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The Body Needs Mac Lipstick Samples Review

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Boy is the weather changing for the first time in 6 months I have actually lit the fire this evening.  I could actually feel my poor ears were actually sore today because of the cold wind :( 
Anyways hopefully it will change a little in the next few days :) 
Following up on my last review of The Fabulous Crush Pots from The Body Needs, today i am reviewing the Mac Lipstick Samples i also got with that order.   
The reason I went for Mac lipstick sample was because to be honest i find mac lipsticks to be expensive and i feel its a huge risk buying a lipstick for that price and it ending up been the wrong shade for you I would really really hate that.  I also have had a taste of what Mac Lipsticks are like and how they feel and i have to day I like them.  Of course i am a bargain hunter and i love drugstore makeup more than anything but if there ever was a time i wanted to splurge on a Mac Lippie at least i will know by having these samples what they look like and what suits me.  
Now obviously there is ALOT more shades of lipsticks by Mac but i picked some of the most hyped shades out there just to see if they are my shades
So you can get these samples for $3.79 each and there is over 120 shades of the real Mac lipsticks to choose from 
For that price you are getting a .5g sample in a slimline lipstick tube.
The base of the tube is filled with clear lipstick base to prevent waste of MAC product in the twist mechanism.
Tubes are labeled with product name and are guaranteed authentic.
So i got these at a cheap price because there was 40% off everything on that site when i got them.  Otherwise i wouldnt have got as many :)   
Anyways i think i cleared that up now on with the shades :) :) :)
I chose 6 samples 4 of which i have always wanted to try out and heard so so much about.  The other 2 i just liked the look of. 
Mac sheen Supreme Lipstick in Blossom Culture ( comes in a long slim black packaging a lipstick range released about a year ago) :  Now this i havent heard much about.   This is described as a soft pink with pearl. This shade is from the permanent range which is a bonus so if you like the look of it you can easily get it. 
To me this shade is on the rosy side of pink.  I found this to be quite good with pigment but to be honest if i did not conceal my lips i wouldnt find too much pigmentation from this lipstick.  This shade is perfect for an everyday wear.  Its vanilla scent is not at all over powering and i find it wears off after a while.  I found this lasted on my lips for about 5 hours.  To be honest in my opinion this lipstick did not WOW me I didnt feel like i should go out there and get this which says alot but it is still a beautiful lipstick.  
Next up:
Mac Cremesheen Lipstick in Creme Cup:   Ok you all have heard about this im sure i know i have seen many reviews and many youtube videos with this mentioned in it but i had to try it out for myself :).  This is definately a blue toned pink which i was actually concerned about as i find sometime blue toned lipsticks dont actually suit me but that's just my own opinion.  As i am new to mac lipsticks in particular when i first applied this I had a total different opinion to it.  At first when i applied this i was amazed how heavily it applied as its so pigmented and creamy but when on my lips it felt sort of dry and i also found it to sink into my lines a little it didnt feel right so what i done the next time was applied a lip balm on before i done my makeup and wiped off the excess oils before applying and it made a huge difference.  So word of advice when it comes to the Mac Cremesheen collection....make sure you ex-foliate and moisturise your lips before usage.  Now i found this a very strong baby pink shade when applied heavy but applied lightly its fantastic i love it and its definitely one i would purchase in the future.  This is perfect for fair to medium skin tones also :) :) 
Mac Lipstick in Hue:  A Soft pale pinky nude.  This is yet another hugely raved lipstick which i was also a bit hmmmmm about.  Yes it looks fantastic on the likes of Kim Kardashian and all of those celebrities but would it actually make me look dead that was the question.  I have seen lots and lots of reviews pictures and even youtube videos with this on the person and i thought wow it looks amazing a perfect lipstick for everyday and with a smokey eye the perfect nude in other words.  So This is from the glaze collection as you all probably know.  
This is sheer but buildable and to be honest I Love it Its creamy but not as cream as the cremesheen collection so its more semi-opaque.  
Mac Cremesheen Lipstick in Shy Girl:  A Creamy neutral coral beige.  This is one of the lipsticks i really wanted to try out and very nearly bought but wasnt sure if it was the right shade now i know what its like Its on my wishlist for sure :).  Its a perfect shade to wear with a smokey eye and also to wear everyday.  I love it :) :) This is so perfect even for anyone who is fair skinned 
Mac Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Full Speed:  I am well impressed with the pigmentation of this little beauty.  This swatch is only one little light swipe :) you can even see how creamy it is in the photo.  This is a very pretty coral pink shade with tiny tiny specks of gold micro shimmers :) I showed you a heavy swatch and will show you a light swatch on my lips.  I love this shade its compliments my skin tone :) the only thing is its drying.  Its moist going on but once soaked in it dries so lip balm before it ladies :) 
& Lastly 
Mac Lipstick in Angel:  This is a frost lipstick which normally i wouldn't go for but to be honest its not like normal drugstore frost lippies and thats for sure.  This is a soft pink shade.  To be honest this shade has been on my wishlist for so so long this and Nars Turkish Delight.  These 2 are supposed to be amazing together and this is one of the duos Kim Kardashian loves to wear and i have to say looks incredible on her.  So the lipstick itself has for sure impressed me even more to the point that this is going to be the first I will buy :) :) I love it.  
So that is the last of the Mac samples i got.  To be honest i am well impressed with Angel i love it and surely will buy it for my collection another of my favourites is Shy girl :)  
There is another reason i got these samples along with my order :)  I have come to the conclusion that been subscribed to GlossyBox is going to come to a hault for 2 reasons:

1.  I have found that the samples i have been getting almost half of them is not been used and i must have a box full upstairs in my room that i havent even looked at yet WHAT A WASTE 
2.  15 euro is alot of money and to be honest I find that im not as excited about the glossybox as i used to.  Like i used to meet the postman at the gate for my box now i could put it on the table and not even open it until the next day which says alot.  Now its not saying anything bad about glossybox but I have been thinking i would much rather spend the 15 euro buying a few Mac Lipsticks than getting a box full of samples and you know what that's exactly what i am going to do :) :) plus i would really like to get a few Mac eyeshadows aswell :) 

So that's it everyone that's my review on these samples and i thank The Body Needs for coming up with this idea of doing Mac Samples because its a great way of trying the product without loosing out on so much money.  To be honest because of the samples I would safely say that the Mac sheen supreme lipstick wouldn't be ones i would buy full sized mainly because the lasting power isn't exactly great and there are drug store lipstick out there that are better. 
Have you a favourite Mac Lipstick?  Have you any suggestions in what shades i should try next?
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Beauty Fiend said...

This is so clever. I didn't even know you could get Mac samples!
Beauty Fiends Blog

Thrifty Girl Loves said...

This is fab, I hate buying lipsticks or products that aren't right. I bought a Mac lippy off a lovely lady in the shade brave and I've lusted after it for ages! But I don't think the shade suits me boo!

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