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Wet n Wild 8 Pan Palette - Comfort Zone Review

Hello my beautifuls how are you all doing today.  Lordy im looking outside and im hating what im seeing.  Its dark and dull all day long and of course raining but its mild so i cant complain too much. 
Do you remember I took part in a swap about 3 months ago or so ?  I done two blog posts so far on the items i recieved which was a) The Wet n Wild Megalast Lip Color  and b) Milani Shadow Eyez 12 hour Wear Eyeshadow Pencils both of which were on my wishlist :) Well today I am reviewing another item i recieved in the swap and was also on my wishlist and that is the Wet n Wild 8 pan Eye-shadow Palette in Comfort Zone which i found extremely hard to get but thanks to Shirley she got it for me :) yeeeeeeeee
I am a huge huge fan of Wet n Wild eye-shadows as you will see lots of reviews on my blog about them and i only wish Wet n Wild would become available over here some time in the near future please :) 
Wet n Wild however is available in America and some sites on the net so it is not impossible to get Wet n Wild.  I will add link at the end to where you could purchase some for yourself :) 
Anyway back to this fantastic palette 
There is only 3 different shades of the 8 pan palettes available 
Blue had me at hello 
Comfort Zone 
Petal Pusher 
These cost an amazing $5 each yes $5 which is less than 4 euro for 8 eyeshadows bargain bargain bargain !!!!!!!
Eight dynamic, perfectly color-coordinated shades with high pigment and pearl for ultra-impact color. Shades can be used together or individually to create an endless variety of looks.
The packaging is brilliant for the price too.  There is no mirror just a clear lid showing the shades.  The lid is sturdy enough not to break in your bag but if it did get a bad bang it will crack.  
You are also getting an applicator one side is a sponge type brush and the other is a slanted brush which is handy if you didnt own any brushes of your own. 
This palette is by far my favourite out of the 2 8 pans I own.  Blue had me at hello is made up of blues, silvers and blacks whereas Comfort Zone is made up of Neutral and and greens.  This palette is so so perfect for Fall/Autumn looks.  
I can actually see some Urban Decay and Mac dupes in this palette for sure.  
Starting with the row down on the left: 
Browbone shade is a shimmery goldy shade this is perfect for the brow-bone and the inner corner of the eyes or you could use this as a base.  I find this a little too shimmery for the brow as i am more on the pale side but a woman of colour will benefit from this as a brow highlight :) 
The eyelid shade is a shimmery bronze pink shade.  This looks stunning on the lid it really opens up the eyes.
The crease shade is a beautiful goldy bronze shade again shimmery :) this is stunning and could also be used on the lid :) This reminds me so much of Urban Decays eyeshadow "Smog"
The definer shade is a deep dark brown with reddish and coppery shimmers this is absolutely stunning and one of my favourites.  The pigmentation is absolutely unreal from this and you will find the tiniest tap of the brush will do alot 
Next is the row on the right side:
The browbone shade is quite an unusual highlight shade its a pale taupe gold I would certainly not use this under the brow.  But i would use it as an inner corner highlight or inner 2/3's :) its a stunning shade i really like it :) 
The eyelid shade is a stunning shimmery green with gold shimmer.  A perfect lid shade :) 
The Crease shade is stunning :) its a black with green and gold shimmer this is a bit on the powdery side and can create fall out if you are not careful but is very pigmented :) 
The definer is a great dupe for Mac's "Club" this is a stunning shade rusky brown green duochrome eyeshadow again very powdery but very very pigmented 
All swatches were made with no primer underneath.  These shadows feel amazingly soft and creamy.  They are amazingly pigmented each and every one of them even the highlight shades.  You are certainly getting huge value for your money for these little beauties.  They blend extremely well.  With a primer and a base they last all day long without fading which is amazing too.  What more can I really say about this palette only that everyone should have it really I mean that from the bottom of my heart its well well worth it. 
Here is some links to where you can purchase this palette :) 
I hope you enjoyed this review.  I have one more item in 2 different shades to review from this swap which will be coming soon :) 
Until next time
Lots of Love Luck and laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


the creation of beauty is art. said...

I have become such a massive fan of Wet n' Wild eyeshadows. Lately especially, I have been noticing that I reach for shadows from them more than any others! I have this palette as well and it is SUCH a stunner. The definer shades are amazing.

Thrifty Girl Loves said...

Wow I would love to get hold of this palette, it looks stunning!
Wish Wet n wild did more products in the UK.

Coco said...

These palettes are amazing quality. I don't have this one specifically but I fell in love with the green crease color.

Loevens said...

We have wet n wild in Denmark just let me know if there is something you really really want to try :)

jenxxhope said...

i have this palette and i live in the americas, wet n wild is an amazing brand! i absolutely love this palette and my other wet n wild palettes.

Nina s said...

the creation of beauty.. I have to say i have been playing around with them alot more too even the gel liner is brilliant oh and their blushes i have one and i love it
Thrifty girl loves Girl do they sell them in the UK?
coco you would love this palette
Loevens hunny thats really sweet of you thanks so much maybe we could organise a swap sometime ;)
jenxxhopeThey are amazing :)

fluff and fripperies said...

Amazing in-depth review Nina - OMG these shadows sound good! Wish we could get Wet n Wild easily here. I've just done a swap with an Italian blogger and can't wait for my parcel to arrive!

Nina s said...

Fluff and Fripperies Thanks so much :) Girl have you actually ever tried Wet n Wild shadows if you havent you really have to. Yes i love swaps they are so so exciting and a great way in trying products from other countries :) I love it

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