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Pixy Bath Bombs Gift Set

Well Hello there my fantastic readers how are you all doing?  Boy oh boy its FREEEEEZING here in Ireland at the moment.  I suffer so bad with poor circulation on my hands and if i got for a walk like today with the thickest gloves on i still come home with white fingers.  So white they look dead thats the truth and each one of my fingers were pure white today so that gives you an idea just how cold it was.  Anyways Im blabbing again :) 
I just realised I havent done a review on Irish made products in a while tut tut Nina but I am making up for it today by reviewing these fantastic Bath bombs from a Company Called Pixy.  I first heard of Pixy on an Irish Morning show Ireland AM which I religiously watch every morning.  I really liked the look of the products and from then on had to try it out for myself.  
Pixy is a company based in Mallow in Cork and originated in 2010.  Their products are full of pure natural ingredients such as shea butter, coco butter, sweet almond, apricot, vitamin E, Goats milk, honey and many more all of which are doing nothing but goodness to your skin :) 
The Pixy company sell everything from moisturisers to lip balms to lotions, to bath salts to bath bombs.  This site actually reminds me of the famous Lush store which i can never get to and love only that the prices seem to be a little cheaper :) 
Pixy are now doing wonderful gift sets suitable for Christmas and to be honest I am amazed at how affordable the are.  The gift sets starts from 9.95 euro which is what this gift set of bath bombs cost :) You can get the perfect hampers containing plenty of luxuries perfect for mum, grandmother, aunt, sister or even yourself ;)  So now that I have told you a little about the company and what they offer let me go onto my review of these Bath Bombs 
First of all these bath bombs cost 2.99 some 3.70 each to buy on their own so you are actually getting one free if you buy the gift set now thats a bargain to start off with.  This gift set as you can see comes with 4 bath bombs and is beautifully wrapped up.  Oh my goodness when i recieved this gift set in the post the moment i opened the packaging some wonderful scents just trickled up my nose I instantly went and ran my bath :) :) 
Each bath bomb is a different scent Let me show you a close up of them 
LimeLight:  This was the first one I tried out and I have to say wow the zesty scent is so refreshing even before you put it into your bath.  This bath bomb consists on Grapefruit and lime scent which is so fresh and manages to wake you up at the start of the day My skin felt so so smooth and soft the moment i sat in the bath I loved the scent and found it lingered on me most of the day.  
Honey:  Look how pretty this is :) The Gold glittery mica looks so so pretty :) :) I didnt even want to use this one i was thinking of hanging it on my Christmas tree haha.  Well I instantly knew I would love this as Honey is amazing for you skin.  It smooths and softens yours skin and the fact that its a pure natural ingredient its gentle on the skin too the scent is amazing also.  
Tutti Fruity:  Oh you can only imagine the beautiful scent from this little beauty :)  I figured this one was going to be the best one of all of them so I had to save it for last.  The beautiful scent of Passion fruit and mango is so strong on this that my whole bedroom was filled with the scent as it waited for me to use it.  Again with the fact that honey is in this leaves your skin feeling so smooth and soft I love it 
Lavender:  Well now we all know at this stage that Lavender is great for relaxation.  This one was saved for night time for sure.  As it contains lavender essenial oils you are left soaking in heaven with the lavender leave floating around you and doing what they do best.  I felt so calm collected and totally ready for a good nights sleep after this one :) 
I could help but take some photos of one of these bath bombs in action :) 
These Bath Bombs are surely value for money and I will be certainly adding a few to my Christmas present list for my family.  Ireland is really coming up in the world supplying us with brilliant products and I am so glad and so proud to be Irish.  Pixy is yet another company I can see making it big as they are affordable and have brilliant natural products that are purely heaven to use.  These bath bombs are perfect for any skin type as I allowed two of my kiddies to experience a Pixy Bath Bomb bath and they loved it and had no reactions to it :) :) 
They were so excited and amazed byt the sizzling bath bomb and they smelled scrumdiddlyumptious :) 
Have you tried anything from Pixy yet?
I will surely be trying out some more of their products myself so watch out for future reviews :) 
Until next time 
Take care 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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