Tuesday, 22 May 2012

MUA Single Eyeshadows Review & Swatches Part 3

Hey My beauties How are you all doing :) 
Today i am reviewing some more MUA Single Eyeshadows that i have added to my collection 
I Stated in my first blog post on the Single eyeshadows i already own that i wanted to get more as i loved them that much if you didnt see my 1st & 2nd blog post which has swatches also click here to check it out   
So as you can see i went shopping again :) to build up my little collection.  So far including these i have 19 shades  There is 34 single eyeshadows altogether so im not doing to bad eh?
Anyway enough chit chat and let talk about these shades as there is quite a few to get through.  As you will see all of these eyeshadows are pearl :) 

Shade 2 is a great shade is a simple white pearl eyeshadow but this is great to have in your collection.  This can be used as a highlight on the inner corner of your eyes, under the brow even on the lid.  I have used this on my cheekbones and it works really well :) 

Shade 4 is a lovely pinky-purple shade this is a perfect lid colour.  I found this one a little on the chalky side and a little sheer but it is buildable and turns out to be a beautiful shade :)

Shade 7 is on my favourites list :) This is a fantastic forest green shade.  Its so so pigmented a little goes a long way :)   They say that greens sort of clash with green eyes but not with mine as i have more hazel than green eyes so this works really well with my eye colour.  I find myself doing a great smokey eye with this shade :) 

Shade 9 is another favourite of mine of course because its purple but this purple is unique in a way because it has tiny specks of blue shimmer going through it in normal light it looks purple but if the sun hits it you see the blue tone going through it. I love it 

Shade 10 is a dark near black shade with navy and purple undertones to it.  This i found pigmented but chalky.  You will find yourself making a little mess while using one so just be careful but dont let that put you off as this shade is fab for a good smokey eye.  

Shade 15 Now this looks black in the photos but its actually a dark charcoal shade i was a little less excited about this one as its so easy to get a metallic charcoal shade anywhere practically any eyeshadow palette will have a dark charcoal in it but its very pigmented and quite handy for travel if you didnt want to bring palettes with you :) 

Shade 25 is a beautiful rosy shade with tiny specks of blue shimmer which is not noticeable when applied.  You will also notice by the swatches that this could actually be a blush shade :) great for bringing along travelling :) 

Shade 28 is a lovely pigmented coppery gold this is so highly pigmented a little goes a long wait but again i found this a little chalky so make sure to tap off before applying or you will have fall out.  Its a fantastic shade another of my favourites :)  

Shade 30 is a gold bronze shade.  This is a lighter gold than shade 28.  This shade is been compared to Urban decays Half Baked.  This is more of a warm toned shadow and i have found it a fantastic colour for my eyes another on my favourite list but this too is chalky not that it matters but just to have it in my notes :) :) 
Well thats all the eyeshadows for now.  For £1 each these are amazing value for what you are getting out of these.  If you are building up your collection you should definitely give these a try :)   I plan to depot them all and put them in my new unii palette :) i feel they will be safer as the packaging on the single eyeshadows are kind of flimzy and i have had 2 that broke and shattered on me :( but hey the cheapness is only on the packaging not on the eyeshadow itself so im happy with that :) 
These eyeshadows if used with a primer they last a good 6+ hours :) 
Well thats it from me today everyone 
I hope you found this review helpful and interesting, if you have any questions please ask away i love getting comments and always reply to them all as they are extremely important to me 

Have a great day/night 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 
Nina C


kia said...

I've really enjoyed reading this series of posts! Really informative, I have my eyes on shades 28 & 30 :) can't go wrong for £1! x

Cristina said...

I must try this eyeshadows :D I can see some of those shades on my eyes every day :)

I'm following your blog for a while and I really like how you write your posts. I started a blog also, you can check it out at http://formakeupfans.blogspot.com

JuicyBeauty said...

yeah ! I'm 601 followers ! :)) I like MUA, because have great cosmetics :))
Kiss frim Poland :)
Claudia ;)

Nina said...

JuicyBeauty Thanks so much for bee 601 :) you very welcome to my blog hunny I hope you enjoy
You seem very high spirited just like myself i love it :)

Nishat Karim said...

I definitely need to restock in these,going to buy all of the matte and pearl ones soon x

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