Tuesday, 18 December 2012

December Glossybox 2012

Hey My Beauties :) 
Today I am showing you what I got in the Last Glossybox of the year :) :) 
I can tell you now that this box is one of the most impressive boxes I have gotten all year :) 
I was Actually expecting a red box like last year for Christmas but instead we got a lovely silver box with lovely star decorated wrapping on the inside :) This box is going to be even more perfect for my box of goodies I plan to fill for my mum for Christmas like I do every year and which she loves to get :) 
This months box is aimed at "Festive Celebrations" and has even come with an extra gift for all subscribers :) 
Even the normal card with a little description as been replaced with a booklet with more details about the products and information on some discount codes on some products featured on the Glossybox website :) 
So Let me show you what I got :) 
Milk_Shake Conditioning Whipped Cream 100ml sample which originally comes in 200ml & Costs £14.79
Oh My goodness the Smell Is good enough to eat.  It literally smells like vanilla Milkshake.  This comes in a moose like form and feels really soft and fluffy.  The morning I got this I had actually only washed my hair so I immediately applied some to my hair.  Goodbye to the scent of my shampoo hello to vanilla scented hair :)  I cant of yet tell you if it had or has made any effect to my hair obviously as i have only used it twice but will keep you updated :) 
This brand also does shampoos etc 
here is their website 
Next Item I noticed straight away was 
Seche Nail Laquer in shade "Enamored" we got full sized of this which is 14ml and costs £9.95 
I have to admit I never tried this brand before.  I was stunned by the size of the bottle this little beauty is going to last forever :)  Plus I haven't even near this shade in my huge collection so I was even more excited. I love the skinny brush as it leaves applying the nail polish so much easier and less messy 
This is a stunning Coppery/orangey/gold shade its most unusual but i love it Plus it compliments my hands and makes them look a little tanned.  After one coat I was amazed with how pigmented it was I only really applied a second coat to make it last longer as I wash alot of dishes and kiddies lol.   
Next Item 
Sebamed Anti-dry Night Intensive Cream Original size is 50mls and costs £9.99 sample is 15mls (i think )
I haven't tried this yet but I am surely looking forward to as it promises alot of things such as:
• Calms flare-ups, irritation and tension
• The rich lipids of jojoba oil support a lasting improvement in the elasticity and smoothness of the skin
• 3% rapeseed phytosterols protect against dehydration, relieving itching, tension and burning sensation in the skin
• Active ingredient phytosterol equivalent antiinflammatory effect to cortisone, but without the side effects
• Easily absorbed, no greasy residue
• Stabilizes the moisture balance of the skin
• pH 5.5
This seems to be a popular brand even though i have never heard of them but they do everything for skin including baby lotions and even feminine washes 
So I will Keep you updated on this too :) 
Next up 
Sleek Makeup True Colour Lipstick in shade "Cherry"  this costs £4.99 for full sized in which we got :) 
I am ashamed to say it but its true as much as I love Sleek especially for their eyeshadows and blushes I have never tried their lipstick (I know I know shame on me) but I was so excited I find have one in my collection.  Oh my goodness the packaging is so cute and small :)  The shade Oh wow is it pigmented :)  I will give a full review soon But I was Pleasantly Surprised by the creamy soft texture of this lipstick.  One thing i can say is you would definitely have to apply a lip liner with this to stop it bleeding :) 
Next Up 
Lemon Eau De Parfum by Mary Greenwell 1.5ml Sample original size 50mls costs £60
You surely do get the lemon scent aswell as a musky scent to this I am not sure if its my scent but its not the worst perfume I have worn.  
& Lastly our extra treat :) 
The Limited Edition Glossybox Blusher in "Rosewood" 
This is a nice little treat thank you very much Glossybox :)  Its a matte rosy pink blushe and actually nicely pigmented.  I havent tried it yet so I cant give you too much information on it but its a nice little extra treat :) 
Well now as i said earlier I am well impressed with this months glossybox and looking forward to playing around with my new products 
Do you get the Glossybox?
Did you get anything different?
:) :)

Until Next Time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


naomi said...

i got exactly the same as you just a different shade nail polish! i love this box, thought it was one of the best of this year. i didn't like the box colour/theme itself though, i thought it looked like a computer lol.


the creation of beauty is art. said...

Ooh, lots of goodies! I really love that lipstick colour.

FitznBitz said...

Got the exact same as you. Really happy with it too :)

Marie Papachatzis said...

I would love that Lemon Eau de Parfum. I can only wear citrus scents. That is a nice box. Well worth the money!

Anonymous said...

Ordered my Glossybox last week, so excited to get it :))

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