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Catrice Absolute Nude Eye-shadow Palette Review

Hey Everyone I hope you are all well :) 
Today I am Reviewing the Ever so popular Absolute Nude Eyeshadow Palette by Catrice 
Boy oh Boy have I been waiting a while to try this palette out.  I first heard about this palette been release along with alot more new permanent products in February.  I have gotten most of the new products now and have been using them quite a bit but I Decided this palette is one of the top on the list because I have been asked by a few of you out there have I tried it yet and because of my experience with it :) 
If you are a lover of neutral shades this is the palette for you which i can safely say all of us are neutral lovers :)
The palette contains 6 eyeshadows for only €5.49 which is a bargain in itself if you ask me.  The moment I saw this palette and the shades I instantly thought "Awwwww a mini Naked Palette" but of course I had to test them out to see if they were even close to some shades you get on the naked palette.  To find out if there is dupes you will have to read on but for now lets show you this little beauty.
I like the packaging Its slim, black and has a transparent lid to make the shades visable, it doesnt feel cheap and the lid is very sturdy.
The one thing I did notice about the eyeshadows is there is no matte shade.  They are all shimmery.  To be honest it would have been nice to get at least one matte either with a light or dark shade but hey we cant always get what we want :)
The shades you are getting are
A shimmery champagne:  This eyeshadow is a little on the chalky side and had little chunks of glitter.  At first i thought hmmmmm this is not going to work but to be honest with a tap of the brush its works quite well only thing is you lose more of the eyeshadow than gaining
A Light Mauvey pink:  This shade is alot easier to work with and looks stunning even on its own.  This is not as chalky as the first shade which means you are gaining more than losing :)
A Coppery Brown with mauve and pink specks:  This shade is nicely pigmented and works brilliant its soft and very easy to work with.
A Beautiful bronze with golden undertones:  This shade is actually quite pigmented and looks amazing its also a pleasure to work with as they is little to no fall out with it.
A Medium Brown with silver shimmer:  This is again another pigmented shade a little goes a long way
A Dark brown with gold shimmer: This is another very pigmented shade but also chalky there will be some fall out if not careful 
As i Said earlier when I first seen this palette I thought the colours looks almost familar to some shades of the naked palette so I just had to check it out and below you will see swatches of each shade and next to it the near dupe from the UD Palette now they are not exact but they are not far off it either :) 
All swatches are made with no primer ;) Click on the photo for a closer look 
As you can see the pigmentation is not too far off Urban Decay which says alot for a drugstore brand Well done Catrice :) Ok the lasting powder and the pigmentation is not as good as UD obviously but for people who dont own UD and cant afford the more expensive price tagged palette can easily get away it duping some of its shades through this palette 
Lasting power is pretty darn good too I have to say.  I wore these shadows for over 10 hours and with only a little bit of wearing off they lasted all day long with a good primer :) 
They blend brilliantly and are so easy to apply.  They feel silky when in contact with the eyes which I love.  The only shade I had problems with was the first one as it is very chalky and does need a base either a primer or a cream shadow.  
I have to say I am impressed and this is perfect for times I want to save my UD palette and use this on a ordinary day.  This is a perfect palette for a bride who is doing her own makeup on the day or anyone who loves wearing neutral shades.  

Here is just a quick everyday "Wake me up" look I created with the Catrice Absolute Nude Palette and in the picture I have the eyeshadows on about 5 hours :) 
Please excuse the messy hair lol I had to get ready in a hurry that day :) :) 
So thats my review for today :) 
Have you tried this palette out ?
Until Next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Fiona Naughton said...

I won this recently and haven't yet tried it out but I think I will today, your post has inspired me! :) You look gorgeous in the pictures at the end of your post, the nude eye look really suits you Nina!

Fiona @


Nina s said...

Fiona That is really sweet of you hunny thank you I was having a bad hair, skin you name it day that day lol nothing seemed to have worked out for me awwww you made me feel better thanks hunny :)

Makeup Monster said...

I got this to give away in a competition but now kind of want one for myself!! Looks lovely on you!

Eva-Lynn said...

I recently got this palette and I love it! x

TheOtherSideofCool said...

It is a shame theres no matte shade although they don't look too over the top shimmery so its not the end of the world. The colours are just lovely and I really like the look you created, just beautiful xx

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Kristen Moreno said...

very pretty nudes!

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