Monday, 17 December 2012

Catrice LE Hollywood's Fabulous 40ties

Inspired by legendary film and style icons like Katharine Hepburn, Ingrid Bergmann and Marlene Dietrich, the Limited Edition “Hollywood’s FABULOUS 40ties” by CATRICE whisks you away to the glamorous world of the 1940’s this September and October 2012. This golden era is also celebrating its comeback on the international catwalks with a modern interpretation of the feminine clothing style. As a tribute to independent women, CATRICE combines feminine, warm red shades like rosé, rosewood and cherry red with soft nude, beige and brown tones as well as purple. For a stylish appearance à la Hollywood…

Hello my beautifuls how are you all doing today :) I have to admit I am a little slow with showing you this New Limited Edition as I had a crazy week plus I hadn't realised that it arrived to my local pharmacy until a week after it arrive :( But hey most of the items were still there apart from one in which is what I wanted the most but it doesnt matter :) 
I have to say I am well impressed with the selection of this Limited Edition and the fact its aimed at 40's style and shades :)  
Now of course like always I only bought the items i thought i would use the most and again I did not got for the 5 nail polishes as I have way too many nail polishes as it is and none of them really jumped out at me even though they looked fantastic.  
There was also an Eyebrow Lifter available in which i passed on as i still have my elf one and to be honest dont even use that I prefer the good old concealer and highlight job.  
And lastly there was a High Gloss Lip Topcoat and Gloss in which was just a simple clear gloss that I also have plenty of so I decided to pass on that one too 
So let me show you what I did get :) 
 The Absolute Eye Colour Quattro in "She's a Lady" 
There was two of these Quads to get but the second one was sold out before I got to it :( which was a little disappointing because judging by the tester it looked absolutely stunning.  i love the combination in this quad 
This is actually a nice everyday eyeshadow palette 
The first shades is a lovely warm medium brown with a golden micro shimmer 
The second shade is a medium matte mauve shade 
The third is a dark brown 
and the last is a golden highlight shade 
These eyeshadows doe need a good base for them to last all day as I have found them a little harder to work with than the normal range eyeshadows from Catrice.  They are not exactly strong in pigmentation but are buildable I can tell by the other palette that it is more pigmented as it has darker more attract shades
Next item i got 
Multi Colour Blush in "Gone With the wind 
This was the first thing i went for the shade just attracted me straight away !!!
Doesnt it look amazing 
It says on the site that they combine 2 different shades to create a beautiful rosy glow to your cheeks.  This in fact turns out to be a beautiful rosy pink matte shade and very pigmented.  Its not overly strong that you will end up applying to much but it sure is buildable.  It blends brilliantly and doesnt need alot of work to make it look natural.  It is a little chalky but nothing to complain about.  This lasted a good 6 hours on me before i noticed a little fading.  For around 4 euro this is well worth trying out 
Next up is 
Velvet Lip Colour 
There are 4 shades to choose from and I chose the Marlene's Favourite and The Nuder Scene. I actually have two very different opinions about these two lipsticks in particular but since I do not have the other two I cant say if they are the same or not.  
Starting with Marlene's Favourite 
This is a stunning colour and a colour I thought might me a no no for me but infact i was wrong.  This is a stunning pinky rose shade and very pigmented.  Its soft creamy and feels sort of glossy on the lips.  i wouldnt call this matte as such but more satin as you do get the glossy look slightly from this lipstick.  It applies well and actually acts a little bit like a stain once it wears off.  
Now the next lipstick did not impress or wooo me whatsoever 
I actually thought this shade would be a lovely shade judging by looking at it in the store but boy was I wrong so wrong.  When i applied this on me first of all the shade was too light for me.  It made me look sick.  Then i tried applying this with mo makeup on and it made me look worse so anyone who is pale might not like this either.  Second of all the texture of this lipstick is all so wrong.  No matter what way i applied this it applied on my lips patchy.  Its like oil hiting water with this lipstick i cant understand why it applies different to Marlene's Favourite but it does.  I tried everything it was just horrible.  Hate it!!!  Plus its very drying !!!
& Lastly
The Eyebrow gel in Neutrally Brown 
Ok i presumed when i bought this brow gel that there was going to be a little bit of colour added to my brows hence the name but i was wrong.  In fact the colour of the gel is very very sheer and more of a gone off greeny brown shade.  It doesn't appear on the brows so dont be put off by that.  The gel itself did work for me but i still prefer the e.l.f version better than this as i have some crazy ass brows some days and when i tried this on one of my crazy days it didnt do much but for all of you who have good brows this will work for you 
The one thing I do like is the brush.  It leaves brushing my brows even easier and i will surely be keeping the brush when the product runs out :) 
Well that is it for this Months Limited Edition.  Overall I am more Impressed by this version than some of the LE.  I love the Quad and so disappointed I didnt get the other one.  The lipsticks hmmm well I love the Marlene's favourite and i have heard that the other two lipsticks are good also and more pigmented so that is a good thing.  The blush well I always have been a fan of Catrice blushes for the price they do more than their money's worth and have amazing pigmentation.  
Have you tried this Limited Edition Yet?
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Makeup Monster said...

I love the look of everything!

Vita said...

Oh i love catrice, need to see if i can get this where i live as well. Think I need a new nailpolish or two :)

Found your blog on Monday Beauties Blog hop.

xo, Vita

Anonymous said...

Love it all, only recently found Catrice, their prices are amazing. Gonna get myself Marlenes Favourite, very nice colour x

Eva-Lynn Standaert said...

Oh wow! Looks amazing!
I haven't seen it in my drugstore :( that's awful because I love the '40's and the 50's.

S.Lennyn82 said...

Ive been wanting to try Catrice products for a long time now. Wish I could get them where I live. Beautiful colors:)

Sara xx

Steph said...

i got the eyebrow lifter its amazing! its a chubby pinky highlight pencil draw it under my brows and blend then dust a highlight shadow over it usually virgin from the naked palette

Plush Pink Allure said...

oo I love these sahdes! FOund you on the brightside blog hop, following GFC :)

Marie Papachatzis said...

I love those products and wish we had them here!

Nina s said...

Awww thanks to all my new readers for joining me :) I hope you enjoy reading
I love catrice for its value and it is such a pity its not available in every country but I think they are planning on expanding to other countries

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