Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The Handmade Soap Company Lip Balms

Hey my beauties how are you all doing today.  
Im sitting here with a nice cuppa tea (Lyons Tea mmmm my favourite) Enjoying listening to my kiddies playing outside in the sunshine at long last.  We in Ireland have been pretty unfortunate with good weather this summer so any bit of sunshine has been a real treat to us.  Instead of sitting out in it myself i have dinner cooking and writing this blog post but thats dedication for you eh?
Well this blog post is going to be one of many as lately i have been really interested in what Ireland has to offer when it comes to beauty products etc.  I have to admit i have been neglecting my country when it comes to our own products.  I think when you live in a country you tend to fall into the trap of wanting products from other countries simply because you cant get or have them and you will do everything you can to try and get them and do research on them.  To be honest Irish brands and products and food can tend to be a little more expensive than other countries and i think maybe thats why its been ignored .  Anyhuuuu the whole point is that i have made a packed with myself that at least once a month i will try and buy an Irish brand product and review it as we have as much to offer as other countries and it should be broadcasted more :) :) 
So my first Irish product Is 2 Lip Balms from The Handmade Soap Company 
The Company is based in Kells Co Meath Ireland and was founded in 2009 by a Mr Donagh Quigley who thought of the idea of handmade soap because he was suffering from a skin condition called psoriasis he came across a market in Australia who made and sold their own homemade soaps and found a soap that helped the psoriasis, this is where he came up with the idea of starting up his own Handmade soap company in Ireland with alot of researching testing etc his company has to date become a success. 
So on with the review :) 
I decided to go for these Lip Balms first to try out because i heard from a few Bloggers like Beautie.ie and Laura from Fitz and Bitz 
(two blogs i love to read) that they were good and I also noticed that they won an award for the Best Highstreet Lip Balm on the Tatler Magazine 2012 Beauty Awards :) 
So there was 3 different balms to choose from and I ended up picking these 2 because the other one was a choco mint scent and to be honest it didnt appeal to me as much as the others.  
They cost 4.50 euro each for 15g which in my eyes is very cheap :) This lip balm comes in a metal tin container somewhat like the Vaseline balm :) 
This is the one that won the Beauty awards and i can understand why to be honest as the Calendula oil is a anti-inflammatory and also an antiseptic so this is brilliant for sore lips for the winter time :) Its also good for those who suffer alot from sore lips all through the year :) This i think is my favourite as i love the orange scent from it and i am looking forward to using this in the winter as i do suffer badly with dry lips in the cold.  
Au Natural with Rosehip oil this is full of Vitamin A & E which is suppose to heal, repair and moisturise your lips.  This one is unscented but i do get a little waxy scent when applying but only if i really sniff it :) :) 
I love them both to be honest i have both of these in my handbag.  When i want something a litle scented on my lips i will go for the Calendula & Orange.  I find the formula is brilliant on these not like vaseline as that can be too soft at times.  This lip balm stays solid and you just get the right amount of products on your finger to apply on the lips if you want more you can build it.  I like that this leaves your lips looking super moisturised.  It feels amazing on the lips and i love using this just before i apply my matte lipsticks or even to apply a lip liner all over the lips i found since having this on the lips it leaves applying lip-liner alot easier.  
I would 100% choose this lip balm over Vaseline the fact that there is beeswax, shea butter and all the good stuff in them i can already feel my lips have felt better since using them 
I 100% recommend these to anyone.  
Just one thing i found when shopping for them is that some of them have very loose lids which means a total messy lip balm in the bottom of your bag if it falls off so make sure the lid is well tight before buying :) 

Have you tried this lip balm or any other product from the Handmade Company 
I have yet to try the soaps in which i will be purchasing one or two this week hopefully 
I Hope you enjoyed this review 
Until Next time 
Lots of Love Luck And Laughter 

P.S Remember at the beginning of this post I was telling you how sunny it was? Well half way through this post i had to get up run around and gather my twins up in each arm as it started to pour.  Now I mean the heavens opened and i got soaked to the skin i mean all i was missing was the shampoo lol and then came lightening and then the thunder awwwwwwwwwwww good auld Irish weather you gotta love it ( or not) 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

I have the mint one you didn't choose and really like it!

Nina said...

oh really hun is it nice :) :) is it very strong ?

FitznBitz said...

It's funny you mention the lids because one of mine is quite loose and 1 is quite hard to open!!!

Nina said...

yeah i found that some of them i couldnt open in the store they needed some good tugging before the lid came off but thankfully i got two with good lids :)

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