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Essence TE Cherry Blossom Girl Review

Well hello there my beauties :) 
I hope you are all well.  1st of all can i just take this chance to say WELCOME to my latest new followers/friends thanks so much for clicking that follow button and I really hope you enjoy reading my blog xxxxxxxxxx and thanks so much to my current followers/friends for sticking around you guys are amazing and brilliant and i love you all so much for the comments and kinds words you give me all the time i am blessed to have you all in my life (ok mushy time over :)
As you know already I'm a sucker for Limited Editions and I love the way Essence & Catrice comes out with very regular limited editions.  
Its that time again for Essence and they have come out with The Cherry Blossom Girl Edition for Autumn 2012 :) 
konnichiwa asian beauty girls! in september 2012,essence whisks you away to the far east with the trend edition “cherry blossom girl”. the color theme of this trend edition unites soft cherry blossom shades with strong red, bright yellow and cool black. the absolute it-piece: elaborately designed paper eyelashes that create a fabulous asia-look with a true wow-effect when combined with expressive eyeliner, intense red lips and softly shimmering skin!
So when this edition arrived in my local pharmacy all i could see what bright shades and beautiful products to select from.  Like i said before i only went for the shades and the items i would use rather than get all and not use half of them but i got at least one or two shades of everything so apart from the shades the products will be the same at least.  
So starting off with 
Well I have to admit i have a special place in my heart for the Essence Quattro Eyeshadows.  They are super cheap and are amazingly pigmented not only that they are great for beginners because the shades in the quad all create a brilliant eye look.  There is only one of these available in the Limited edition called 01 Dreaming under a Cherry Tree
Doesnt it look so pretty.  
In this palette obviously there is 4 shades 
On the site its says you are getting a red but i dont see any red here 
you are getting a nice mix of peaches and oranges and also neutral shades :) :) 
These eyeshadows are really nice and creamy i found the lightest shade which is the 2nd from the top a little on the chalky side and is very light.  Apart from that this palette works well and you can build the colours up to what ever strength you desire.  
They are not shimmery but do give a lovely semi metallic finish :) 
You will need a primer underneath to make this last all day long other wise you will notice the shadows wearing off after 5 hours.  This is not as pigmented as some of the other quattro eyeshadows i have but i still like it :) 
Pretty isnt it :)  Awwww i just had to buy this little beauty just look at the shades :) :) 
The print of the cherry blossom is stunning see i have a thing for Cherry blossom tree's its my favourite tree in this whole world :) :) Its stunning to look at and if i had acres of land id have a huge walkway it cherry blossoms on each side the whole way down the walk way (oh im sorry i went a bit on the ahem dream land again :)
Your getting 2 stunning shades of peach one dark and one very light almost like a highlight shade :)  This is suppose to create a beautiful natural rosy glow and i have to say it certainly does 
The only thing i found with this blush is that it was very sheer to swatch but it is buildable.  When used together the colour is not as pigmented but i tend to go for the darker side for the blush and the lighter side for a highlight :)  I love this :) :) 
Lipstick Pencils these come in 2 shades and i decided on getting the 2 as i have to admit i had higher expectations for these than i care to admit :)  I was super excited about trying these in particular .   These are suppose to give a Matte velvet finish and a big must have according to essence.  
As you can see the packaging is pretty straight forward its a chubby pencil with a lid. (as i said pretty straight forward lol) 
Cherry Cherry Girl is a pretty vibrant coral shade 
It's Peach not Cherry is a peach with orange undertones 
Awww i was so so disappointed with these 2 which is a pity because they are so creamy, so pigmented and so easy to apply.  Their scent is also quite nice its a very faint vanilla scent which doesnt last too long on the lips.  
So why was i disappointed
Aww from the minute i applied these to my lips i hated them.  The lip product soaked into ever line on my lips.  It looked horrible on my lips (like the way oil hits water) it looked lumpy mucky ewwwwww.  So i thought hmmm maybe i need to exfoliate my lips and maybe apply a lip balm a good 10 minutes before.  Tried that and still no difference.  I even tried applying the lightest coat i could but it just wouldnt sit on my lips.  
I did very very best to get a good photo swatch of each on my lips to show you even what the shade is like for each but you will see that the colour even with lip balm under it soaked right into my lines 
The minute I had this photo taken i pressed my lips together and the lip product looked like a mess on my lips.  Not a bit impressed i know they only cost less than 2 euro and i wouldnt have minded if they only lasted an hour on my lips but the fact that you cant even apply them right to enjoy them even for an hour is a bit crazy 
so marks out of 10 .........a big fat O
Well now you all know i love essence nail polish the fact that they are under 2 euro each they are amazing for the price and have so many shades to choose from.  There are 4 shades to choose from in this Limited Edition.  I only chose 2 as i have so many polishes as it is and these 2 shades called out to me more.  
I was actually amazed by these nail polishes in particular.  I mean 2 thin coats and you are done.  The consistency is a little thicker than the permanent range which is brilliant as these polishes are going to last alot longer.  
The 2 shades i got was 
Cherry Cherry Girl which is a love coral with red undertones very bright and beautiful :) 
It's Peach not Cherry:  This is beautiful you are getting a lovely peach with an orangey undertone to it :) I have never owned any shade like this before and I am loving it :) 
One piece of advice especially to all of you Essences nail polish lovers.  Only apply light coats with these as it is thicker than the normal polishes from Essence but not hard to apply do not worry :) 
Next up is the Cherry Blossom Girl Highlighter Pen which according to Essence gives the area around your eyes the natural radiance of an asian beauty.
It comes in a sleek black plastic twistable pen with a little brush applicator.  Now one thing i noticed is you have to give it a good twist before any product comes out.  
The Product itself is actually quite thick so a little of this will go a long long way :) As you can see there is a little tint of pink and quite a bit of shimmer on it.  It blends out beautifully and feels really soft on the skin. 
I like to use this on top of my cheekbones, maybe a little under the brow and maybe a little on the inner corner or my eyes its very pretty and I'm glad I have it in my collection :) 
For less than 3 euro its definitely worth buying and trying 
If you are not one who likes shimmer on your face maybe leave this out but its not the type of shimmer that makes you look like a disco ball :) 
Cherry Blossom Girl 2 in 1 Eyeliner comes in 2 shades 
01 Big in Japan (Pictured above) 
02 My little Kimono  (which is a dark brown)
Ok i was quite excited to try this out as i did have a look at the felt tips before i bought it and they looked promising already.  
The thin part looked very skinny perfect for anyone who needs and extra hand to get their line right :) This is also perfect for starting of your line on the inner 3rd of your eye 
The thicker side is great for finishing off the line on the outter corner of the eye or if you are one who likes a good thick line this is the part for you.  You can still achieve a thin like with the thick part also which is an extra bonus 
This black is a good dark black and looks amazing.  Its a semi-permanent formula.  I found even after taking my makeup off i could still see it very faintly on my eyes.  This liner will be perfect for nights out or long days of makeup wearing :) 
After alot of scrubbing with body wash and makeup remover you can still see the very faint lines on the arm.  :) 

So thats it everyone thats what I got from the Cherry Blossom Collection.  Now i do know there is two other items i did not purchase from this collection 
1 been the Shimmering body powder which did look lovely but i would not used as i have enough at home and 2 the eyelashes they are paper lashes and something i probably would not end up using.  
Overall i am pleased with this Limited Edition If i have to choose with what I am most happy with it would have to be the blush and the eyeliner.  
Have you tried any of these yet :) 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


NatalieDouka said...

Amazing post hun! I love the duo blush! Too bad for the lipstick pencils though, the colours look so pretty.

Sheri said...

This collection looks amazing!!
I hope they come out in Australia too :)

TinaWirely said...

The highlighter and liner look amazing! I hope they come out soon in Canada as well.

ABI said...

The blush and the highlighter look very pretty!!

New follower here :)

FallenSerendipity said...

I just picked up the brown eyeliner from Priceline here in Tasmania, so I'm sure they have arrived around the rest of Australia too!! The whole collection was there except for the shimmer highlighter, unfortunately :( But it was probably just sold out :)

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