Monday, 20 August 2012

August Glossy Box - International Superstars

Hey my beauties How are you all doing :)
Well I am sure you have guessed by now what this blog post is all about :) :) 
Its hard to imagine that only a few months ago i was a tad close to unsubscribing from Glossybox but lately i have been impressed with the boxes i have been getting.  This box is another I have to say I'm impressed with :) Well done to you Glossybox team you are really putting alot of effort into our boxes lately.  
So this months Glossybox International Superstar Themed :) 
In other words Glossybox goes global with hero products from around the world for us to try out in one lovely pink box, that have cult status in their native country which some of us probably never hear of well i know some of these i haven't heard of and have had pleasure in trying.  
So enough jibber jabber lets see what i got shall we :) Now keep in mind this is just first Impressions as you need to use these products a few times before final decision but i will keep you all posted :) 

So first up is Germany  

Optically brightening effect polish with anti-yellow formula. Thanks to a special pigment, Pro White neutralises discolorations on the nail surface, making brilliant white and glossy nails.
Alessandro - Pro White Original Effect Polish 
Costs £7.85 for 10mls 
I am very excited to try this out as i do use alot of nail polish actually i dont think i go a day without having nail polish on otherwise i feel naked.  I do realise that weakens my poor nails and also makes them discoloured in which i hate.  So it is quite hard not to put coloured nail polish on to cover those nasty stains.  I would love to go around with natural stain free nails so i will be putting this to the ultimate test :) 

Next up is Japan 

Discover the secret that Japanese women€“ known the world over for glowing, ageless skin€“ already know: Beautiful skin begins with DHC Deep Cleansing Oil.  
Now this one i am super excited about :) :) 
DHC Deep Cleansing Oil
Costs - £18.50 for 200mls
This little bottle of oil is suppose to be full of goodness and suppose to be a miracle by completely removing your makeup even waterproof mascara.  The goodness comes from its olive and rosemary oil.  Its suppose to remove excess oils etc from your face.  Hmmmmmm i wonder i always have been afraid to let oils near my face i feel oils could break me out and make me feel like scrubbing like crazy until i feel unclogged again but i got over it and have tried this for the first time yesterday.  First impression??? I love it...  Its amazing it literally took off every bit of my makeup even my waterproof mascara and liner.  I simply put a few drops on my hand rubbed them together covered my face with it left it there for 5 minutes and rinsed off with warm water and BAM makeup gone and my face didnt feel greasy after i rinsed it off.  I even checked with a toner if there was any makeup left on my face and nothing not a smidge.  So i will continue to use this for a while to see how my skin takes to it and get back to you all for an update.  

Next up is Spain 

This flower shaped eye shadow compact with mirror and applicator is perfect for summers spent on the go! The tonal gradations allow you to shade, contour and highlight subtly or dramatically, depending on your preference.
Vera Valenti - L'ombre à Paupière Margarita
Costing £3.85
Ok i wasnt exactly excited about this little palette to be honest my first impressions when i saw it first was hmmmmm looks a little on the cheap side it kind of reminded me a little of the e.l.f £1.50 eyeshadow quads you know the one with the 4 colours and the tiny mirror only this is bigger.  The eyeshadows are not bad either some of the are very sheer to be honest they are not worth playing around with but the darker colours are pigmented enough.  I found the eyeshadows to be a little chalky and had some fallout while using them but for the price and the fact you are getting 10 little eyeshadows you cant really complain.   If I was asked would i try another palette i would probably have to think about it :)  You will see with the swatches below some of the shades are not even visable on camera all shades are swatched beside each other 

England is next 

Championed by industry professionals, celebrities and all lipstick loving ladies alike, Lipcote is an iconic, award winning British beauty staple celebrating it'€™s 50th anniversary.
Lipcote Lipstick Sealer
Costing £3.99 for 7mls ( This is full sized in Glossybox)
This was on my wishlist a long long time actually i first seen this on Sineady Cadys The makeupchairs videos  where she was giving tips on how to keep your red lipstick in place and lasting for hours.  I never really got the chance to find it but now i can tick this of my wishlist.  I havent put it to the test but i can tell I will love it as i trust Sineadys word when she says that this is a great product but I will still update you on it :)  But on a good note im glad i have this as there is a few lippies in my collection that do tend to bleed so this little beauty will surely stop that from happening :) 

Next up is Glossybox

We have teamed up with the beauty industry insider's favourite make-up brand Kryolan to bring you the perfect lip shade for everyday. The Fashion Lipstick range was developed for professional use and has a creamy consistency. Soft and velvety in application, the preparation features a care complex that means it's pleasant to wear.
Glossybox Lipstick in Glossy Pink
Costing £9.50 for 4g (This is full sized)
Now when i seen this at first i though hmmmm this is another cheapish product.  I honestly do not know why maybe it was to do with the packaging or something but then i looked at the card seen the price and say "whaaaaaaat £9.50 which is about 11 euro for this lippie it better be good for that price" Well now when i swatched it i changed my mind it felt really creamy and boy was it pigmented.  It doesnt really have a strong scent but the little scent it does have smells like a typical lipstick.  The shade is a beautiful shade of pink i have to admit.  It wouldnt normally be the pink lipstick i would go for but its growing on me especially applied lightly but you can surely build this shade put to make it as pink as pink could be :) :) It feels very moisturising and soft and creamy and applies so so easily.  It lasts a good 3 to 4 hours before you have to reapply but to be honest you could get away with longer before reapplying as i found it stains the lips even after i washed it off the stain was still there so thumbs up to glossybox but i would love if they made more shades or even thought about it because i would surely purchase another to try out 

Last but not least is Italy 

An Italian floral chypre fragrance with notes of alluring fruitiness of smeggia peach, alba truffle, magnetic white flowers, and mysterious patchouli, oak moss and cedar woods.  Valentina Assoluto stands for a modern heiress who knows how to play with her sensual aura. She is more intentionally seductive, and has something slightly provocative and dramatic in her attitude. Her magnetism remains unaffected but intense - her fragrance reflects her precious and intense femininity. 
Valentina Assoluto 
Costing £61 for 50mls
Not alot of people like getting perfume samples but i do I like to have an option and try out different scents.  There is no point in sticking with the same fragrance when there is so so many perfumes out there to try and also so many new ones coming out all the time.  I just wish glossybox would put some samples in of more affordable perfumes every now and again as the ones we have been getting cost so so much.  This fragrance is nice but not one i would go out to buy to be honest.  I found it very strong and when i finally calmed down i wasnt fussed about the scent.  
Well now I am finally finished.  Are you still awake lol.  Ah well at least you got swatches and a mini first impressions review on the products.  As i said above overall this months been a good box and its making me look forward to next months one 
If you get the glossybox did you get the same or something different? What did you think of yours I would love to hear from you.  If you have a blog post done about it post your link below as i love to see what other people got and what they thought :)  Or are you interested in checking out Glossybox for yourself if so click here to take you straight to the site :) 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Not Just On The Inside said...

Feck sake .. ever since I unsubscribed the glossybox have upped there game..typical

adoreabubbles said...

I got the exact same things, looking forward to trying out the LipCote :D

Krystal Caracol said...

The shadow palette looks ify, but the swatches look beautiful! :)

Nina said...

Not Just on the inside I know i was very near unsubbing hun but glad i didnt so far :) you can always resubscribe :)
adoreabubbles Yeah im excited to try that too im also excited about the oil so far its brilliant
Kyrstal Caracol Not fussed about the eyeshadow palette to be honest i found the e.l.f quads are more pigmented

Christine said...

Now, we don't have glossybox or - as far as I know - anything like it here in Norway, but I don't think I'd apprechiate getting a perfume sample, because that's something you can get for free at every perfumery, at least over here.. Therefore it would just be waste of money to buy box with a sample o perfume.. Of course, the rest often fills the price though :)

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