Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Inglot Bloggers Event in Blanchardstown Dublin

Well hello there beautifuls :) 
How are you all doing?
Well todays post is a little different from normal :) 
You can imagine my excitement when I got an invite to go to the Inglot Bloggers event which was taking place in Blanchardstown Dublin :) First of all because its my first Bloggers Event and Of course its my first time trying Inglot Makeup :) I know I know i can here you Inglot Fans out there saying WHAT!!!!! but its true simply because Inglot is about 40 miles away from me.
Anyway :) 
Inglot Ireland was hosting a Bloggers Event in 3 different counties in Ireland in Dublin Limerick and Belfast to show you a 1st peak at the latest new releases of products.  They were even nice enough to let us bring a friend which of course i did :) I brought my lovely sister :) 
I was super excited to see this new range and of course planned on buying some products too as it would have been crazy not to right?!
Inglot is situated on the ground floor of Blanchardstown Shopping Centre Dublin and I was amazed at how bright, clean and cheerful it looked from the outside :) 
We were met by the lovely lovely staff of Inglot greeted with smiles and handed a goodie bag with surprises inside they made us feel welcome from the moment we stepped inside 
The Lovely Inglot Staff Starting from the left Aisling ManganRebecca GroganAmy HutchinsonHazel Ward and Jane Swarbrigg.
I was even more excited to see some of my fellow bloggers who I met before and some i couldnt wait to meet as i have been following their blogs for so long :)
It was a lovely atmosphere and most of all we all had so much in common MAKEUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What more could you ask for
So the lovely Amy Got us altogether to create some looks on Hazel with some of the New Products out :)

So Lemme show you some of the new products and the eyeshadows that achieved these two different looks :) 
These are the New Rainbow Eyeshadows
These little beauties are stunning.  I tell you the picture doesnt even give them justice.  These eyeshadows are 8 euro each or 88 euro for all 10 :) Which is a pretty good deal considering all the shades you are getting in that palette :) 
the eyeshadows are numbered from the top left the first shade 121R to the last shade 130R.  We got to pick 2 shades so i went with 124R and 125R.  They look stunning I cant wait to try them out and show them to you 
The New Nail Enamel are costing 10 euro each.  Each and every one of these look stunning.  I am now regretting not buying the last one in particular but i do have one of them and soon you will see which one :) I am excited to try it out :) 
Awww you can just imagine how exciting it was to be there to see the new range and also the the rest of the range that was there i took so many photos as you can see lol ah sure go on I will show you a few more haha
Ok thats enough I think haha its making wanna go back up there to buy more.  I have to say the staff of the Blanchardstown Inglot store was more than helpful while we were all there.  I lost count of the amount of time I was approached asking did I need help or have any questions.  They were so nice and always smiling.  Its so so worth popping into them and if you have no idea what you want to put in your palettes they are so quick to help you choose what shades to go for that would suit you.  
I am so so happy with my purchases and of course my goodies i got compliments of Inglot and i surely have some lovely things to review once i get using them here is a sneaky peak of what i got 
And lastly I might aswell show you all my OOTN :) :) :) 
I highly recommend you all to visit Inglot.  I had a lovely experience and thank so much to the ladies who invited us.  
For more information on any Inglot product check out their Website :
It also has a list of stores, phones numbers and their email there :) 
I hope you enjoyed reading my post and hope you are looking forward to my first Inglot reviews which are coming soon 
Until Next time Take Care
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Karen said...

It was so nice finally meeting you last night! Looking forward to the next time for proper chats :)

Niamh said...

Looks great Nina, I saw Laura's post from limerick too. Inglot staff always seem so welcoming to us ''normal woman'' lets say. They dont look down on you like others do in some stores. If your like me you'll slowly find yourself wheening more inglot products into your makeup bag. the duraline liquid comes everywhere with me
I love your jumper it looks so warm.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh it was great! It was my 1st bloggers event too :)) Hopefully I'll get to chat to you next time. You took great pics x

caramellitsa said...

very nice outfit casual :)
really nice photos i m sure you had a great time at the event!
i have to go to the inglot store in athens...


the creation of beauty is art. said...

Oh wow! This looks like such a great event. I am totally drooling over those product shots!

Tolmu Rull said...

I love Inglot! The quality seems to be the same as MAC`s, but prices are much cheaper. Glad you had a chance to discover it for yourself!

Nina s said...

Karen Thanks hunny :) for sure we will go for a cuppa sometime :) cant wait to see what you got

Niamh girl the jumber is soooo soft and very dressy you can also wear it off the shoulder yes i couldnt believe how friendly they all were it definitely makes you want to go back

Glimmermamawishes Girl im raging i didnt get chatting with you hunny but i suppose we were all hypnotised by all the colours all over the place lol

CaramellistaYou will love it but be ware girl have lots of money with you because you will surely buy haha

the creation of beauty its was brilliant hunny i loved every minute of it

Tolmu Rull awww girl i think im hooked already lol

The Wrong Girl said...

Hi Nina, I remember you at the event because you had a big smile on your face the entire time! Great shots of the store and products...I didn't get so many as I was too excited by the size of the shop! :P Glad you had as much fun as I did :) x

- JR

Makeup Monster said...

You looked great couldn't make it but looked fab!

Scarie said...

Love Inglot!!

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