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Blank Canvas Cosmetics F14 F16 F20 & F22 Make-up Brush Review

Hey everyone I hope you are all well :) 
Are you stressing over Christmas ???
Please dont !!! As Christmas is only one day in the year and its a time for relaxing and been with your family and friends and having fun.  
Today I am going to review 4 Fabulous Face brushes from BCC aka Blank Canvas Cosmetics 2 from the Pro Deluxe collection & 2 from the HD Kabuki collection.  
Blank Canvas Cosmetics is an Irish company set up by the brilliant makeup artist Una Tynan.  Her philosophy is as she states " We see the face as a "Blank Canvas" with endless possibilities I love it :)  She set out to design good quality professional brushes at affordable prices and I have to say I am well impressed so far :).  Blank Canvas has so many offers going you nearly have to spend a day choosing which you would like to try first.  They sell single brushes, brush combo sets, eyeshadow palettes, face palettes the lists goes on.  
I have slowly but surely started up my collection of makeup brushes by BCC and I decided to start my review on these 4 face brushes I use on an everyday basis :)  Be warned you are going to see alot more reviews in the near future on more from BCC as I am still building my collection as we speak :) 
So I will start off with......
The Pro Deluxe F14 Small Contour Brush:  This is an amazing brush.  This brush is made with 100% goats Hair and costs 14 euro to buy and let me tell you its worth every cent.  Were you ever in search for that oh so perfect contouring brush that gives you that percise gentle line under your cheek bones or were you ever looking for that perfect blush brush that is the right size for your cheeks Have you found it yet?  Well look no further I mean it this brush is perfect with a capital P.  This really couldnt be anymore of a perfect size it fits amazing on the cheeks no bigger no smaller and you really couldnt get contouring wrong with this little beauty even if you are not good at contouring this brush will make you look like a professional at contouring and sculpting.  Its so so soft and so so easy to wash and dry.  I experienced no shedding whatsoever This is 100% one of my favourites :) 
Next up is.....
Pro Deluxe F16 Large Tapered Contour/Powder Brush:  This brush is made of super soft high grade natural goat hair.  I got this at a time it was on offer but It will cost 18 euro to buy and again so so worth it.  Its a multi-purpose brush for the face.  It can be used for contouring, highlight and blending the face.  I love how its large tapered tip can help contour the entire face and neck.  You can also use this as a blush brush and not fear you will apply too much.  Not like with some over sized blush brushes you can apply a little too much blush way over the cheek area.   I also find this helpful to apply powder over my under-eye concealer.  Oh ladies this brush feels so smooth and soft there is no scratching were this brush is concerned :) :) I love how it makes blending effortless.  I love how professional this brush looks and i have been asked a few time where I got it from :)  i havent experienced any shedding whatsoever and it holds its shape very well.  
Next is.........
HD Flat Top Kabuki/Buffer Brush F20:  This is the First ever BCC Brush I bought and I have been using it every day (apart from days I am waiting for it to dry) ever since.  I can safely say I reach for this brush quicker than my much loved Sigma F80 And i really love my Sigma F80.  This brush will cost you only 12 euro and I say only because this little beauty is actually worth every last cent its even cheaper than the Sigma F80 and is a brilliant dupe!!!!  I do not know how many people including my own sister has asked me what foundation I am using but without the help of this fabulous brush I wouldn't achieve such a flawless finish to my foundation.  I have found applying my current foundation with this brush takes no time at all.  I for one have always taken more time on my foundation than the rest of my makeup application.  But with this brush its literally 3 minutes and I'm done.  I cant boast about this brush enough thats the truth and I believe everyone should have this little beauty in their collection its just amazing !!!!!!! This brush is made up of short, dense synthetic fibres ideal for liquid, cream or powder products but i mainly use this for my liquid foundation.  Get it you will not regret it!!!!
And Lastly.......
Round Top Kabuki F22:  This brush i have had for about 2 weeks now and I am totally in love with it.  I have seen videos with Sineady Cady always boasting about BCC Brushes I actually think she owns every brush from the site if not more but she uses more brushes than some and lately I have seen her using this one to apply her foundation.  I can now see why Like the F20 this gives and unbelievable flawless finish to your foundation.  I have actually noticed again compared to the Sigma F80 with this brush I use less of my foundation but achieve the same coverage.  Its like as if the Sigma F8- soaks up more foundation that the BCC F20 which can be bad if you are on a budget.  This is also fantastic for applying cream blushes it blends it out so evenly that you have no tell tale signs you are even wearing blush :) This is Handmade from extra soft high quality synthetic fibres and only costs 12.99 euro :) 
Well i am sure you have guessed already that I have become a huge fan of these brushes.  They are amazing in quality, performance and in price.  There is nothing more you  could ask for literally.  If you are looking for even better value you can also buy wither a Pro Deluxe set or a Kabuki set for a set price which would work out cheaper altogether than buying them separate :)   Shipping was just brilliant literally no waiting there has been times I would get my order the next day or if I ordered on the Friday I would be sure to have it here by the Monday and I would always have a little thank you note from Una herself for purchasing.  Brilliant customer service always :) :) 
Not only that they also ship world wide yeeeeeee :) :) 
So thats my review for today :)  Look out for more reviews on more brushes I own from BCC in the near future :) If you are thinking of purchasing from Blank Canvas Enter "NINA" at the end for a little discount for all my lovely readers I Hope you enjoy 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Eva-Lynn said...

Looks very good!
Nice review! x

Lisa T said...

Nice review! I want to try those, but I have so many brushes. lol

Maisy C said...

Which is better the F20 or F22?

Nina s said...

They are both great brushes but I find I reach for the F20 more for foundations and cream blushes hunny

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