Sunday, 2 December 2012

My First Inglot Freedom Palette :)

Hello My Beauties.  How are you all doing today :) 
I am so excited about this post in particular as you can see by my title I am going to show you my very first Inglot Freedom Palette.  
Just to refresh your memories last month I was invite to the Inglot Bloggers Event in Blanchardstown Dublin.... It was their first bloggers Event and in fact it was mine too :) 
I had an amazing time and got some free products as well as that I purchased my first freedom palette and opted for a 5 pan palette.  
What i mean by freedon palette is that you can buy a 2-pan 3-pan 4-pan 5-pan or 10-pan palette and fill it with whatever shades of eyeshadows, blushes, concealers, lipsticks etc you can mix and match or have all shadows all blushes I think you get the jist :)  Well i went in there with full intentions of picking shadows from my long long list of shadows from my wishlist (oh yes i done my research before i went there) :) I was pretty sure I would choose eyeshadows on the list but believe me when you enter the Inglot store you will be OVERWHELMED with the the amount of shadows there is to offer oh boy oh boy was I not in heaven.  There is so much there that i hadnt even thought of my list and just chose after about a half hour 5 shades that attracted me the most.  
Awww looking at these photos I still find it hard to believe I now own an Inglot Palette hehehe.  Anyways to buy a 5 pan palette and fill it with 5 shades it costs 38 euro but then to refill it only costs about 6 euro per eyeshadow which is almost half the price of a single Mac eyeshadow in which Inglot has been voted so far as a little better than Mac when it comes to the finishes of the eyeshadows :)  The palette itself is amazingly sturdy I mean this is by far the sturdiest strongest palette i have in my collection so far.  The lid is super secure on this palette by four magnets on each corner, there is no fear of the lid slipping off at all I love it :).  Of course the palette comes empty and the eyeshadows are individually packaged oh i had so much fun placing my new pride and joys into my new palette.  
& here is my new Pride and joy
The eyeshadows are an amazing size, you get between 2.3 to 3.2g depending on what eyeshadows you choose.  The eyeshadows are not named but lettered and numbered but easily identified by the letters for example there is 4 or 5 different finishes:

AMC:  stands for Advanced Makeup Component I was a little confused at first what this means but I think it means A semi matte shade with sparkly glitter in it 

Pearl-  I got one of these And its absolutely stunning  

Matte-  The matte finish is soft and easy to work with, not chalky at all.  I got 2 of these.  i love a great matte and great mattes are hard to find.  

AMC Shine-  They are metallic with shimmer I have 2 of these and I love both 

DS:  A Matte base with Glitter DS Stands for Double Shimmer I havent had a chance to try this finish yet but heard they are hard to work with 
So shall i show you the shades closer up :) :) 
Matte 330:  This is obviously my base shade :)  This is a lovely neutral shade a perfect peachy shade and matte.  I use this as a base or for blending out harsh lines :) 
 AMC Shine 31:  This is an amazing eyeshadow.  This is a stunning goldy bronze taupe :) the spaky is very fine and I was even shocked at the fact that there was no fallout after using it :) this looks stunning on the lid with a matte dark brown in the crease.  
AMC Shine 37:  Oh I Just love this shade soooooooo much :)  This was actually the first shade that caught my eye and I had to get it.  This is a stunning medium brown with copper and gold micro-shimmers.  This is a very buildable shade and looks stunning as a lid colour I found this shade really makes my eyes pop :) 
Pearl 423:  Love at first site too with this little beauty :)  A plummy brown with a frosty finish .  This shade is amazingly pigmented.  I notice a slight reddish undertone in the shadow it looks amazing in the sunlight Amazing Amazing Amazing :) 
Matte 326:  This is a lovely cool deep brown with a tint of burgundy in it and of course matte.  This is brilliant for the crease and outer V.  I love using this as a liner too.  
 Above picture taken in sunlight with no primer
In natural light with no primer 
Ok to narrow it down and not go crazy blabbing on anymore i just have to say THESE SHADOWS ARE AMAZING!!!!
The Mattes are the ones that surprised me the most as most mattes are hard to blend and work  with but these little beauties are so so creamy soft and have little to no fallout.  They are actually quite blendable and very pigments just look at the following swatch of Matte 330
Can you see the texture of this eyeshadow :) 
You are certainly getting value for your money with these eyeshadows.  The clever thing about the freedom palette is that you can choose whatever shades you want to fill it.  The bad thing is you will definitely need plenty of time on your hands when choosing because believe me there is alot and I mean ALOT of shades to choose from.  I have not got one bad thing to say about these in fact im already saving for my next palette which will be a 10-pan palette I am already getting excited :) 
My first experience with Inglot products has been the best I am well impressed and can safely say the Inglot has yet another freedom palette fan here :) 
Here is a look I created using this palette :) a perfect day time smokey eye :) :) 

What you tried Inglot?  Whats your favourite products out of Inglot 
I hope you all enjoyed reading and thanks so much for reading 
Until Next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Toothfairy said...

I love it! The colours are fabulous!
I'd be really happy if you followed back :)

Coco said...

Those shades are to die for! Love browns!

mndy said...

Wow, gorgeous palette! Beautiful colors and finishis, you did a great job putting the palette together! :)

Makeup Monster said...

I adore all these colours!

Eva-Lynn Standaert said...

WAAAWWWWW they look amazing! I really want to get one of these now! x x

Katie Larkin said...

Wow you picked up really gorgeous shades! A 5 pan is only €38? Thats a great price for it!
Really love the 5 you picked up!

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