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Benefit World Famous Neutrals Sexiest Nudes Ever

Hello My Fantastic Gorgeous Readers How are you all 
Wow this morning I got the loveliest surprise by realising I hit over 700,000 Page views   That is amazing and I have all of you to Thank :) :) :) I love you all :) 
You may remember last week I was invited to a Benefit Party and I told you I just couldn't help but buy a few things there but kept what I bought as a secret for a short while.  Well today I am reviewing one of them yeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)   
Benefit World Famous Neutrals Eye shadow Kits were released early this year and I have had my eye on them for quite some time.  To be honest I am a huge lover of sets and palettes I prefer them to singles I just love how organised they are and you have variation in them plus they look so nice on the dresser table.  :) 
The world Famous Neutral sets are actually a collection and there are 3 sets to choose from.  The idea around this collection is that all the shades in each set are neutral shades which suit absolutely everyone.  
There is the Easiest Nudes Ever which is for the ones who prefer the Soft and Natural looks 
Then we have the Most Glamorous Nudes Ever which is for ones who like the rich and illuminating shades and of course lastly we have the Sexiest Nudes Ever which is for the ones who are more daring and like the dramatic looks.  
Each set contains 2 crease-less cream eye shadows & 4 long wearing powder eye shadows   All shades in each box are to compliment each other which is brilliant.  
I am a sucker for the packaging I have to admit Benefit really work hard on the packaging and to be honest it does in fact work in drawing alot of us lovely ladies in.  I love the packaging on this collection and featured in the front of each set is the lovely Eyenessa who is this beautiful flawless yet sexy natural looking goddess with perfect natural looking makeup on her.  The box in which the eyeshadows come in contains not only the eyeshadows but also this perfect sized mirror plus tips and tricks on a day time and night time look for those who are only starting out you can try out.  Plus when you are finished with the eyeshadow which will not be for a very long time you can transform this box into a jewellery box or a storage by simply removing the inside out of it :) 
Enough about the packaging and onto the products :) 
First of all lets talk about the creaseless eyeshadows in which I was super excited to try out the most as i have heard some great things about them 
In this set you get 
Bikini-tini:  Which is a shimmery peachy shade with golden undertones.  This is not hugely pigmented but gives a great base for any highlight shade.  I have worn this shade on its own to brighten up my eye area and it sure works to give the illusion that you are bright eyed and bushy tailed (Irish saying for wide awake and ready for the day) 
Holy-Smokes!:  This is one very pigmented cream shadow and literally one dab on each eye is more than enough.  This is a deep grey with silver shimmers.  This too looks brilliant on its own for an everyday light smokey eye and works amazing as a base 
Both Cream eyeshadows are very creamy and every ease to apply I was pleasantly surprised by these.  Benefit states these are creaseless and I can safely say they are 100% right.  You have enough time to play around with these before they set and once they set they are not going to move.  
Up next are the 4 powder eyeshadows 
Milk it!:  This is a very pigment white shade with a pearl finish.  This works amazingly on the inner corner and browbone for a nice daytime highlight. 
Pause for applause:  This is a light pinky purple matte shade again pigmented and builtable.  A perfect all over lid shade or perfect for blending out harsh lines 
Raincheck?:  A Stunning semi-matte deep mauve shade.  Wow This shade is stunning ans again very pigmented.  
Blingo!:  Boy oh boy oh boy this shade is unreal.  This is a very very pigmented metallic silver its just amazing full stop ! :) 
I have literally not one bad thing to say about these eyeshadows.  I am complete amazed at how pigmented each one is.  None of them are chalky or messing in anyway.  Each shade compliments each other I have been having fun with them all.  I have so far tried some shades on their own and some together in fact I have even tried the lot of them together and I love them.  

When Playing around with this palette I had no idea what looks to create but the fact that each shade compliments each other it was pretty easy to create daytime and night time looks.  The only down thing about it is ( and this is just personal preference) I would have preferred a darker shade in this to create what the name says Sexiest look.  I did have to go to another palette for a darker shade but hey everyone is different and some people are not into dark looks.  
Here is a picture of a daytime look I did using:
Bikini-tini crease less eye-shadow as sheer base but more in the inner corner.  Pause for applause all over the lid Raincheck? on the outer corner and into the crease and I added a small amount of black eye shadow from another palette on the otter V.  All of the above shades were added to the both lash-line also.  
For a little More of a Dramatic look 
I used:
Holy-Smokes crease less eye-shadow lightly all over the lid.  I used Milk it! on the inner corner then I used Bling! on the centre of the eye.  I used a mixture of Pause for applause and Raincheck on the outer corner and above crease.  I wanted a little more definition to my eyes so I took "Creep" from the Naked Palette and applied to the outer V and into the crease I applied all shades to the bottom lashline.  

Overall I love this palette.  The pigmentation of the shadows are brilliant and the palette will last forever.  I love the shades and thing they work amazing together. 
Each of these sets cost €34 which is pretty pricey but to be honest for 6 amazing long lasting eyeshadows that works out at less than €6 each which is a bargain the fact that I got these at 20% off is even more of a bargain.  You can get this collection on a number of sites one been Cara Pharmacy .  
I really really want to get the other 2 kits as they too look amazing if I do I will surely let you all know.  Have you tried these kits yet?
Until Next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Caroline McMenamin said...

Not too impressed with the packaging, but the colours are gorgeous, and even more beautiful on you. You look tanner, stunning x


Jess | Just Jesss said...

This is a lovely set, both looks you created look fab on you!
I really like that the creaseless shadows come in little pots rather than just set into the packaging, I always find with palettes that combine cream and powder products that the creams get messy but I guess this solves that problem!

Jess xo

Nina s said...

Caroline Thank you very much hunny ye I got a nice tan over the summer with our great weather we had hence they HAD as its at the moment raining with thunder and lightening

Jess Thank you hunny yes I totally agree with you on that on I am not fan of that either especially palette that come with lipsticks as it is such a mess

Violets said...

perfect look, I love Benefit :)

Oh So Gawjess said...

Nice and sparkly xXx

Winda said...

Great look <3 love the colors


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