Friday, 4 May 2012

Garnier intensive 7 days sos repair Hand Cream Review

Hey my beauties how are you all doing today :) :) 
Wow today is the 3rd day of Summer and its finally sunny and at least warm long may it last 
I Have to thank you all for bearing with me waiting on me to get back making videos 
I havent made one in 3 weeks and boy do i miss it.
Alot has been happening lately which has got in the way of making them but i will soon be back until then i really hope that my blog posts are keeping you busy :) 
I have so so so so much videos to make so many hauls and I have my first official Vlog video planned which will be up early next week hehehehe so keep an eye out for that one i cant wait 
So anyway enough with my little update on to my review :) :) 
Well now if you are a follower for a while you will know that i suffer alot with dermatitis on my hands.  I explained alot about this in one of my videos but to make it short i only really suffer with it in the Winter, Summer or if i use cleaning products mainly bleach (i am a clean freak lol). When i suffer with it i SUFFER BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So bad my hands feel like sand paper and drives me crazy with catching on clothing or anything....Its sometimes gets that bad my knuckles and between my fingers split little sores which then bleeds its so painful.  Believe me i have tried alot of creams even E45 and it never works it actually drives my hands even more crazy.....Until i got a fantastic cream in one of my glossyboxes and its cost £16 - £20 to buy it was amazing but there is no way i was going to pay that all the time for a hand cream so i went on the hunt again and found this little beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Garnier intensive 7 days sos repair Hand Cream
Now when i seen this i thought hhhhmmmmmm would it work for me not only is this a drugstore brand but it only cost 2.28 euro which is extremely cheap.  Plus i never really tried anything from Garnier before.  So i obviously went ahead a got it mainly for the fact it cost so little plus its for Dry - Extra dry hands.  
So the minute i got home i started using it as my hands was suffering.......
The cream is a pure white cream and quite thick in consistency so be careful not to squirt out too much as a little goes a long way 
While rubbing this into my hand the first thought that came into my head is "oh god this is going to leave an oily residue on my hands" thats how thick and kind of oily it felt and i hate hand creams that leave behind oiliness, but alas it did exactly what it said on the tube Fast absorbing is not the word :) :) my hand felt instantly hydrated and i had a nice dewy look to them rather than a dry sand paper look which i love instantly........not only that my hands did not feel at all oily  :) 
The scent is lovely from this cream not overpowering but smells like a mild moisturiser and i love that too.  Even though my hand looked as rough as a builders hand ( no offence to builders out there) but they certainly didnt feel like it which amazed me after one application.  I took the liberty of taking a picture before i started using this hand cream and here it is .........
This photo doesn't even show the full extent of how bad my hands were but it will give you an idea.  Now i am going to show you a picture of my hands a week and a half later which is today :) 
Isnt that an amazing difference i find my hands more like womens hands now rather than man hands.  Every time i apply this cream it feels like there is a protective coating on them.  Plus even when i wash up after applying there is still a feel of protectiveness.  
I apply this cream on my hand twice to three times a day depending on how much cleaning i do but normally only twice and my hands never felt better :) They are not 100% healed after a week and half but give it another week and my hands will be hands of a model lol :) 
Does it do what it claims ??????? 100% i love this cream and Im quite happy to say its one of my favourite products i have bought in April so far !!!!!  I have even gone as far as buying the body lotion to try it out :) :) There will be a review up soon on that :) ;)

So have you tried this cream 
What do you think of it :) :) 
Until next time my beauties 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 
Nina C


ms_ling_69 said...

Ohh I'm so glad u did this review. I was looking at it last week and couldn't decide whether to buy or not but I will now. :D x

Laura Matson said...

Where do you live? I can't find this in Canada :( or in my city at least.
I really need something like this. Is there anything you can recommend?

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