Sunday, 5 August 2012

BH Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner review :)

Hey my beauties How are you all doing today?
At this stage you all probably know i am a big fan of BH Cosmetics.  I have really started to build up a good collections of items from 
I love every last item i got so i decided to go for a change and not purchase any palettes this time and to try out these Gel Eyeliners in which i havent really seen that many reviews about.  I often wondered what they were like as the colours looked amazing.  There are 19 different shade YES YOU DID SEE RIGHT A WHOLE 19 SHADES i think that is the first time i seen such a huge collection of gel liners from one brand :) Each Gel eyeliner costs $7.95 but there is always sales on BH Cosmetics and the Gel Liners are currently selling for $5.33 each at 33% off in which i got over a month ago :) :) 
I was so spoilt for choice i actually could not decided on what shades i wanted, it actually took me a day to decide (i know i know im so bad) but the colours all looked amazing 
So finally i ended up just picking 3 shades (for now) to try them out 
The Packaging is Fairly straight forward what i love is that the container holding they eye-liner is glass :) and when you open the lid you get a protective cover over it love that :) You are getting 3g of product which is amazing for the value.  You can see each shade underneath which is quite handy if you have a few of these in your collection and you are in a hurry to get makeup done I hate having to open multiple gel liners to get the right shade i want as everytime you open them you are letting bacteria in.  
I had my eye on the shade "night" but when i went to buy the shade it said sold out.  It looks amazing i am determined to get it next time I shop. 
So as you can see i got three shades 
Onyx is your typical Black Shade i actually wasnt going to pick a black because i have enough black eyeliners but one more to the collection will not hurt and i have to say it is a great jet black shade 

Lake oh wow wow wow is this shade fabulous This is a beautiful forest green shade with golden shimmer oh girlies if you want to make your eyes pop this is beautiful on the lower lash line and i have actually used this as a base for my eyeshadows :) i love it 

Storm This is a beautiful dark purple and its matte i use this on days i dont want to use black eyeliners and of course i love it as its my favourite colour its amazing :) 
These eyeliners are pretty darn good if you ask me.  They are so creamy and dont need any work in applying them.  There is no fear of them drying out too quick.  I found they lasted all day and stayed as vibrant as they did when i first applied them.  They are by no means waterproof but they are smudge proof :)  If you want to use them as a base i recommend using a primer for them as they will crease otherwise.  They are even suitable for people who suffer with sensitive eyes 
I highly recommend you try these and have a look at all the shades they have its amazing :) I cant wait to stock up on more shades
& when i do i will of course share with all of you :) 

Have you tried these out?
Well until next time 
Take Care 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


♥ Sara || Pretty In Pink || Beauty || Fashion || Music || UK ♥ said...

Storm is very cute, shame I've never seen this in the UK

Nina said...

hey hunny these are available online

Sugar And Smile said...

Wow the lake shade looks amazing!! I've never looked at anything by this brand but will definitely be taking a look now :) x

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