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The Body Needs Crush Pot Pressed Eyeshadow Review

Hey My Gorgeous Readers how are you all doing today :) :) 
Thanks so much to everyone so far who has bought from my Blog Sale.  I am so glad that all these goodies are going to someone who will use them see the problem is i have too much of everything and it took me a while to finally give them up you know the way it is "I will use this eventually, oh i cant get rid of that its such a lovely colour, oh i love this even though you have 3 or 4 of the same one" lol but its got to the stage I felt bad and didn't want them going to waste :)  There is more to put up on my blog sale I just gotta get up and say "LET IT GO!!!" they should be up this week 
Anyway back to the review :) So about 4 months ago The Body Needs website was doing a big sale of 40% off everything and I took the Plunge to stock up of their Crush pots which i have seen a few reviews about.  For more information about the company check out their facebook page.  My all time favourite makeup artist/blogger Jansara  (I Love this girl love love love her she is amazingly talented just love her) in particular has done stunning looks with these eyeshadows and she states she loves them so that says alot.  
  • Each of these little beauties cost $3.79 each and are fitted into a 26 mm pan.  
  • This means they fit perfectly into a MAC Palette :) 
  • They are about 2g of product each
  • They are magnetic and will stick to any palette with a magnetic plate but if you were to place these in a MAC palette you will have to purchase the magnet separate in which you can get them here from the body needs website they only cost $1.99

So I went a little crazy on this offer and got 9 shades in total 
I was well impressed with how these arrived as you can see by the above photo they come in a plastic covering with each eyeshadow labelled at the bottom.  The best thing about this packaging is if you didn't have a palette to transfer them to you can simply leave them in these and just re-close them when your done using them.  
So let me show you these beautiful shades i bought before you burst lol 
This is available in pigment and crush pot.  So this is explained on the site as a Subdued Smokey Brownish Purple with Fuchsia Shimmer this was the first to my list for sure as i thought it would be a unique shade :)  
This is a fantastic shade i absolutely love it like what's not to love....... 
To Me I don't really see the brown in it.  Maybe the brown is the darkened undertone but to me that looks more black than brown.  
This shade is fantastic and you can certainly see the fuchsia shimmer which is so so tiny :)  This is silk, smooth and so so easy to work with.  Its very easy to blend and even looks fantastic as an eyeliner for a pop of colour I love it  Very highly pigmented :) 
This is available in Pigment, crush pot and an eyeliner from the site.  The Body needs Describes this shade as a deep black with teal shimmer and they are 100% on this oh my word this shade is fantastic and again very soft and creamy and so easy to blend a little goes a long way was you can imagine it is very very pigmented 
This is available in both pigment and pressed.  This is described as a deep black with turquoise shimmer.  Compared to Blackened teal you can see more black than teal whereas with this eyeshadow you can see more of the turquoise which i love love love.  This again is a fantastic eyeshadow to work with a little goes a long long way and its so easy to blend the shimmers in this is so tiny it makes the eyeshadow look more metallic.  
A Stunning shade without a doubt one of my favourites :) 
Available in pigment and crush pot.  This is explained to be a flat black matte.  You can imagine how excited i was to get this one :) :) hmmmmmm not so excited when i swatched it though :(  My expectations were a little high i think .  When swatched about 20 times over and over it does look jet black and matte but you really have to work hard to get colour payoff with this .  The only way is to use a damp brush.  Obviously the pigment will work better for this shade.  
This is available in pigment, crush pot and gel liner.  Described as a deep black with violet shimmer.  This is Fantastic but the only thing i found was that it was harder to work with than Blackened Teal and Blackened Turquoise as to having to tap on the product for the shade to appear.  Its not as hard to work with as Steal the Night.  You can build the colour up and with a good primer this is a fantastic shade :) 
This is available in pigment and crush pot.  Oh the excitement i got when i swatched this shade :) I am not really one who likes too much glitter in eyeshadows to be honest and this eyeshadow surely has glitter.  The glitter in this is fine but a little bigger than the rest of the shadows but believe me you dont feel it at all and the amazing thing is this is STUNNING I love this shade and the black is jet black 
This is available in a pigment and crush pot.  This is described as Deep Black with bronze shimmer and boy is it that oh you will love this shade its amazing.  This surely makes my hazel eyes stand out i will love using this especially for this season as its perfect for Autumn.  Again this is so soft and so pigment and most of all easy to work with Love it 
This is available in pigment, crush pot and gel liner :)  Deep Black with Emerald Shimmer.  Oh Saint Paddies day here I come hehehe i just had to get this shade just look at it :) :) Its stunning.   To be honest i fell in love with this shade before i even got it into my hands and i was hoping i wouldnt be disappointed when i did but i have to tell you I fell even more in love :)  The Emerald shimmer is so intense you barely see the black underneath :) brilliant as a shadow brilliant as an eyeliner :) 
This is available in pigment and crush pot.  This is a pure white and its matte :)  I was excited about this one as i dont have a pure matte white in my collection but sadly my excitement was dampened :( I am sure the pigment is very very pigmented but the crush pot was not for me.  I found it extremely hard to swatch it never mind using it .  The swatch did not even come up on my arm.  It felt like it was too pressed in on the pan I even tried scraping it and it still wouldn't work out for me.  
I decided with the swatches I would very lightly swatch the first one without primer to show you how pigmented they are.  Steal the night i had to swatch alot just to show up and Blanc just would not swatch for me :( 

Overall these are an absolute amazing buy.  For $3.75 which is about 3 euro each these i can honest compare to MAC eyeshadow .  They are just as pigmented, just as soft, just as pleasurable to use and of course last just as long.  I am loving the blackened collection and there is alot more to try out.  In all i will surely be buying more to build up on my collection.  I have placed these eyeshadows in one of my empty UNII Palettes i own which i love as they fit brilliantly in it :) 
These eyeshadows are also available in sample sizes so you can try before you buy.  I also got some Mac samples from the site mostly Mac Lipstick samples as i wanted to see what the lipsticks are like on me to have an idea because to be honest they are not cheap to buy and i thought it would be better knowing exactly which one would suit rather than buy the wrong shade a lose out.   Now i bet you are all wondering how much shipping is....well to be honest that depends on where you are and also how much but shipping started off for Ireland at $6.95 but it depends on how crazy you get shopping on the site lol :) 
Well thats it everyone.  Have you tried these eyeshadows yet? 
Whats your thoughts on these :) 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Grant said...

Nina, wonderful review, thank you so much! We are pleased you liked the colors/crush pots.

You are correct in your guess about Steal the Night and Blanc. The loose pigments are much more intense than the pressed. This happens often when pressing matte pigments.

C and I look forward to seeing your "looks" with these colors.

Thank you again!


Nina said...

Grant thanks a million for your comment
I Actually thought that with the mattes actually all matte eyeshadows are the same to be honest with any brand they are alot hard to blend with too
I will soon be getting more crush pots to add to my collection i love them :)

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