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Darling Girl Watercolor Paint Pots Review & Swatches

Well hello there everyone 
Todays post as promised is a review and swatches on the Darling Girl Watercolor Paint Pots I got from my lovely haul that i showed you all lately if you missed that haul you can view it here. 
Now first of all what i love about the Darling girl website is you get a full description of what you are buying so you have a great idea of what you are getting when you receive them you know exactly what to expect.  
So when i seen these watercolor paint pots i thought instantly i had to try them.  The colours on the site looked fab.  Now before you go wondering are these like the Mac paint pots or the Maybelline colour tattoo eyeshadows i will tell you now no they are not but Darling girl states as follows:
Watercolor Paint Pots are a multi-purpose product.  They are a nice cream-type base that can be used as a cream eye shadow. They also work as a base for other shadows, as well as make a pretty good eye liner.
Watercolor Paint Pots have a soft creamy consistency; they are not water proof, but once set, they are pretty smudge proof.  They have almost a cream-to-powder effect.

For each pot you are getting 3g of product for $5.25 which is pretty cheap for the amount of product you are getting 

These are the shades i finally chose to buy lol it took me a half hour to there are 15 to choose from.  I was well impressed with Susan's girlie designs on the pots soooooo cute.  
The Shades 

My first shade is "Peony for your thoughts" which is a lovely light baby pink with gold shimmer to it :) 

Next is "Starry night" which is a lovely pearl black :) 


Another is "Copper Canyon" is a sheer but buildable peachy coppery shade with shimmer 


Next is "Pyramid of Skulls" now this is one of my favourites.....Its a very pigmented Burgundy with shimmer a little of this goes a long way 


Lastly (for now) is "Wildly Dancing Children" which is an eggplant shade with red flash shimmer beautiful :) 

This is them altogether in natural light dont they look amazing :) 
My overall opinion 
I absolutely love these shade they are amazing.  The consistency is very thick and a little of these goes a long way, 3g might not seem like alot but believe me they will last you a long long time.  Be sure to use a primer with these as stated they are not waterproof and are more for the idea of been a base than worn on their own.  I have put them to the test worn alone and they do last a good 4 to 5 hours on them before starting to smudge.  These are amazing under eyeshadows even for cheap eyeshadows that are not so pigment these paint pots with bring out the intensity of them.  i applied with bother my fingers and brush to see which is better and i have to admit you get alot more out of using a brush to apply.  The best thing about these is that they dont stay creamy they go from cream to powder which is even better as i hate the wet feeling on my lids.  When dried in they wont smudge with a touch but if you did rub your eye they will surely smudge.  
These are fantastic as an eyeliner also and once set with an eyeshadow or translucant powder they stay all day but only on the top lash line for me i have not tried it on the bottom lash line yet
I am 100% going to buy more shades of these paint pots they are fun to play with and for the price they are well worth it 

Oh and i also forgot to mention that postage to Ireland only took an amazing 5 days which is excellent and shipping to Ireland costs $4. even better

So have you tried these yet? 
Well Until next time 
Take Care 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 
Nina C


Hannah Mills said...

These look lovely! Great post :) x

MsDarkFairy88 said...

These look gorgeous.. love the eggplant colour! Just beautiful :D

Amber Joy said...

I want to try these sooooo bad!

Kellina's Thoughts said...

these look seriously amazing!!

luv their pigmentation!!!

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