Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Day 7: Blog Everyday In May......... Pets ...... Animals I love and would love to own ;)

Hey everybody How are you all doing today :)  
Todays topic is on Pets...... bout ones we own or used to own but to be honest I thought I would change this around a little and share with you all what my favourite animals are and which ones I would love to have as pets :) I love Animals full stop I think they are so cute and adorable, cute and so so loyal :) 
My first favourite Animal of course has to be 
Huskys are a long long long time favourite of mine.  Oh my goodness I want one now even looking these photos. They are known to be the fastest dog ever and used for pulling sleighs they are the hardest working dogs and so dedicated to their owners The next dog to them is the Alaskan Malamute which are the largest and most powerful sled dogs and of course again very dedicated to their owners :) 
I did have one :( last year but I had to pass him onto someone who could look after him better as they had more space than me here is a photo of him :( 
This is Huchi Wasnt he absolutely adorable :) :) But he is in a better place with more space and freedom :) I still miss him :(
The next favourite animal of mine 
The Cheetah 
I have found a new love for these amazing Cats.  Not only are they the fastest Animals in the world, she is also the most amazing mother in the world.  The lengths that she will go just to protect her young is amazing.  She will battle everything and anything no matter how big or small to protect her young.  She has to literally take care of her young from the moment she has them as the father leaves the pack as soon as they are both.  She puts me in mind of us human mums out there.  She teaches her cubs everything she knows and then when she feels they are ready to fend for themselves she leaves them be but always checks on them Love it :)    
My next favourite animals are 
The most amazing Tigers 
Just look at the eye of him in that photo wouldnt you look at that photo forever !!!!
Now the funny thing is I am not a lover of Cats because of a bad experience I had when I was a kid with them but here I am putting 2 different species of cats up as my favourite animals lol 
The Tiger is the Largest Cat of all.  I love how they sit so proudly and they way they move you can see how muscular and how clever they move.  Their coat is amazing I love everything about them I would love one as a pet to cuddle up to I bet they are so warm and cosy :) 
The Grey Squirrel 
I know that these are more aggressive than the red squirrel but they are so so cute.  My mum lives in an apartment which is 3 storeys high and she has a balcony where there is alot of trees around and if you sit in the balcony you will see nothing but grey squirrels running 2 and fro from tree to tree there is something so peaceful about watching them 
Awwww do I even need to tell you why I love them 
They are just too cute with their little woddle and stuff :) 
They are so fluffy and cuddly and cute and squishy and I want one beside me in my bed at night you would never need an electric blanket or a man in your life if you had one beside you hehehehe 
Ok I think I will stop there lol :) 
I think you get the picture I love animals so much but these would have to be my top favourite and actually on my wishlist to own even though I would never actually get to own one but hey I can still dream eh? 
Whats your favourite animals :) 
Until Next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hadia said...

Oh my gosh I have the same obsession of owning werewolves of tigers. hehe. Gotta love animals :) x

Shannon Boyce said...

Aww, it's great that you're an animal lover. These pictures are super cute!

Pet Memorial said...

I like your collection of pets. I also love pets! Pet memorial

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