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Enchanted Bath & Body Works Haul & Review

Hey my beauties Hope you are all well 
I have a little story for you all before i get started (i love to talk incase you havent noticed already haha)
Well first of all you all have heard of Lush? Right?
Well i had my first experience of Lush there at Christmas just gone where i bought a few bath bombs and a lip scrub and absolutely loved them but i havent had the chance to try anything else in which i have been wanting to so bad but Lush is about 40 miles away from me and its so difficult to get there, so i was trying to find out if there was an online store in which there isnt yet.  
The more i seen peoples hauls of Lush the more i wanted it until one day i was talking to a girl on facebook who is super addicted to Lush and she was showing lots of new products she got from this site Enchanted.  She was telling me that its a little cheaper than Lush and very similar (which got me asking more questions :) ) She stated she was trying to save and also trying to get rid of her Lush addiction for a while lol 
So i emailed the ladie who runs Enchanted as even though its cheaper than lush it still was higher in price than i normally pay for creams etc.  So i asked her alot of questions and she kindly sent me some samples (of course i promised i would give my utmost honest opinion of each product and my experiences) and if i likes them i would definitely be purchasing on a regular basis so on with my little samples haul :) :) 
I was quite surprised with the amount of samples i got and the sizes of each.  I loved it as it would give me a good chance to used each one over a good space of time and give me a great idea of how my skin will react to them.  Now to let you all know what my skin is like so that you can verify if these will suit you 
My Skin is Dry to Normal skin i suffer with alot of dryness on my knees, elbows and feet.  My face i am normal to combinations skin with a little dryness around the mouth area sometimes and maybe a little oiliness on the t-zone sometimes too.  
First up:) 
Now for me i find it hard to use soaps.  Its just personal but i feel they can be oily.  Not all but some and i just tend to stay clear of them to be honest.  When i seen this one i thought ok i will give it a shot and i have to admit im converted i truly am.  
Bath Pixie (best seller): A decadent vanilla creme brulee base swirled with fruity sugar, rich berries, juicy black cherries and thick whipped cream. To buy these cost £3.50 for a 90g bar
When i first used this i thought "ok this is just like any other soap" but the more i used it the more i could see the difference.  When connected with water it feels sort of oily but not overly oily it lathers up almost straight away the scent is not overly strong and my skin felt so smooth and soft after :) i really like this but to be honest i would prefer to try more before i say YES BUY IT so dont worry i will be buying one and i will keep you posted on that one :) :) 
A moisturising and exfoliating whipped sugar scrub which foams beautifully and rinses clean, enriched with natural oils to leave skin silky soft and beautifully scented. Scrubs may or may not be decorated with sugar strands, sprinkles, jojoba beads etc
The scrubs come in 200g (£8.50) and 450g (£15) jars or you can buy a set of three 100g jars for £13.50. 
I got 2 different types 
Dia de los Muertos: Candied fizzy sherbet limes & Balancing Act Scrub which almost smells of a  very light teatree oil scent 
There are around 34 scents to choose from or you could order one unscented if you wish thats the best thing about this site :) :) you can also choose not to have decoration in it.  
I was 100% amazed by these scrubs i mean AMAZING!!!!! I thought by using these scrubs they would dry out my skin even more but been honest right now to you all they DONT not one little bit i mean i literally got out of my shower feeling as if i moisturised already, thats how smooth my skin felt.......This scrub is definitely going to be a regular purchase of mine for sure.   They even work amazing without my ex foliating glove that i normally use and they are even amazing to take false tan off.  A little goes a long way with these so even purchasing the biggest tub will surely last a very very long time.  I cant wait to order mine now its just choosing the scent thats taking me the longest lol.   If i was to choose between these two i would go for the second one as it smells fantastic the first one is more of a clean crisp scent.  
A wonderfully scoopable, moisturising body wash which produces loads of lather. Best used on a shower puff and great for shaving too. Enriched with skin loving jojoba oil, this will leave skin touchably smooth and soft. These may or may not be decorated with cosmetic glitter, sprinkles etc.
To buy These Cost: £9.00 for 200g Jar/ £16 for 450g Jar 
I got 2 different scents 
SubLIME (best seller): Warm sugar cookies topped with ooey gooey marshmallows, smooth caramel and a heavy twist of sugared lime. This one is truely subLIME (as explained on the site) & Blood Bath: reminds me of the scent of Ripe Strawberries and cream mmmmmmm
Well as it says on the site its best used with a powder puff so i used these the was it said to.  Ladies the scent of my bathroom after using these was unreal.  MMMMMM it was just like walking into a Lush shop.  :) The body wash is so thick and creamy it looks good enough to to eat really it does take a look for yourself i especially love the look of the Blood Bath one mmmmmm
I was especially amazed at the fact that so little of this is needed to wash with i mean little.  The first time i used these i took a bit dollop of it and placed it in my poof.  By the time i washed myself with it the bath( my shower is in the bath)  looked like i filled it with lots of bubble bath and it took ages to wash the bubbles out of my puff lol wont do that in a hurry again :) but says alot eh?
Its very true to its word when it states that its great for shaving too as i have of course tried it too :) My skin felt amazing more amazing than every after using this im well impressed and this is another on my list to buy from Enchanted for sure 
A wonderful product with amazing scent hold and throw. This silky dry oil is a multi use wonder product, great for use on the body, hair or as a linen or room spray. This is a dry oil so does not feel "oily" or greasy at all 
To Buy this costs: £7.50 for a 50mls bottle 
As Described on the site: Siren: This really will have men falling at your feet, simply amazing vanilla sexed up with amber and sandalwood. 
Now im not a huge fan of strong Vanilla Scents.  That just by personal refrence i just dont like strong vanilla scents i find it sort of sickening.   Now i dont mind anything with a hint of vanilla at all i can tolerate that.  
This is mainly the reason i did not try this fully which is horrible as im sure its a great spray i have to say i did spray it on my arm and left it for a while and the scent was very strong im also sure it will be a very long lasting scent but i had to wash it off as it got too much for me.  It actually took a good few washes before i finally got rid of it so that i see is a good thing .  When i make an order next time i will order this one in a different scent and then give a full review i promise :) :) 
Not too thick, not too thin this body cream is a great texture - beautifully moisturising without leaving any residue, sinks in beautifully. Great for all skin types and available in all scents or un-fragranced.
To buy this costs: £11.00 for 20g jar or Try me sets which contain 3 x 100g jars of any 3 scents your choice for £17.00
As you can see my sample is in "Rosie Jam" a beautiful rosy scent.  This Body Cream is to die for and a pleasure to apply to my skin.  The consistency of the cream is in between thick and thin.  It soaks into the skin almost straight away and does not leave one bit of oily residue at all.  I love that :) iThe scent is strong but not sickening strong and stays on the skin a good part of the day.  Most of all my skin feel as smooth and silky as babies skin i love it.  :) 
So thats the last of my samples haul.  I am definitely impressed with alot of these products, especially the Sugar Scrubs and the Body Wash in which im definately going to be ordering.  I love the fact that these are made from scratch.  Sarah is the owner of this fabulous site and creations and i have to say you can tell she puts alot of time effort and thought into her creations :) She has even stated on her site that if there is any particular scent/scents you like she will put them together in whatever you like :) :) now thats even more impressive :) 

You got to check out her site and see for yourself what i am talking about :) :) 
And Sarah if your reading this :) YOU HAVE JUST GOT YOURSELF A REGULAR CUSTOMER GIRL!!!!! I cant wait to try out other items you have in your store and different scents :) 
So thats it everyone i hope you enjoyed this post :) 
If you have any questions ask away :) 
Until next 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 
Nina C


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