Sunday, 2 September 2012

Loreal Infallible Eyeshadow Collection :)

Hey my Beauties I hope you are all well :) 
So Its Back to school time for some of you how are you all getting on so far :) 
My kiddies have been back for two days now and are happy so far until they start getting homework lol then the complaints will start :) 
Anyways today's post is showing you my Little Loreal Infallible Eyeshadow collection 
Now the top 9 shade i got about 3 weeks ago and the bottom three i have had for much longer especially the last one :) 
Some of these eyeshadows are from older collections but all of them of course are still available to purchase.  I recently purchased the 9 additional shades from the same seller I got the Maybelline Color Tattoo's & Revlon Just Bitten Lip Balm Stains her link is on my two recent blog posts.  I got yet another amazing amazing deal from her 
L’Oréal Paris unveils its latest eye shadow. Ultra-intense colour, up to 24 hour long-lasting hold and velvety soft feel. At the heart of the revolution: a hybrid powder texture, a luxuriously creamy eye shadow. Intense colour in just a stroke. The formula is both water resistant and smudge resistant and does not run into fine lines around the eyes 
I have always always wanted to try these because the first time i heard about these was watching YouTube tutorials and i first seen them watching Pixiwoo.  They stated that they were amazing and that had me sold as i trust their word since then i watched more an more videos and noticed these eyeshadows getting more and more popular.  They were not available here at the time so i jumped onto Ebay and bought my first Loreal Infallible Eyeshadow which was the last picture "Burning Black" I instantly fell in love.  I actually do not know why it took me so long to stock up on more of these little beauties but better now than never eh?

The eyeshadows come in a plastic pot.  The plastic pot is clear so you can easily see the shade and it comes with a silver lid.  When you unscrew the lid there is a plastic covering the you can pick out each time you want to use it (love that idea as it keeps the eyeshadow hygienic) You are getting 3.5g of product in each pot and they cost around $7-8 give or take.  I also think they cost about 7-8 euro each here in Ireland.  
I will be showing you this years 6 new shades that were released in around June :) :) in this collection
First of all i will show you shades and then talk a little more about them :) 
So First up 
Endless Sea:  This is one of the newer shade out this was released in June 2012 in America and When i seen this shade i had to have it :)  Oh my goodness when i seen this in its pot with the sun shining on top of it I was in total awwwwwww.  I could get a glimps of green, blue & gold in this shadow.  When applied its more Aqua with obviously shimmer :) :) I love this eyeshadow its a great pop of colour :) I found this absolutely fantastic to apply and very very pigmented. 
Golden Emerald: Released June 2012:  Oh the moment I seen this i knew i was definitely going to be wearing this on Paddy's day its the perfect green :) :) (but thats not until next March lol i like to think ahead) This is a fantastic Mossy green with golden shimmer just look at the photo and how it glistens in the sun :) I love it :)   I found this didnt last as long on my eyelids as i would have liked it to i noticed it started fading a little half way through the day so when i applied it another day I used a primer and that made it stay put all day long without a movement.  I think maybe thats because its a little on the drier side than some on the eyeshadows but its still a favourite of mine 100% 
Continuous Cocoa:  This is a little older in the collection but amazingly pigmented.  This is a more black brown shade and also verges towards been matte.  Now what i mean by verges toward matte is that there is a tad sheen to it which makes it look like it has tiny specks of glitter only in the sunshine as you will see in the photo. Wow a little of this goes a long long way and i love how extra creamy it is which makes it all the more easier to blend and get it looking a-ok before it sets on the eye.  
Bronzed Taupe:  Another older shade to the collection not much older.  The name speaks for itself :) This is a Medium taupe with golden shimmer which leaves a more metallic finish.  Love it!!!! Its cream smooth so easy to apply and I love it :) :) 
Next up :) 
Smoldering Plum:  Released June 2012  Pretty Pretty Pretty Purple :) This is a beautiful Plum shade with burgundy/ reddish shimmer.  It also has a black undertone which is what make it look dark :)  This is perfect for wearing on a night out for a quick and simple smokey eye or as a liner :) I Love this one :) This is actually very familiar to "Burning Black" in which you will see further on in this post as "Burning Black" was my very first one to buy :) 
Bottomless Java:  Another of the Newest Shades released in 2012 :)  Ok I have to admit i dont the whole "Judging a book by its cover thing" with this eyeshadow.  When i first saw this in person i thought OMG its looks a dirty rusty looking brown :( But when i actually applied it on the eyes wow did this amaze me it drew out the colour of my eyes so much which i love.  This a actually a nice Chocolate brown with golden shimmer.  I really like how this shade surprised me :) :) 
Liquid Diamond:  Another of this years new shades in June 2012 :)  Now this is surely not your average silver eyeshadow.  It looks it in the pot but when swatched its like a "whole new world" :) This is a grey silver shade with purple undertones its sort of has that purply sheen to it in the sun which make this shade even more unique. This little beauty certainly is sparkly.  
Perpetual Purple:  Oh well now Ladies and Gents I just could not and would not pass this shade.  Oh lordy lord is this a fantastic shade to look at :) :) This is another older shade but i was drawn to it of course purple been my favourite colour :)  This is a rich violet shade with little red shimmer bits.  I love wearing this wet.  Oh its fantastic when applied wet and you could get away with just wearing this for a night time look as its so intense.  When you apply it dry which i had done today it wasnt as intense and i actually found it fading after 4 hours of wear.  Admittedly i did not apply a primer as i thought it would be intense enough and i didnt want to go too crazy for just going up town but was very surprised to see it wearing off so quick.  I will update you on how it is with a primer soon 
The Last four is...
Glistening Garnet:  Another new release of June 2012.... This is a lovely fuchsia pink.  This finish is more frosty.  I have always been not scared but cautious about this sort of shade on me as I feel it makes me look like I got punched in the eye you know the way a black eye turns when it starts to fade away?  especially if its worn on its own lol But i have learned to use this shade properly through watching some amazing talented people on YouTube and it looks really really well especially with darker shade such as a dark chocolate brown.  I think once you play around with shades your more scared of you will actually learn to love them.  Its still not one of my favourites but I do like playing around with it :) 
Endless Pearl:  This is one of the older shades in the collection...We Finally have a true matte in this collection and here it is :)  As you can see its a nice cream shade.  I actually found this lovely to wear on my no make up days.  Days i just dont want to bother with eyeshadows but want to cover my discoloured eyelids and just wear eyeliner.  I have found this one in particular a little chalkier for some reason.  I dont know if its the fact its an older shade or if all "Endless pearls" are like this but its more dried up.  I can still work with it and i found it did last all day long.  I will surely be wearing this little beauty today to wake up my tired big eyes.  Lordy people do say to me im blessed to have big eyes but when im tired i dont feel so blessed because you notice my tiredness quicker lol :) :) This is surely one eyeshadow you wont regret buying :) 
Amber Rush:  I actually got this in a blog sale for around $3 it was only swatched by the owner so i said hey i will take it :) I was told that this shade was part of the Spring collection this year so it isn't that old :)  This is a nice coppery bronzy shade and as you can see gives a metallic finish.  Wow the minute i swatched it i could see on my finger it was metallic.  This shade will be perfect for autumn paired off with greens or browns it looks brilliant with :) The consistency of this shade is so creamy and blends so easily.  
Burning Black:   This is that shade thats  similar to "Smoldering Plum" :)  This is more of a blackened Burgundy I have loved this shade since i first got it :) its amazing for anyone but i find my hazel eyes stand out amazingly when i wear this shade.   This is so creamy and so easy to work with i love love love it :) :) I will show you a picture of Smoldering Plum and Burning Black beside each other to show you how alike they are :) 
Overall these eyeshadows are we worth playing around with.  Especially if you like frosty or metallic eyeshadows :)  They are very handy for quick and simple eye looks or if you were in a hurry in the mornings a quick swipe of one of these shades on your eyes and off you go.  Some of these eyeshadows i found that were a little drier in consistency had a little fall out but not they type to ruin your foundation.  With most of them i found they are so easy to work with and so easy to blend.  I love the idea of cream-powder shadows and they certainly feel like that.  When I swatch it first if feels cream and soft but then when i rub my fingers together it peels like its drying out and powdery.  Lasting power on these i dont think they would last 24 hours in my opinion not like the Maybelline color tattoo eye shadows as some of them i noticed without a primer starting to fade half way through the day but with a primer they are surely to last until you take them off.  The Pigmentation is outstanding and i find these eyeshadow will last you for a long long time so every penny spend is worth it :) 
Bottom line no they do not top off my Maybelline color Tattoo's but they have impressed me enough to buy more if they ever bring out new shades :) 

Right I think i am finally finish wow i hope with these super long post i didn't make you fall asleep lol.  Have you ever tried these if so what shades have you got? What is your Fav? and what do you think of them :) 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 


I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Raspberrykiss said...

Glistening Garnet looks so lovely! xoxoxo

LadyZet a Nikavero said...

Great article! All eyeshadows look stunning, I can not decide which one to buy :D

FatNfab said...

Girl, youre going to make me go broke with all these amazing things!

Karen said...

Fantastic post missus! I want the dark red ones, they're gorgeous! Am on a spending ban so maybe next month ;)

Nina said...

Raspberrykiss It is beautiful :)
LadyZet They are all stunning simply go for you favourite shade and work from there :)
FatNfab awwww im sorry hunny but the last few post are indeed amazing items that everyone should try and will love
Karen Awww thanks so much hunny yeah they will still be around next month lol let me know if you get any :)

ArtDonatella said...

Whoa, fantastic shades, I need them all! I also appreciate the clean swatches you took there :) xx

Adel said...

Hi, Nina. thank you for providing nice swatches. the colors look so intense. i have been wanting to get those eyeshadows :)

Nina said...

ArtDonatella awww hunny thanks so much for your comment i really appreciate it :)
Adel They are reall great eyeshadows since i got my new shades i have to admit my eyeshadow palettes have barely been touched i have been using these everyday :) they are so so handy

Bose Allen said...

I love how you review all of them :) Awesome blog x

Nina said...

Thank you Bose Allen And thanks so much for pressing the follow button i hope you enjoy reading my blog posts

Alisha said...

Hi Nina. Loving the colours. What 2 colours would you recommended for someone with blue eyes, and medium brown hair.


Nina said...

Alisha Hunny with your eyes anything from copper, browns, bronzes, to light purple, greys,or even fuchsia would look fab hope this helps you

Simone G said...

Oh my sweet GOD!!! Nina what are you doing to me! I need all of them!

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