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Irish Beauty Bloggers Secret Santa: The Reveal 2014

Hello my beauties I hope you are well :) 
Its that time of year again :) 
I am not sure if you remember last year I did a blog post on Alot of Irish Beauty Bloggers getting involved in Secret Santa :)  To our surprise there was 40+ of us involved and it was a very exiting time for us.  Not know who got us and shopping for our receiver.  To refresh your memories check out last years post here :) 
Well as you can guess we all got together again and took part in Secret Santa again this year.  There is even more people involved in it this year which leaves it all the more exciting.  Aisling form Total Makeup Addict was brilliant again this year to organise the whole thing and I wanted to say a huge thank you to her for making this happen.  Its is brilliant that for such a small country we Beauty Bloggers have formed a brilliant little pact together and are hugely supportive of each other too.  
This year Aisling formed a questionnaire on How much we wanted to spend on each other, when the last day of postage is and of course when the big reveal of what we all got is going to be :)  As you can guess its today :)  I am so exited to see what everyone got :) 

We also had the option on weither we wanted to reveal ourselves to our receivers or not.  I chose to allow my receiver to guess who I was by A)  Delivering the parcel to the door (which was a big risk  B) to leave a clue of who I was on her card :)  I am sure she knows who I am and I cant wait to see if she guessed right :)  If she did guess I will leave a link below to her blog so you can see what I got her :) 

So Last week was when I got my Secret Santa Package through the door I was overly excited like a big baby on Christmas Day :)  I just couldnt wait to open my present and neither could my little brood :) :) 

The presents were all wrapped individually which left it all the more exciting.  I recieved 8 goodies and a card.  
First of all I just had to open the card to see did my secret santa reveal herself and I was delighted she did :) 

Awww So Sweet thank you Anita :)  I love Anita's Blog :) 
Now from the presents :) :) 
One by one we all opened the presents to reveal some amazing gifts and each one I never tried which was all the more exciting 

Anita as I know is a Oriflame Representative so it made me smile that she added 2 items from Oriflame to my gifts :)  I am guessing these are some of her favourites too :)  First of all she gave me The Love Nature Exfoliating Cleanser in Grape and I have to admit this smells absolutely beautiful :) I cannot wait to try this 
Secondly from Oriflame is the Nature Secrets Hand Cream in which I havent tried yet but am sure will have a post on it soon :) 

Next up she gave me a mini Yankee Candle in the scent Soft Blanket which I have tried burned before and I adore the scent.  Its mild yet you can smell it everywhere in your home :)  Thank you Anita :) 

Next up is makeup and the first thing I noticed was Mascara by NYC I like the sound of this one as it says its Volumizing High Definition :)  As you can tell I have never tried it before so am super excited to try this :) 

The next Makeup Items are by Wet N Wild which I am surely all of you know is one of my favourite drugstore brand :) :)  Not only that but all items got for me by Anita is items I have never tired EEEEKKKKK :) 
First up is the Wet N Wilds "Arts in the Streets" Eyeshadow palette.  This palette is surely one palette I might have passed out on buying myself because I dont normally go for these shades but I am glad she got it for me because I could be surprised with them :)  You know how it is when you go clothes shopping yu see something on the hanger, you think "gosh that would never suit me" until you actually try it on.  Well this is the hanger moment for me so I am super excited to play with this little beauty.  Not only that but all shades are matte LOVE IT :) 

Next up from Wet n Wild is the Mega Rocks Nail polis in shade "Creative Control"  Look at the chunk glitter on this I am going to apply this over black nail polish for Christmas I love it. 

Next from Wet and wild is this stunning Color Icon single glitter eyeshadow which is a cream eye shadow :)  I am going to look forward to using this for Christmas looks so be sure to check out my face book page for some pictures in the coming days ;)  Just look at that glitter :) :) 

Lastly from Wet N Wild is The Megaslicks Balm Stain in shade "Red-dy or Not" (love the name)  This is one lip product I havent tried from Wet N Wild and I love the shade Anita picked for me as Its so Christmassy :) :) I will surely be wearing this on Christmas day too After all if its a stain and it works I will need this on my lips.  Well there will be alot of eating and drinking involved ;) 

Lastly but not least is the Collection 2000 Glam Glitter :)  This looks interesting :)  One end is a Fixing Gel and the other end is loose black glitter.  According to the instructions you apply the glitter gel first and then pat on the glitter on top :)  I am excited to see how this turns out :) :) 
I did a little try out on my hand and here is what it looks like ;)  (I couldnt resist) 

I can not thank Anita enough for all of my goodies I love each and every last one :)  I am super excited to play around with them.  I really enjoyed the experience this year again thanks to Aisling fair play to her for all the organising and hopefully next year we will be doing it all over again :) 
If you are interested in seeing what everyone else got check out the twitter hashtag #irishbloggersSS14 I know my day is going to busy reading all the blog posts and watching all the videos :) :) 

Until Next Time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Kelly Petit said...

Fab gifts!

MissGreenEyes said...

Aw Anita picked lovely stuff for you, I can't believe you hand delivered your Secret Santa present, that must have been so exciting!! Your kiddies are so cute x

Sarah B said...

What a lovely pressie, I love that soft blanket candle!

Fiona said...

Aww Anita put together a lovely package for you, everything is so festive! Enjoy all your new goodies Nina :) x

Fiona @

Naffy said...

This is so cute, have a wonderful christmas xx

Laura - Alagoz said...

Everything is packed so nicely and it seems you got lot of different products :)

Pink Frenzy

Happy Bubble Gal said...

you got some fab pressies... loving all the glitter :)

beautyqueenuk said...

Wow what fab gifts you have, looks amazing x

Lilliwhite Rose said...

Anita sent some gorgeous gifts! Merry Christmas!

Blather and Beauty said...

Lovely pressies! Love that nail varnish and soft blanket is one of my favourites Yankee Candles.

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