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Essence The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 Makeup Collection

Hey my Beauties How are you all doing :) 
Today I come to you with another Limited Edition from Essence :) 
essence presents a stunning make-up collection inspired by the twilight saga: breaking dawn – part 2. with the mysterious colors of dawn, fantastic shimmer pigments as well as dark, dramatic effects and blood-red products for your lips and cheeks, essence is offering true vampire power for all girls – until the break of dawn…
I was quite excited to see what Essence had come up with as part of this theme and I was even good enough not to have a sneak peak on their site :)  When I went to the counter literally all I could see was shimmer and glitter which I suppose is part of the Winter/Christmas season so I had to try some of them.  Now again i did not buy every shade or everything but i will let you know what i am missing as always :) 
So lets start off with the blush :) 
Breaking Dawn Blush in 01 Renesmee Red:  Now the moment i seen this I had to have it.  This is a perfect blush for the Winter season and I know i will use it on a regular basis.  There is only one blush in this collection.  Now I know what you are thinking "Gosh it looks so red I couldnt try this" But I promise its not as harsh as it looks :)  Its a orangey red shade and has little tiny tiny micro-shimmers which are not noticeable in swatches but leaves a stunning glow.  I am loving this as the blush is so soft and pigmented and easy to blend its stunning on the cheeks too :)  This cost me about 4.75 euro for 5.5 g
Nest Face product is......
Breaking Dawn Shimmer Powder 01 Bells's Secret:  Not that i have enough highlight powders in my collection I have to go and add another one lol :) What i love about this highlight is that its shimmery but not glittery :)  Its simply adds a beautiful glow to the skin :) 
This cost me under 5 euro for 11g 
Next up is......
Breaking Dawn Loose Pigment Eyeshadows:  There are 4 shades in this collection 
01 jacob’s protection, 02 alice had a vision – again, 03 a piece of forever and 04 edward’s love.
I only picked up 2 as I wanted to see what they were like first even though they were so affordable.  You are basically getting 3 blackened shades and 1 bright gold shade.  I can not believe how pigmented these are.  The pigments are so so fine.  They cost 3.79 each for 10mls which as i said before is so so affordable 
01 Jacob's Protection as you can see is a blackened emerald green with multi-coloured glitter. I love this shade 
02 Alice had a vision-again:  Oh you all know at this stage I already love this hehehe.  This is a fantastic blackened purple also with multi-coloured glitter love it!!! These pigments are so fine that they will definately need something to cling to but the above swatches are made with nothing underneath so it goes to show how pigmented they are and how fantastic they will be with either a primer or base under it :) I will surely be going back to get the other shades :) 
Next up is.......
Liquid Glitter Eyeliner:  I had high enough hopes for these as they looked jammed packed with lovely glitter.  There is only 2 shades of these available 
01 Alice had a vision-again is a lovely sparkly purple which includes multi-coloured glitter 
01 Jacob's Protection is a lovely blue shimmer 
Each one comes with the tiniest brush which makes application alot easier.  Ok there is a good thing and a bad thing.  The bad thing is well if you call that is that they need a few layers before they show their potential.  The good thing is they staying power is actually quite good when you apply they stay put you get no glitter fall out 
In all for 2.75 euro they are not at all bad :) 
Lastly ......
Nail Polish:  These bottles remind me so much of the Catrice Nail Polishes the same size same width and even have the same new brush as them.  I love the wide brushes on the Catrice nail polishes as i have big bed nails.  For people who have small bed nails this brush might be a bit of a pain to use.  So there are 4 shades of this nail polish collection and to be honest I have been very good lately on my little ban of buying nail polishes because I just have sooooo much but i couldnt help pick of 2 of these as they looked amazing 
The first shade i got is 
02 Alice had a vision-again (bet you are sick of hearing that name haha but at least you will not forget it if you like it)  This is a stunning glitter purple with a dark purple base.  The first coat is sheer but with a second coat this is the finished result :)  Stunning :) 
04 Edwards' Love:  Awwww I am loving this shade right now.  Even as i type this my nails are proudly glistening in the light.   Even though it seems like a normal black nail polish with silver shimmer its so pigmented and crying out for a new dress, shoes and handbag to match oh and maybe some shimmery accessories go along with it (oh sorry got stuck in the moment there haha)  
These nail polishes cost around 2.79 for 10mls each a bargain in my eyes :) 
Ok so there are two items i ended up leaving behind as I knew in my own heart and soul I would not use them and they were the lipstick and lipglosses. 
The Lipstick looked like it was a sheer goldy shade with shimmers not my cuppa tea but i will be interested to find out anybody elses reviews on it 
The lipglosses hmmmmmm they were a little bit too sparkly for me but they do look lovely :) 
So that is it everyone that is the Essence, The twilight saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 Makeup Collection LE.  Have you tried these yet.  I know that they are available in America in stores like Ulta :) 
I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post 
I hope you are all well 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Cristina said...

Actually I can't wait to go back to Romania to get this collection and other essence items :D I really want the nail polish 02 Alice has a vision-again :) xo

MissJessibel said...

Oh how I wish that I could get Essence in Sweden! I love Twilight and would love to get my hands on this collection! *sad*

Eva-Lynn Standaert said...

Oh god! "Alice had a vision again" is totally amazing!
I'm picking this up !! x

Coco said...

The loose pigments are so impressive! They look pretty x

Mr Lonely said...

yeah, i enjoyed the Twilight movie~ XD

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

Nina s said...

The pigments certainly shocked me i was not expecting them to be as pigmented as they are I love the blush too its going to last such a long time :)

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