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Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter Collection

Hello my beautifuls :) How are you all doing? Wow its only 37 sleeps to Christmas, are you all getting excited? I know I am I just cant wait to wake up Christmas morning with my 5 kiddies and seeing their little excited faces when they see what they got :) 
Anyways today I am going to show you all my Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter Collection :) In the picture above I have 7 but since taking this picture I added another 2 to my collection (not that i had enough already eh?) I will add them with swatches below :) I am sure you all have heard about these little beauties more than enough times lol after all they have been so so popular since they first were released Last year within about 1 month nearly every beauty guru I watch on Youtube had them in their favourites videos and i have to admit i was pulled in on the hype as you can see :) 
So there is 20 shades available in this collection so you will find yourself overwhelmed with trying to choose which shade to go for lol this is where blog posts come in handy so one word of advice for you before you even try to go buy these do your research first check out the shades and make a note of which ones you would like to try that saves alot of time haha. 
The price range of these lip butters can certainly vary depending on where you get them from but in America they can cost in around $7 each in Ireland they cost about 10-11 euro each which is a bit pricey here but i got mine on ebay thats why i have so many :) Unfortunately the supplier i got them from on Ebay doesnt sell anymore so i cant supply a link but I am sure you could get deals with other suppliers if you wanted more than one :) 
Ok lets Talk a little about the packaging and then i will go ahead and show you my shades :) 
The packaging is lovely in my eyes it looks like a lipstick instead of a lip balm.  The lids are cute and makes it easier to find amongst my huge lipstick collection lol.  The top of the lip is clear to make it easier to see the lip shade.  On the bottom it has a huge stick stating the name of the shade which is also handy nothing too exciting but at least its not cheapy looking after all its not the cheapest lip product so im glad it looks as much as you pay for it.  
So to cut it down to size this product is:
Not a Lipstick yet not a lip balm
Its not as pigmented as a lipstick but not as sheer as a lip balm 
Its as moisturising as a lip balm 
and has ingredients such as Shea butter, Mango Butter, jojoba seed oil and Coconut Butter all those good ingredients to help your beautiful lips but is it all worth the hype that they have been given for the past year hmmmmmmmm let see shall we but first onto the shades and swatches :) 
001 Pink Truffle:  This is a beautiful Rosy pink with brownish undertones shade perfect for this time of the year it does in fact have very very fine shimmers in with but not too noticable on the lips it gives off a sort of light frost look and makes you lips look a little more plump  :) 
Next up 
015 Tutti Frutti:  I ended up buying 2 of these shades by accident I have one up on my blogsale :).  This shade is a perfect summery shade.  This is a stunning coral orange shade.  I thought this wouldn't suit me but because it is sheer to medium coverage it looks great.  
025 Peach Parfait:   This is actually quite sheer more sheer than the others.  The shade is a lovely peachy nude with golden shimmer even though it doesnt appear peachy on my lips as mine are pigmented it turned out more pinky.  It gives off a lovely sheen to your lips a perfect every day shade that would suit any look you wear.  
030 Fig Jam:  Now this shade was a shocker for me I thought it was going to be alot darker on my lips as it looks in the tube.  This is a stunning red-brown shade i actually love this shade lately as i find it perfect for everyday wear for the season.  
035 Candy Apple:  Oh I just love this shade :)  This is a stunning red with orange undertones.  This red is perfect for those who are afraid to wear red lipsticks its perfect for those date nights where you want to make those lips look sexy and kissable all at the same time.  Its also the red that does not bleed what more do you want eh? :) 
Next up is ...
045 Cotton Candy:  Awww another fav of mine i have to say Even though i have warn toned skin this really works for me its a lovely cool toned baby pink with gold shimmers and maybe its the gold shimmer that makes this shade work but it certainly has hit my favourites :) I love it with a dark smokey eye :) 
Whats Next?
050 Berry Smoothie:  Again another Favourite of mine :) This is a lovely Berry pink shade a perfect everyday wear lip shade but gives a lovely colour payoff to a simple makeup look.  
055 Cupcake:   This is another cool toned baby pink a little like "Cotton Candy" only that this is more on the cooler side it has little specks of white microshimmers which makes they lip butter more frosty looking it looks more refreshing on the lips :) I actually find this gorgeous on the lips STUNNING 
Lastly (finally lol) 
090 Sweet Tart:  One word for this one SWEEEEEEEETTTTT!!!! I love this shade I wore it alot in the summer :) Its a beautiful bubblegum pink.  I got alot of compliments wearing this as it suits my warm complexion.  Stunning
   Here is a picture of me wearing Sweet Tart :) 
These lip butters feel amazing on the lips.  They are so soft and creamy and glide on brilliantly.  The best thing about them is they literally need no effort to apply within seconds you can glide these on and go and have instant sheer-medium coverage colour on your lips.  Do i think they are worth the hype yes i certainly do i love how my lips feel so moisturised, look sexy, and have colour on them.  Do i think they are work the 10-11 euro no i don't think they are worth that for sure as the lip butter i find only lasts about 2 to 3 hours on my lips before i have to reapply.  If I am looking for long lasting colour on my lips i wouldn't go for these I would actually reach for The Revlon just bitten kissable lip balms well over these as they are moisturising and also stain the lips which lasts longer and they cost around the same price but i do love these too I do find i reach for them alot which says alot.  I love how pigmented they are even though they are a lip butter.  I have one in my bag all the time.  I would say definitely try one for sure as you wont regret it.  If they are ever on offer grab loads :) 
I still want to get one more shade if not more my aim at the start was to get "Creme Brulee" but any time I try to get it there is never any left :( 
Have you tried any of these? Whats your favourite shade? 
Until next time 
Take Care 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


the creation of beauty is art. said...

I have only heard great things about these! I can't wait to add one of them to my makeup collection!

Eva-Lynn Standaert said...

I really want one of those lipsticks! Ugh! Saving up for them tho ;)
and did I read it right? Do you really have five kids? Will you do a christmas post about them :D x

Nina s said...

Eva do you mean like Christmas day post? Yes of course i did a little video on Christmas morning last year its on my channel :) but i will surely do a post this year :)

Temporary:Secretary said...

I keep forgetting to check them out when I'm shopping, i've heard so much about them too! I will have to remember to swatch them and buy my fave shade next time I'm out! x

Not Just Inside said...

WOW thats some collection, id love to have a good root around in your makeup ... Im so nosey

Marie Papachatzis said...

I like the colors, I just wish there was a little more pigment to them. They do keep lips soft though!

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