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Catrice "Big City Life" Makeup Palettes Collection Review

Catrice Says:

Sydney, Berlin, London, New York – each metropolis stands out for its own personal charm and style. Trends are born on the streets of these fabulous cities! This passion for life has been interpreted four times – and captured in the most breathtaking make-up palettes of the season: the Limited Edition “Big City Life” by CATRICE gives every city its own look. So when the big city calls, we can experience it and capture its style from October to November 2011.
Each “Big City Life” make-up palette contains six powder eye shadows, two rouge shades as well as a professional duo-applicator to ensure simple and accurate application of eye make-up. The stylish must-have box is rounded off with a mini eye pencil to give your city look the perfect finish. The Ultimate Nail Lacquer, which is available separately, offers great coverage, durability and irresistible shine as well as eye-catching color – the pulse of each city. And thanks to the extra-broad brush, smooth application without streaks is even possible during a taxi ride to exciting places!

& Here they are :) 
Check out my Video Review on These :) 
The London Collection 
Catrice says:  London is calling – and of course we are ready to answer! This city is a true fashion icon – its tradition, its trends, its looks, its pulse...London is such an irresistible hotspot that it captivates you instantly!
For your eye-make up, the London Collection goes for blue eyes in stark contrast to bright yellow and deep-black kajal. Absolutely lovely! Two rouge shades in rosé ensure a radiant, fresh complexion.
I Say:  This is my least Favourite Palette to be honest.  I found it to be very chalky and messy but the colours are nice with a really good primer this could be used.  The blushes are ok also a little chalky and messy.  This is just my own opinion but i found these extremely hard to work with.  :) Here is the Swatches so i will let you decided yourself :) 

Swatches with no primer underneath and taken in sunlight
The New York Collection 
Catrice Says:  New York, New York! This city never sleeps, so why should we? Urban life in the Big Apple between skyscrapers, VIPs and neon signs is way too tempting for that! If there is a place where dreams are sure to come true, it’s here!
The combination of six eyeshadows in blue, smokey turquoise and mauve is also a dream and totally captures the essence of New York’s energy-laden atmosphere! The two lively rouge shades give your New York look a fresh touch. Intense, impulsive and totally hip.
I Say:  This is a lovely palette.  All the shades on this is named after all the sites in New York.  This is a Perfect Palette for this time of the year (winter) as there is alot of cool tones in it.  I love the Blushes as they are very wearable they are not too strong But they are buildable.  There is only one Matte shade in this palette which is the Rockefeller Center Eyeshadow the rest are shimmery.  In all this palette is well worth its money only downfall is that some of the shadows are a little chalky.   This is my Favourite one as Its has the perfect colours to make my eyes pop its perfect for Hazel/green eyes but of course for anyone who likes purples and greens :) 

I included a Swatch of the eyeliner that comes with all the palettes this Swatches was taken with flash  
Taken in Sunlight 
 The Berlin Collection 
Catrice Says:  Berlin is booming! Fascinating, contrasting, raw and extraordinarily cool – the capital with a unique history creates its own trends, dances by its own rhythm and is proud of what it is. So are we!
Just as unconventional and fascinating: the six eyeshadow colors come in warm sand, brown, grey-blue and taupe shades - some with shimmering, others with matt effects – for a perfect autumn trend look! 
I Say:   Again this Palette is Beautiful.  I Love Autumn Shades to be honest.  I think anyone could wear these colours and get away with it.  I actually found this palette the most pigmented even without a primer.  Again with a good primer they will last all day .  The first two eyeshadows need a little layering, the next two are really creamy texture but a little chalky and the last two is sort of sheer but buildable.  I love the first blush it gives a fantastic glow and the second blush is a little sheer but buildable it will suit anyone with fair skin.  In all this palette is worth trying :) :) I love it.  

Taken with Flash 
Taken in Sunlight 
The Sydney Collection 
Catrice Says:  Life in Sydney mainly takes place on the beach – and the beach parties are endless! A high-spirited mix of surfers, city beaus, tradition, culture and modern life.
Its essence: the warm colors of the sun setting on the horizon for a touch of casual urban chic: The six eye shadows in rosé, nude, taupe and brown shades with shimmering as well as matt effects meet upon two natural rouge versions in rosewood.
i Say:   This is again a nice Palette not overly exciting.  There is a nice mixture of neutral and purple shades perfect for everyday.  There is only one matte shade the rest are shimmery.  This again is a little chalky but very pigmented.  These shadows are especially easy to blend together .  The blushes again are nicely pigmented and buildable one is shimmery the other is matte.  This Makeup Palette is worth its money too.  The colours are fab. 

My overall Opinion 
I think these Makeup Palettes are really worth trying out.  I think if you tried one or two thats enough in my opinion.  This is no point in splashing out on all four.  Just check out swatches and pictures and people opinions before purchasing so that you wont be disappointed with them.  They are great and im glad i have them as the eyeshadows is not available in the single eyeshadows collection so its nice to have them shades.  They are really pretty but the downfall is that some of the are chalky and can make a little mess but for the value and the pigmentation of most of the for €7.99 im far from complaining.  Like if you work it out you are getting 6 good sized eyeshadows, 2 blushes and an eye-liner thats not actually that easy to use the price is nothing.   I say try at least one of them out as they are very handy for travel or bringing along with you to your girlfriends house to get ready for a night out
I hop this review was helpful to you all.  If you have any questions comment below or below my video i will be happy to answer any questions to help.  Thanks so much for taking your time to watch and read my review.  I hope you all are well and keeping warm in this cold winter month.  :) 
Take Care 
Until Next time 
Lots of Love, Luck & Laughter 
Nina C 
Disclaimer:  All of these Palettes were purchased out of my own money as usual and i am not in any way getting paid for this review this is just my honest opinion on these products in a hope to inform you more about them :) 


Artemi said...

They look so beautiful!
I would love to have Berlin!! But of course Catrice isn't available here :(

Nina said...

Its not available yet hunny but i still think they are going to expand

adoreabubbles said...

As soon as I heard about these I knew I would never be able to find them! The look so lovely

Nina said...

Sarah do they not sell catrice beside you hun Some Penneys sell catrice

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