empty Coast Scents Palette :)  
Coastal Scents has 97 shades of these eyeshadows to choose from and retail at $1.95 each :)  So affordable right?!  Well at the moment they are having a sale of them where you can get them for $.99 each :) :) :) 

So I decided to go for shades that are more on the neutral side.  I plan on filling my 28 piece empty palette with all neutrals and then fill another with more funking fun filled shades :) 

So With 13 shades in my collection so far I decided to review them and tell you what I think of the shades I have chosen.  I find it very hard to depend on the shades on the website as they have no swatches on their and have notices by previous purchases that the shades look a little different to the pictures they supply.  I really think its important that you search for swatches as you may be disappointed with the shade otherwise.  

So when I got my order I got my eyeshadows in a light mesh bag :)  Very pretty and very girlie.  The eyeshadows come in separate plastic covers that you can open and close at you convenience so if you do not have a palette to place them you can still store them in the containers you got them in :)  Behind each plastic container there is a sticker label with the names of each eyeshadow on them.  Fear not there is also a sticker on the magnetic part of the eyeshadow too :) :) 

So what does Coastal Scents say about these :) 
A 1-inch metal pan that contains a highly pigmented eye shadow for multiple applications. Each Coastal Scents Hot Pot™ fits snugly into one of the Go Pod4 Piece12 Piece, and 28 Piece Interchangeable Palettes. These custom palettes contain magnets in a soft foam padding which attract the metal pan of the Hot Pot. This allows you to completely customize your palette to create any look by simply adding interchangeable Hot Pots from the vast collection of shades, hues, and finishes. 

Now I am going to show you the shades up close :) 

PUMPKIN PIE:   One the website you will see that this shade looks completely different to its picture.  Its a light tan shade with a little orange undertone to it.    Its a matte and is nicely pigmented :)  Its the perfect transition shade you could look for especially if you are pale skinned :)  Its also very buildable :)  Soft creamy and easy to blend what more could you as for :) 

OATMEAL TAN:  This is another amazing transition shade and a little like Pumpkin Pie :)  This again is a light tan shade but a little more of the brown side rather than the orange side.  Again this shade is also matte very creamy and easy to blend :)  Its another perfect transition shade.  The fact that there is not a whole lot of difference between Pumpkin Pie and Oatmeal Tan you could easily do with only one or the other :)  as they turn out the same way when blended :) 

COPPER POT:  This is one of my favourites :)  Look how stunning it looks in the pan isnt it beautiful :)  You can imagine just looking at it how pigmented it is :)  Believe me its hard to get this shade as it always seems to be out of stick so make sure to keep an eye out and get your hands on it as soon as it comes in as you will love it :)  This copper gold will look absolutely stunning on you blue and green eyed girls especially its the perfect eye popping eyeshadow :) :)  So so creamy so pigmented and so easy to apply :) I love it 

SUNSET GOLD:  A Ray of sunshine :) :) This is a little like Copper Gold only a little lighter :)  Again if you have Copper Gold you will not need Sunset Gold or visa versa.  This again is very pigmented creamy and easy to work with :)  There is alot more of a golden finish to this shade so if you prefer gold this is ther one for you :) 

18 KARAT GOLD:  This shade is outstanding and another very popular shade on the site :)  This looks AMAZING on blue eyes and really makes those bright blue eyes pop.  I adore this shade and is a great pop of golden goddess colour :)  Its hugely pigmented creamy and very soft.  A little goes a long way :)   

Here is a picture of all the shades so far against each other :) :) 

LIGHT BRONZE:  A lovely medium bronze brown this again is shimmery and very pigmented :)  The perfect shade for working with when creating a daytime smokey eye :)  Another creamy soft and pigmented shade :)  

AMBER BRONZE:  Wow isnt this looking fantastic in the pan.  Just look at that shimmer :)   This shade is a little darker than bright bronze and I actually prefer this over it :)  Its a deeper brown with golden and copper shimmer :)  The rustic finish you desire :)  This is hugely pigmented and a little goes a long way :)  So easy to work with and very buildable.  Another of my favourites :) 

BOCA MOCHA:  Now doesnt this look very familiar to Amber Bronze :)   But fear not this not exactly the same shade in fact this is a shade or two darker :)  Its a dark brown with an amazing bronzed hue to it :)  Its amazingly pigmented and perfect for a deep smokey daytime look :)  love it :)  I think this may be the most favourite of mine between Amber Bronze and Boca Mocha :)  

AMARETTO:    Another stunning shade and especially perfect for anyone with green/hazel eyes :) :)  This shade is to die for and again another of my favourites :) :)  This shade is a deep reddish brown with red and golden shimmer :)  Its amazing and very pigmented :)  

CANYON CORAL:  I have to laugh at the shade it shows for this on the website !!! Check it out.  
This shade is not the best shade I have picked as in pigmentation.  Its a satin burgundy brown.  This shade is stunning do not get me wrong but it needs a little more work than the others.  You have to build the intensity of the shade to see the beauty it is :)  Against my hazel eyes this really makes them pop :)   I wouldnt say to not buy this shade but prepare to work with it :) 

DEEP ROAST:  This is a simple medium brown :)  perfect for brows, daytime liner outer corner lid shade :)  A very pigmented matte shade.  Very easy to work with too which is surprising because its matte but I love it :) 

RAISIN BERRY:  I am deeply madly in love with this shade seriously how amazing does it look :)   A deep and stunning Maroon Hue eyeshadow with a shimmery finish :) :)  awww girlies need I say more than I adore it and love everything about it :)  The swatches will show you why :) 

BLACK BERRY:  It explains on the site that this is a mauve navy shade but I dont really see navy in this shade its more like a mauve grey shade :)  Its a satin finish and again not as pigmented as some of the other shades.  You have to pack on the shade to make this work and blending it isnt as easy either.  I was a little disappointed with this shade to be honest and wouldnt repurchase it again 

INCOGNITO:  This is down as a matte black shade but its not the blackest eyeshadow I have in my collection.  I would say that this is more of a deep dark charcoal black and to get more intensity we need to build the shade up :)  It is a great shade to work with and blends beautifully :)  I love using it as a daytime eyeliner and on the out corner for a deep smokey eye in the day time :) 

I have to admit these eyeshadows surprised me :)  I was expecting the matte eyeshadows to be the hardest to work with when infact the Satin eyeshadows were the hardest.  The mattes worked like a dream and of course the shimmery eyeshadows are amazing :)  They are definately worth the money you pay for them.  The first eyeshadows I have tried were bought about 2 years ago and they still work brilliantly :)  
I really want to get more but I think I will stay away from the satin shades :)  
All the swatches above were made with no primer on top :)  They eyeshadows last all day and night long if worn over a primer.  
I highly recommend these to you all to try :) :) 
Here is an easy day time smokey look I created using "Sunset gold" on the lid darkening it a little on the outer third with "Canyon Coral"  I used "Deep Roast" on the outer corner and into the crease.  I also used "Pumpkin Pie" to blend out the harsh lines and as a transition shade :) I wasnt happy with the darkness of the outer corner so I deepened it a little with "Incognito" 
I used all shades on the lower lash line too :) 
I used a very small amount of "18 Karat Gold in the inner corner" 

I really hope you enjoyed this review :)  What shades would you choose :)  
Have you tried these eyeshadows yet 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hannah Green said...

Ah i've not seen that you can create your own pallet though. The golden look you have created is stunning x

beautyqueenuk said...

Amaretto and Canyan Coral are my favourites from that palette, wow x

Huda...!!! said...

Wow gorgeous shades. Gotta try these for sure. Love the look you created <3

Nicol said...

oh my, those are a lot more affordable than the mac ones! loving the eye look, its stunning

Shannon Boyce said...

The colours are gorgeous. I love how affordable these are, too! What a deal!

Laura - Alagoz said...

These all look gorgeous and something I would wear. Great review and love the look you did x

Pink Frenzy

Julie Bardoe said...

Oh wow these are just stunning and the pigmentation... damn! I've wanted to try them but but it's harder here in the uk, may need to pay out for the shipping and blown away by these x

Sophia Meola; ❤ said...

Ohh these eyeshadows looks absolutely amazing! Copper Pot looks like such a gorgeous Rose Gold shade

Sophia Meola | A Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog


Fabulousandfunlife said...

I love the look of the metallics, especially the Copper shade.

If you are interested I host a beauty and makeup link up on my blog every Monday through to Wednesday night (Sydney time). You are more than welcome to join in and link up if you like :)

Amy said...

love these shades, definitely going to give these a try
loving your blog too :) x

Sophie Pocock said...

not heard of this brand before in the UK, I do love the shades!


The Made Up Maiden said...

Aah, wish I'd seen this earlier, I placed my order two nights ago!

I got many of the same shades you did. Really wish I had picked up Raisin Berry though!!!

Lorraine said...

Wowzers! Really impressed with the swatches. There's a lot of overlap with shades I've already got, so I don't think I'll be making an order for me - but I'm defz keeping it in mind as a gift idea.

Also, your liner's on point here :)

Esha said...

Wow! These are some lovely hues!

Crazyblondegal said...

Copper Pot is my faveee, it's so pretty! Fab swatches :)

Frankie | Crazyblondegal

Holly said...

Your application is always stunning. I would love to see a tutorial video.

Nina s said...


Natalie B. said...

These are so pretty & such a fantastic price! I've got a couple of their palettes but have yet to try any of their singles. I guess I'll have to check them out. Thanks!

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