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Day 9: Blog Everyday In May........ Favourite Social Media Channel

Hello My Fantastic Social Media Friends :) How are you all doing today :) 
Its Day 9 of the Blog Everyday in May Challenge and today's topic is Favourite Social Media Channel 
Let me just begin by saying "Hi my name is Nina and I am a Social Media Addict" 
There its all out in the open I am an Addict 
I can not go through a day without even checking mail, notifications etc.  
I just can unless I have no credit in my phone and I'm away from the laptop lol 
You see this is what I get for becoming a Blogger 
Before I became a Blogger I was only ever signed up to one site and that was 
I chatted away to people on it and shared photos etc. but to be honest I wasn't even addicted to that I would go for days before I would check to see if anyone wrote to me or not.  
That's until another site came along and got me interested about 4 years ago actually when Bebo announced they would be no more 
I signed up to the famous 
I remember I was pregnant with my twins when I signed up to facebook and i have to admit thats the reason I signed up.  I knew I was going to be extremely pregnant and not going to be able to get out and about much so the only way to keep up with everyone (that didn't cost much money aka phone calls and texting) was Facebook.  Then lots of people from school I hadn't talked to in years started adding me and I found it brilliant to be able to catch up with them.  After that I started slowly getting hooked.  Again I would go days without checking Facebook and then that all changed about 3 years ago.  When the twins was born I literally got no sleep at all so the only way to keep me busy and keep me awake was facebook.  Then I started noticing people had blogs.  Hmmmmmmm interesting and even more hooked.  I decided 2 years ago to start up my own blog and BAMMMM Thats when the addiction set in :) :) Now obviously I am not on it 24 hours a day but I have my facebook on my phone now as well so I don't miss out on my notifications blah blah blah you know it all you are probably the same.   In the mornings after the kiddies are gone to school I am checking facebook catching up etc.  
Facebook is definitely one of my most visited Social Media sites 
What i have noticed now about facebook is I am only ever on it because of my blog.  I used to and still do have a personal page on facebook which i very rarely be on anymore.  I am literally only ever on my facebook page for my blog.  I am on it everyday for the blogging community and to be honest if I wasnt involved in the blogging community I wouldnt be on facebook as much.  Facebook has changed alot since I started using it for instance
Facebook is very very Dangerous too though Like there is kids as young as 8 on facebook which is crazy  as there is alot of creepy people on there and there is some horrible stuff been posted up.  My sister who is 14 is on facebook but I make sure to check up on her account every week to see who she is friends with and what does be said to her she has experienced some bullying which i have dealt with but it doesn't stop the bullying or the fact that things has been said to her I dont think anyone who cant deal with bullying should be allowed on facebook as there is a a chance they will be bullied and you have all seen that some teens have taken their own lives over this.  Even though its the same on my social media site Facebook is one of the most popular ones and where alot of bullying takes place.  
Another thing I find so so annoying is seeing a million statuses put up say by one person putting up what they have eating how they are feeling when they wake up when they go toilet etc.  These statuses saying "Like if you think im good looking comment if you think im ugly" come on like seriously get a grip people your looking for trouble putting up stats like that.  
Another site would have to be 
awwww Youtube has literally taken over the Tv for me.  I dont really watch TV anymore since starting Youtube.  I have watched numerous youtube videos and especially watch makeup ones.  I have learned so much from them already and seem to enjoy them more anything from how to videos to vlogs to anything of my Interests.  You tube is amazing and so much better than any soap operas or tv programs out there.  No matter what you want to learn or find out about you will always find it on youtube.  I even went to the extent of starting up my own channel which i have taken a break from but will soon be back making them myself Its also a great way to meet people from all over the world watching their vlogs is amazing I love to see how people live and what their traditions are and it shows that just because they are from different countries they can be alot in common with you.  
Its also great to see videos of different countries views, landscapes etc as you might never get going to these places 

Another site im hooked on now is 
I am loving twitter lately and to be honest never actually see any bullying going on there.  The best thing about twitter is you can see what your favourite celeb is getting up too literally everyone is on it and I think its great.  I have met some amazing bloggers through twitter who barely be on facebook.  
Its great i love it :) 
I have been a member about a year now.  I think its a great site for everyone :) 
Instagram I only really started up about 3 months ago and i have to admit I absolutely love it so much so that when i got my new phone and realised it wasnt compatible for Instagram i was raging.  I love photos love seen what my friends post up after all whatever they post up is what is either their favourite things or of where they are from or what ever its part of their lives and its so so interesting :)  Now the whole posting up every meal you eat is a little on the annoying side but again different countries have different foods etc and its interesting :) I love it :) thank goodness I kept my old phone so I can still be involved on Instagram and not miss out :) 

At the end of the day yes i am officially hooked on the whole social media life because as a mum of 5 I dont get out that much and I like to keep up to date with the going ons in the world, but there is life outside of that.  I can stay away from it too I have to I am a mother and showing my kids that sitting in front of a laptop all day is not the way of life so i am careful of that too.  when they sleep im on it or when they are playing im on it but when they want mummy time i will always put them first.  There is more to life than social media and always remember that.  Make sure to give yourself a limit while using it as there is nothing worse than trying to have a conversation with someone who is stuck on their phones, pads or whatever and not listening to you.  Marriages and relationships have broken up because of Social Media which is sad because verbal communication has totally when out the window in some homes because of people bee hooked and that damages alot of families.  
Use with caution I say and Enjoy the real life as we all still have to live it 
What sites are you hooked on 
Do you think you are Hooked 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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