Thursday, 25 July 2013

E45 Intense Recovery Moisture Control Lotion

Hello my beauties I hope you are all well Ok get ready for a little bit of a long intro or should i say a mini story :) 
Wow Our weather has surely made a drastic change.  From been in danger of everywhere been in drought to thunder storms and extreme heavy rain I am truly hoping this is not the end of our summer.  :(  The heat however is still here with temperatures reaching to 26 degrees so its heavy and clammy but without the sunshine.  On the plus note at least our skin is getting a break from extreme sun exposure which I have to admit even I last week was been extra careful with protecting my skin even more as I felt my skin had been through enough.  
One of the reasons was that my skin felt so so thirsty so much so that it was beginning to peel.  Unfortunately there was a day where I was away for the day and was in the heat and sun all day long and even though I wore protection it was so hot even the suncream could not protect my skin enough.  The place I was at had no shading whatsoever.
My skin felt the brunt of it and was extra flaky and extra dry which left me very worried as you know yourself when you build up a nice tan its nice to maintain it and enjoy it but when I began to flake I was worried the tan would become patchy which it did start showing signs of.  I was applying Aloe Vera but to be honest it was not keeping me moisturised.  My usual body moisturiser was not even working for me at this time.  So I had to go on the hunt.  
I tried a few moisturisers that I did love in the past and that did work for my occasional dry skin but even they were not keeping my skin moist for the day.  I actually thought nothing was going to work unless I reapply the moisturisers throughout the day which is a pain.  That was until I bought The E45 Intense Recovery Moisture Control Lotion in my local supermarket.  
This bottle was on offer for under €5 and I thought hey sure I might as well try it out as E45 has got a good name :) 
I have to admit I always bypass E45 products probably because Its been out like forever and to be honest I didnt think it would be as good as some modern product we have these days.  
You are a Witness to this statement I shall be sharing with you now That " I Nina was 100% wrong" 
I have been using this product just over a week now and I have already noticed a huge difference in my skin I was amazed after day 2 even.  This lotion is amazing and does exactly what it says on the bottle.  
First of all the lotion is very very light when first squeezed out of the bottle 
It doesnt feel thick or sticky in any way and when evened out looks more water based than oily.  Which I love.  When I look for a moisturiser I prefer it to soak into my skin instead of leaving an oily residue in which this lotion does exactly what I want.  It spreads out evenly without any effort but I have to say a little goes a long way.  This little bit you see on my hand in the photo did the whole top of my hand and up my arm all the way to the elbow. 
E45 claims that the Intense Recovery Moisture Control Lotion helps to lock in moisture which very dry skin lacks
and over the period of two weeks rebalances the skin so it not only appears healthier
but also feels softer and smoother too
I have to say now even after a week my skin feels as smooth as a baby's skin feels and as for the flakiness well lets just say I am not worrying about it anymore.  I can not believe how quick this lotion has worked and how soft my skin feels.  The lotion instantly soaks into my skin which means no waiting around for it to dry and the moisture lasts all day long.  Not only does it do its job right, it does better by making my skin glow.  For the first few day I could help but admire my healthy glowing looking skin and the added bonus of having a nice tan to match with it.  Thanks to E45 Intense Recovery Moisture Control Lotion I can flaunt my nice tan off plus look healthy and moisturised I give this lotion and big thumbs up for sure.  I have even started using this on my little ones as they too need a little extra moisture on their skins with this weather.  I am especially going to love this lotion in the winter when the weather gets colder and we are using heat in the house again.  My mind feels at ease knowing I have this lotion to run to when I feel the brunt of the cold weather.  
You can purchase this lotion at any supermarket and also purchase it from Boots in the UK or Boots in Ireland .
Have you tried this Lotion yet 
Until Next Time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


kerri @ Beauty and Things said...

Sounds like an amazing moisturizer! I don't think this brand is available in Australia which is a bummer, you made it sound so good and now I want to try it too.

Nina s said...

Kerri You can buy from this site hunny

Leelo R said...

Sounds great! I have never even heard about this brand (haven´t seen it sold anywhere in Estonia).

Chiara said...

it definitely looks promising !


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Kelly McKenny said...

You really can't go wrong with E45, my dad who has really dry skin swears by it!

Yaz O said...

I love this stuff too, it's also great for dry soles of feet! x

d'zyna eni said...

I too have suffered the woes of dry flaky skin. But i stopped by a pharmacy yesterday and i decided to give E45 Intense Recovery a try. I pray it works its miracle on my skin. Cos i am so sick of its dryness.

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