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Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Cream Eyeshadows

Hey there beautifuls :) 
Hope you are all good :) Any of you back to school this week??
3 out of my 5 kiddies are back to school :) :) They are really looking forward to it (for now) as they are getting bored and the weather in Ireland hasnt exactly been summery so less than half of their summer has been wearing wellies and jumping in puddles lol. 
Anyway todays review is on these Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadows I recently got and marked off my wishlist yeeeeee :) 
These eyeshadows have been on my list for a long time now actually since they came out but of course 9 times out of 10 Ireland is the last or one of the last to get new products in.  When they came out in Ireland i still to this day have not come across any because my are doesnt seem to be with the times lol I think they need good old reliable Nina to work in their stores to keep them up to date (only kidding).  
Ok so doing a little research to date i believe these cost $7-8 to buy separately and in Ireland about 7 euro each which is a little more than what i would normally spend on one eye-shadow and If i was buying these from a store that works out i would have paid about 70 euro for all 10 of these shades.  
The packaging is brilliant.  They come in Glass pots in which i love as i feel they will last longer and you are getting 4g of product so for the price its well worth paying for.  The lids as you can see is black with a clear visable label stating what shades each one is again I love this as it saves rooting through all of them to get the shade you want.  There is also 2 different finishes with these eyeshadows shimmer and matte.  So I will move on and show you the shade then tell you my overall opinion of them :) 
Dare to wear our longest-lasting shadow.
Our ink technology creates super-saturated color.
Cream gel smoothes on for vibrant color that does not fade.  Lets see shall we :) 

25 Bad to the Bronze 
First up is Bad To The Bronze:  This is one of my favourites I just love the shade Of course anyone who likes neutral shade will love this too :)  I have actually been wearing this shade alot more than the rest as its the perfect everyday shade.  Now when they named this little beauty Bad to the Bronze they really did mean Bronze it as its a beautiful taupe shade with a bronze metallic finish.  It looks fantastic on its own or with eyeshadow on top.  This is going to last me a long long time as its extremely pigment and a little goes a long way.  
10 Fierce & Tangy
Fierce & Tangy:  A very pigmented Tangerine shade.  Ha Ha I love the name of this because that is exactly what it is :) This is a perfect shade for autumn coming in.  This is 100% matte and extremely pigmented.  Its soft and creamy and a pleasure to blend out.  This is for sure a buildable shade so there is no fear of over doing the orangey shade on your eyes this looks stunning on its own with a very dark black winged liner or with different shades of brown.  I love it and im sure it would look stunning on anyone with brown eyes especially :) 

30 Pomegranate Punk 
Pomegranate Punk:  Awwww another of my favourites :)  Just looking at this shade in its pot makes me smile :)  This is a beautiful burgundy with tiny silver shimmers.  Its so creamy and soft and again a pleasure to work with.  This shade looks amazing on its own and really makes my hazel eyes pop.  Stunning Stunning Stunning !!!!!

15 Audacious Asphalt
Audacious Asphalt:  Wow what a name I cant even pronounce it lol.  This is is a lovely charcoal shade with silver silver and i noticed a little brownish undertone to it.  This too is quite soft and creamy and easy to work with its surprisingly sheer at first but it is build able and a fantastic shade to use with to create a smokey eye :) 

40 Tenacious Teal 
Tenacious Teal:  A fantastic shade a medium teal blue with silver shimmer.  i am not one who really goes for blues as i feel it clashes with my eye colour but I have used this for a pop of colour on my lower lashline and it looks stunning :) A fun shade to play around with and very pigmented :) 

05 Too Cool 
Too Cool:  This is a Metallic cool white shade with shimmer.  Now this i have found different to the above shades.  I found this less pigmented and a little harder to blend it sort of swatches and applies patchy but it is buildable again.  This is perfect for the inner corners of your eyes or as a base for your eyeshadows to give them a good boost :) 
50 Edgy Emerald 
Edgy Emerald:  Oh don't get me started on this shade isn't it the most beautiful shade :) The name emerald I wouldn't have chosen for this eyeshadow, what I would have chosen would be something like "Under the sea" or something like that as this is more sea green with silver shimmer.  This i found to be extra shimmery to the rest but still stunning to wear.  This has to be built up as when first applied is a little on the sheer side but build up beautifully :) :) 
45 Bold Gold
Bold Gold:  This is such a handy shade to have in the collection.  Its a medium toned gold and quite shimmery.  It can be worn on its own or with various eyeshadows :)  This is a great base too especially for black eyeshadow as it makes a great look.  The fact that this is shimmery very shimmery it makes it harder to blend now dont get me wrong its a dream to blend but compared to the rest it take a little more work :) 
35 Tough as Taupe 
Tough as Taupe:  Another matte shade which i love.  This is a true taupe with greyish undertones in the pot but when applied its more like grey with taupe undertones :)  This is very highly pigmented and you really only need a tad to do each eye be careful not to over do it as once it hits your eye you literally on have a couple of seconds to fix it up before it dries completely.  I love this all over the lid on its own or using it on the outter corner or a base or even in the crease such a great eyeshadow to have i love it :) 
20 Painted Purple
Painted Purple:  A violet shade with shimmer.  Now this one i heard bad reviews about and to be honest i certainly wasnt excited about trying it out because of that.  That says alot for me as you know i love purples.  So i gave this little beauty a shot and yes its less pigmented than you would think looking in the pot.  It doesnt feel as creamy as the rest of them in fact it feels more water based in a way which makes it very sheer to apply.  I found at first this spread unevenly.  when i tried applying eyeshadow on top of it the eyeshadow appeared uneven.  It is not impossible to work with this shade you just have to make extra time to enjoy with one in particular its a fantastic shade and i love it but disappointed with the way it turned out and more surprised as i cant see why this one is different in consistency to the rest.  You will see in the photo below how patchy it applies and i tried my best to even it out on the swatch but there was no go. 

My experience with these eyeshadows has been nothing but pleasant.  Maybelline surely done well with these.  I found even without a primer these cream shadows lasted literally all day long until i took them off with even a smudge or crease.  Even using these as an eyeliner is brilliant as you have no fear of it move whatsoever.  I think the longest I have worn these is about 11 hours so i havent yet put them to the 24hr test hmmmmmm now to be honest who would wear makeup for 24 hours.  I will and do plan to wear these for that long just for the ultimate test and i will surely update you on how i get on soon :) 
I Also love how Maybelline thought out these colours.  Like they have everything from highlights to neutrals to dramatic bright shades something for everyone all in 10 shades :) :) I find it much easier to apply these with my finger but if using these on clients i could imagine you could use a smudge brush or any brush that has good stiffness but what i do advise to you all is when you are applying these start with as little product as you can as they are very pigmented then just work it to as strong as you want.  After all these do dry very quick.  I give them 10/10 for sure and i highly recommend them to everyone to try you wont be disappointed :) :) 
Have you got any of these yet if so which ones and what is your views on them :) 
Until Next Time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

Wow the colour of these are just beautiful! Shamefully never used one, love the look of Pomegranate Punk!

Emilyx0- Irish beauty blog said...

Pomegranate punk looks gorgeous! Really similar to Cranberry by MAC!

Emily x


FatNfab said...

I love those! Especially the teal and pomegranate! Thanks again for linking to a realiable genuine seller, it is so hard to find someone who dont sell counterfeit on ebay - im watching a ton of her stuff as we speak!

shelley83 said...

Ooohhh I'm in love!! Ive already got in contact with the eBay seller & just waiting on reply now so my credit card doesn't dislike me yet!!

Nina said...

Makeupmonster Pomegranate is my fav i love it
Emily oh really i didnt know that :) :) Thanks for your comment :)
FatNfabNo problem hunny as you can see by the photos everything i have bought so far from her has been sealed and unbroken :) She is brilliant :)

LipJunkie101 said...

I recently got these in Bad to the Bronze, and Tough As Taupe. Here in the US they are alwyas sold out where I live. After seeing these beautiful swatches I also want to get Pomegranate Punk and Audacious Asphalt too. Gr8 post n thanks for the swatches. BTW I tagged you on my blog for the $20 makeup challenge, I hope you'll do it :) xo

Shellia89 said...

Hi just found out your blog. Nice job with the swatches as it really shows how great the shadows are. Really love with teal, pomegranate and too cool! you make me fall in love with them!


GrowItGirl Tikilon said...

The fierce and tangy caught my eye. I'm going to have to pick that one up. Stopping by through the blog hop

Nina s said...

Growitgirl tikilon hunny thanks for stopping by Fierce and Tangy would look AWWWWWW-some on you :)

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