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Catrice "Coolibri" Collection :)

Hey my beauties :) Its that time again yeeeeeeeeee
Catrice has launched their New Limited Edition for the Months of June & July :) 
Its Called "Coolibri" :) How they come up with these names i do not know but they are catchy.  Now i know what your thinking Why does Ireland only get the Limited Editions after the release dates well of course we would be a month behind because Catrice is a German based Brand so by the time its release in countries that sell their brand it will be a little later but i dont mind waiting as i get to enjoy the previous Limited Edition More.  
Now of course As i said in my Last video I am been very good lately and only buying what i know i will use rather than the whole collection so what i show you today is not every shade of the item and i will tell you the shades or what else im missing from the collection just for your information :) :) 
Enough babbling Nina Let get on with it :) :) 
So here is my collection does the picture look so colourful :) :) :) 
Fantastic and full of color – the coolibri with bright, colorful feathers from the depths of the Amazon. Its mysterious home and breathtaking blaze of color offer the inspiration for the contrasting and fashionable colors of the 2012 summer season catwalk looks with intensive, bright color blocking – and is reflected in the Limited Edition “Coolibri” by CATRICEIn June and July 2012, sunny yellow and rich green shades, cool turquoise blue, warm orange-red and fresh pink whisk you away to the iridescent world of Amazon colors. The ideal make-up for summertime – fascinating, light and radiantly beautiful! by Catrice 
First up in the Collection is these eyeshadow pens.  When i first seen these on the site i was super excited about trying them but then i thought would they be any good would they crease etc.  Would they be as good as some of my eyeshadow pencils i already own hmmmmm
Well there is 4 eyeshadow pens to choose from but i picked these 3 the one missing is a very very bright Matte orange pen beautiful shade but i doubt i would ever really use it :) 
 These little beauties cost about 3.99 each which is fairly reasonable 
Well now i can tell you all i am well impressed with these i was impressed from the moment i swatched them in the store because after i swatched them i used a baby wipe to try taking them off and i literally had to scrub to take them off and even at that i could still see the swatches lightly on my hand 
They are all incredibly pigmented and creamy literally one swipe of these would do the job :) 
What i love about these is that you have time to blend them out on the lid before they dry and they are so easy to apply.  They are incredibly long lasting as they lasted all day on my lids now to be honest i have not tried them without a primer as i always use one anyway its just habit with me but i am sure they would last just as long.  I can safely say they are water resistant as i wore these on a very rainy day and they never budged (pity i didnt think of wearing waterproof mascara that day lordy you should have seen the panda eyes on me that day lol) 
I have also tried these as an eyeliner for the bottom lash line and they give a great pop of colour 
I highly recommend them.  The name of the shade i am missing is 04 Exotica :) 
Jelly Cheek Tint 3.99 euro for 1.6mls.  Now my first thought when i seen this on the stand was eh "who emptied half of the product out of the Jar i check all of them and they were the same hmmmm you will see what i mean in the next photos.  They are not even half full aside from that the product itself appealed to me enough to try it out so i went ahead and bought it.  This is basically a gel blush that smells like strawberries mmmmmm Its constancy is thin enough you do have to build it up to get a good colour from it to be honest i will save this for the lips rather than the cheeks as I will use less of the products that way after all there is little product in it as it is.  To get value for money you would have to be very fair to use this and get enough colour out of one layer otherwise you will be using two to three layers to get a nice shade on the cheeks.  
This I probably would not purchase again not for the price it was anyway :) 
Nectar Glosses:  According to Catrice these glosses With their light, semi-transparent texture and subtle lip colour, the Nectar Gloss provides a popular wet-gloss finish and leaves your lips feeling irresistibly soft.
I have to say i agree even though on my lips i get no colour with them they do indeed leave my lips looking super glossy n kissable hehe 
I only got two shades in these because they are practically a clear gloss 
Can you see how skinny the brush is?  The thing is the brush one the first gloss is not even that soft its hard which is a bit weird.  I have to place a bit on my lips and even it out with my finger.  The second gloss applicator was fine :) 
I am missing 2 other shades 01 Birds fly High & 04 Exotica For the price they are worth it if you are looking for a gloss that will give you that wet look on your lips they cost 2.99 euro each 
Oh boy did i not get excited when i seen all of these colours woweeeeee :) 
There are 5 nail polishes to this collection obviously i only picked 4 i know what your thinking lol your think why didnt she just get all 5 right? well the thing is the other shade was a yellow shade in fact the name of it is 04 Twist of Lemon.  Yellow nail polishes are not a favourite of mine to be honest so thats why i left it aside :) 
Now each of these nail polishes cost bout 2.79 euro each for 10mls which i think is an amazing price for any Catrice nail polish i love them :) 
I have pictures of 3 of these i have tried so far i will post up the other one when after i give my poor nails a rest lol i have been very naughty to them lately trying all these fabulous new nail polishes out the one picture i am missing is Birds Flying High which is beautiful creme blue :) it actually recommends using a base coat with it as i guess it stains the nail but it looks fantastic in the bottle and im sure it will look even better on the nail look back here in about a week or check out my Facebook page for a swatch of it :) 
Next up is Virgin Forest in which i post up a picture of this already on my Facebook page :) Virgin Forest is a fantastic shimmery shamrock green :) awww i love this shade the shimmer almost gives a goldy glisten in the sun i have been asked so many times what nail polish this is when i wore it :)  This needed 2 to 3 coats to achieve what you see in the photo but it did last a full week with top coat over it :) :) 
Exotica wow oh wow is this not a fantastic colour :) This is a surprising shade actually :) its a beautiful orange with pink shimmer and it looks great when the sun shines on it.  The pink shimmer makes the shade unique which i love :)  This needed 3 coats to be honest as the polish is a little thinner than the first one 
Abloom this is a fantastic pinky red shade with no shimmer again a little thinner in constancy but with 3 coats you can achieve what is in the picture :) This shade brings out the tan on my hands i love it :) :) I can see myself wearing this on special occasions with a lovely dress and in summer time :) :) or even at Christmas time if i didn't want to go for a full red shade :) 

There you go there is my review on the New Limited Edition "Coolibri".  I think my favourite out of the whole lot is The nail polishes and the eyeshadow pens the rest i think i would leave aside to be honest :) I think to be honest that this is the worst collection from Catrice because its the first time that out of all of the collection i only really liked 2 of the product but i said i would review them all so you all can make up your own minds what you would like to try :) :) 

I hope this review was not to lengthy for you but i needed to get everything in on one post as this is after all a Limited Edition and you only have a certain amount of time to get these :) 
I hope you are all well 
Until Next time 
Take Care 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Girlwiththeskew-earring said...

I love, love, love the eyeshadow pencils too! I am coing back to get the green one and extra's of the Blue and the gold cos they are that good! Nice review Nina!

molly96 said...

great post!!
really want catrice and essence in the UK!

Let me know when you're interested in doing the beauty swap we were discussing:) :D

dela belle k said...

wow I love these colors especially that green polish!

Kellina's Thoughts said...

love the shades in this collection!

I especially like the nail polishes!

makeupbysaz said...

the eyeshadow pens looks awesome :)and im loving that red! congrats on your 2ooth post :) xx

Nina said...

Thanks so much everyone for your comment and thanks sarah for your congrat i cant believe i have 200 blog posts done its crazy :) :)

Mary Lindsey said...

These colors are gorgeous. :)

-Mary @

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