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Christmas Gift Ideas for under €20

Hello My beauties I hope you are all well :) 
Wow Christmas day is creeping up on us big time.  I dont know about you all but this year has been nothing but crazy for me..... One being trying to get Christmas presents sorted.  Usually I am finished by now but with Confirmation, 1st Communion, Twins starting primary school and my oldest start Secondary its been an expensive year.  
Christmas coming on top of that I wanted to get good Christmas Presents that are not going to cost me an arm and a leg.   
To be honest it used to be heart breaking for me that having a budget at Christmas time ment that I could not by my closest loved ones the best presents I wanted to buy them.  That was until this year when I really had to put myself to the test and try and get the best but not leave myself short.  
So today I am going to show you some of the items I bought my loved ones and maybe this might help you with your last minute shopping :) 

I have to start with some amazing products from a company I cant help but love lately :)  You may remember my blog post about Ziaja which is a company in Poland but is now available in Ireland.  This company works hard at giving us the best quality skincare for a very affordable price :)  Check out my review on their Natural Olive Skincare.  I love this range so much I jumped straight onto their website to order some more products for my loved ones and also for my babies :) :)   Much to my surprise they have gift sets for Christmas so I just had to buy some for my family :) 

First up is of course some products for the children :) :) 

Let me tell you know my kiddies were full of excitement when they seen me take this out of the box :)  They smelled these two beauties and cried for a bath straight away :)  Of course they chose the Bubble Cola one first :)  
Well let me tell you all the Bubble Cola smells exactly like Coca Cola !!!! Fact !!!! I mean if you had your eyes closed and someone gave this to you to smell and taste you will drink it lol.  The scent of cola fills the bathroom as you fill the bath :)  The water changes to a nice cola shade and as for bubbles there is plenty of them :)  Well let me tell you now each one of my kiddies give these bubble baths the thumbs up they deserve the scent is unreal and their favourite is of course the Bubble Cola.  My oldest kiddies cant choose between the two haha.  
What I love about this product is that its delicate to the skin and the main ingredient in this is Glycerin which can help heal skin irritations such as psoriasis, rashes etc.  It also helps the body maintain its water balance which is what children need especially at winter and summer months.  
Not Bad Eh?  The bottle contains 500ml and costs only 
The perfect stocking filler for children.  I promise you once the smell this they are going to ask for a bath straight away haha 

Next up for the kiddies is this amazing shampoo :) Again another favourite of all the kiddies in my house :) 

This is the perfect shampoo for kiddies :)  Epecially children who have cradle cap in which some children do have or any sort of tenderness on their scalp.  The main ingredients in this shampoo is 
Glycerin which we already now is for moisture 
Pro-vitamin B5 also acts like a moisturiser but no any ordinary moisturiser this seals the moisture on the childrens scalp which prevents dryness or even any more dryness to the scalp which can cause cradle cap to worsen or even dandruff 
It is also said to prevent tangling to childrens hair which I can vouch as my daughter has very long hair and it can be a nightmare sometimes to brush.  It gets that bad that I do have to apply conditioner to her hair but since using this its not half as knotty :) 
The scent is amazing on this and my children describe the scent as "Marshmallows"  it does infact smell a little like that but I think the Cookies & Ice cream is a perfect name for what I smell :) 
Another thumbs up from the kiddies and mummy too as it causes less screaming while brushing my daughters hair and less arguments when I say its time for a shower hehehe what more can we mums ask for ;)  For 400ml per bottle and only costing €2.99 Its another perfect gift for your child :) 

Next up is a gift for the Daddies, Grand dads, Uncles or brothers :) 

I do not know about you all but I find it very hard to choose something for men :)  and this has to be the first year I found it easier thanks to Ziaja.  
Years ago men were not into looking after their skin as much as today :)  Believe me I have noticed !!! Having 2 brothers and lots of male cousins I have seen the change throughout the years :)  
Mens skin do have problems too but not alot of them know what to do with their skin when it flares up.  I especially have noticed my dads skin becoming tough, blotchy and very red.  This is why I chose this gift set .  
The gift set only cost €9.99 for 3 products 
The products you are getting is 
Mens moisturising face cream SPF6 50ml,
Mens shower gel 300 ml,
Mens roll on anti-antiperspirant 60ml.
A Pretty amazing value pack :) 

Of course next up is for the ladies :) 

 I got a couple of samples of the Cocoa Butter range and I have to admit I fell in love.  So much so I went on line and order 2 of these beauties one for myself and one for a loved one.  This set is unbelievable value.  You are getting 3 products in this gift set for only €9.99.   The set contains 
Cocoa body lotion 400ml,
Cocoa hand cream 80ml,
Cocoa shower soap 500ml.
Cocoa Butter is very beneficial for your skin :) 
Cocoa Butter is very high in Antioxidants.  Cocoa Butter is high in fatty acids which hydrates the skin deeply.  I suffer with very dry skin in alot of areas on my body and find this is amazing especially on my legs.  It gives me such a natural looking shine on my legs I love especially when I tan ;) 
I also Have to mention the scent mmmmmm It smells like hot chocolate :) I love it 

Lastly from Ziaja 

The Natural Olive Range:  This is one range I am very familur with as you all may remember I tried their face creams and absolutely love them I still use them every single day :) 
So I just had to try out their body products :) Again this set is only €9.99 for 3 products :) 
In this set you are getting :) 
Olive body lotion 400ml,
Olive hand cream 80ml,
Olive shower gel 500ml.
I am really looking forward to trying this range out for myself and I am that confident It will be just as good as the face creams I went ahead and bought one for a loved one :) :) 
I will surely be reviewing each one of these in the near future :) 

If you are interested in seeing more gift sets Ziaja has to offer check out their website or if in Ireland check our your local pharmacy.  If you are ordering your gifts from the website and want them before Christmas today is the last day to order :)  

Next Items are from Penneys/Primark 

The Countdown to Christmas Calender which only costs €5 
Its never too late to grab this calender for any girl in your life.  I thing the best thing about this calender and giving it to your loved one on Christmas day is that they get to open all the days at once :) :) After all could you really contain yourself ??? I know I couldnt 
Behind each day there is a little goody that can be used such as a nail file, nail polish, glitter eyeliner etc :) I dont want to spoil it too much but I love that this is only €5 and can be very exciting for any teenage girl in your life :) 
The next item is a nicely designed Christmas cracker which contains 3 beauty items :) :) and only costs €3 :)  Together these two makes a great and exciting gift and still only costs €8 for the two 

Next from Penneys 

Well every lady at Christmas time needs a little sunshine on their skin and what better way to do that than buying them this great Ultimate Travel Set by Cocoa Brown.
I am surely you all know at this stage that I am a huge fan of Cocoa Brown and the fact that this travel set contains 3 of my favourite products is like a dream come true for me.  Of course this set is not for me but I know for a fact that the person I bought it for will absolutely love this :)  
For only €10 you are getting 
Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan  
Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff Body Scrub 50ml
Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze Gradual Tanner 
The perfect combination for that perfect looking tanned skin for a full week.  The travel sized products are that genourous you do not have to worry about tanning for at least a month :) 

The next Gift set is by MeMeMe Cosmetics.  

If the women in your life love makeup well this the perfect gift for them :) 

I fell in love with this gift set the first time I seen it and I just couldnt resist buying it for my loved one.  MeMeMe Cosmetics is amazing and I know for a fact that this gift set will be a hit :) 
For only €12.99 you are getting:
Eye Inspire Eyeshadow Trio 01, an Eye Sweep Liquid Definer PenFat Cat Volumising MascaraEye Line Pencil in Coal and an instruction card to show you how to creat a smokey eye :) 

A Very ideal gift set for any makeup lover :) 

Now for the Lips :) 

 Every woman and man would love this set as the winter is hard on our lips as well as the summer.  We need protection for our lips and what better way to do that than by buying this perfect Vaseline Gift Set which only costs €7.99.  It contains 3 different flavoured lip balms and comes in this cute round case which can be reused afterwards :)  Be it for jewellery, makeup or what ever you wish :) 
I Think its a brilliant gift 

Lastly I think this next gift would be perfect for any woman who has the Urban Decay Naked Palette on their wish list.  Obviously the Naked palette is quite expensive and to be honest at Christmas time it can be hard to raise the fund for it.  So why not go for the cheaper alternative and a brilliant dupe :) 

This only costs €7.99 and is just as good in my eyes as the Naked Palette.  If you are still not sure Check out my blog post about them check out my swatches and it will surely change you mind :) :) ;) 

I have so many recommendations for affordable gifts under €20 but this blog post would go on forever :)  There is another post you should check out by me for some more gift ideas and that is on my Top Ten Blank Canvas Cosmetics Products If you are looking for something for your ladies i your life they would really appreciate good makeup brushes etc :) Blank Canvas is surely the place to go :) 

I hope you all enjoyed this post and found it helpful :)  If you have any recommendations feel free to leave them below would love to hear from you 

Until Next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Loevens said...

Great gift recommendations :)

Wow the bubble bath looks nice :) I don't have any kids but I would totally use that for myself haha.

Claire D. T said...

I have the w7 palette.. It's amazing!! :)
Lovely suggestion sweetie!

Beautykinguk said...

Some brilliant ideas there! I only have a few bits left to get and then I am finished!

Alice Furlan said...

great suggestions!! I love the look of that mememe set!

beautyqueenuk said...

I have that W7 Palette and it is amazing, such good value for money x

Esha said...

These are some great ideas for gifting! I'd love the olive set myself! :D

Laura - Alagoz said...

Coconut butter set sounds amazing <3

Pink Frenzy

Kelly McKenny said...

I love the sounds of the scents of the kids products! :)

Sophie Pocock said...

Great gifts I want to try that fake tan, haven't heard of any of the other brands.


Lovelyladyjb said...

Great ideas, I think the travel kit is such a great idea for the traveler!

Karen Bradly said...

Thanks :) Great post
Makeup, Skin Care, and Hair Care

Nicol said...

vaseline tins is a classic and can never go wrong with it! :P

Julie Bardoe said...

Some great gifts here. Love MeMeMe Cosmetics and that set looks so nice and so reasonably priced too x

Naffy said...

Some good idea's I love the the W7 Palette xxx

Sarah Smith said...

Wow all nice, i didn't give gift you save my lots of time.. thanks

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