Sunday, 23 September 2012

MUA BB All in One Beauty Balm

Hey my beauties I hope you are all well :) 
Ok me and BB creams so far have not had a great relationship so far.  I only ever tried 2 BB creams in my life and both were very disappointing especially in the shade department as my face would come out look like one of Willy Wonka's oompa loompa's. 
In the summer though i was looking for something lighter than my foundation as even though the weather wasn't exactly our ideal summer, we did have days where the heat was nearly unbearable .  It would be clammy and heavy and not ideal for wearing foundation.  
So i was browsing the MUA Store one day and came across the BB cream and decided to give it a go as it did only cost £4.  I also remember coming across The Sunday Girls review about it and was chatting with her on twitter one day and she recommended that i try it.  
There was only 3 shades to choose from Light, Medium and Dark.  I went with medium as i thought Light would have been too light for me. 
I was very excited to try this out :) The packaging is a squeezable black tube which is small enough to carry in her travel/handbag.  You are getting 30 mls per tube for £4 which is reasonable for the price i have to say :) :) 
As i stated i got this in Medium as i am more Fair to medium and as i got a wee bit of colour in the summer (i don't know how) safely of course i was ranging more medium skin tone so i had everything crossed that this would not be too dark on me.  I would prefer it been a little too light than dark. 
So this is a swatch of it on my hand as you can see its a little lighter than my tanned hands but not too light.  This cream smells lovely it smells a little like moisturiser a very light scent.  
According to MUA this bb cream is supposed to prime, smooth and conceal.  Also as The Sunday Girl mentioned to me there is no SPF in it unlike some bb creams you get but hey that can be sorted with a little SPF of your own before hand.  
What I found with this while squeezing it out that it was like i had been using it for a while no product came out until i went 3/4 's way down the tube so just be cautious of that.  
In this photo you will see it blended out on my not so tanned (inside) arm :) you can see it does give a little colour to my poor pale arm.   
I mentioned before on facebook i sort of had a love/hate relationship with a particular product well this is the product. 
I first applied this bb cream on my face without a primer as i thought with it been quite thick and moisturising that i wouldn't need anything like that but i was wrong i was having a dry spell around the time i first tried it so i found it soaked into my dry lines and seem to highlight my dry patches around my mouth area.  
So the next time i applied it i applied my Catrice Prime and Fine Primer before and wow such a difference i loved the finish.  Apart from it been a little light for my i was pleased with how well it looked on my face.  With it been too light a little bronzer would sort that out.  
I found this extremely moisturising and feels really smooth on the skin.  If you are oily i will advise to have a compact or blotting paper with you throughout the day as it can get a little shiny after a few hours if you are oily.  I did find it a little greasier than a normal foundation i think that is why i wasn't sure about it at first but a little of this goes a long way and if you do use it lightly it doesn't look greasy.  

Does it conceal?  Yes i actually found this great to conceal my dark lids and dark circles like you could really get away with just wearing this and walking out the door without having to conceal anywhere.  I would have to say that this gives medium coverage for sure as it didn't entirely conceal my freckles but it did make them look less visible.  I also suffer with dark spots and this cream covered them up nicely.  I am going to show you a picture of just how much of a difference it makes with a before (oh god i hate the before pictures) and after pictures of the bb cream with a little bronzer all over does :) 
Over all i am very very pleased with MUA's BB cream and i would recommend it to everyone especially first time makeup wearers to try it out :) :) The best way to apply this is with your fingers i found.  I am now on my 2nd tube and this will be perfect for days I want to take a break from my foundation. 
You can buy online or in Superdrug 
So have you tried this BB's.  What's your Favourite BB Cream 
Until Next Time Take Care
Lots of Love Luck & Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Artemi said...

I just LOVE your reviews!! :)

Nina said...

Artemi Thanks so much hun you make my day with that comment :)

fluff and fripperies said...

Hey Nina! This looks lovely on you - I have tried lots of BBs and they can be very hit and miss. I love the Dior one but it's very expensive xo

Kerrie said...

I got a sample of the Maybelline BB (Dream Fresh 8 in 1) in light. My skin is dry/sensitive and loved it, have you tried that?

Nina said...

fluff and fripperies hunny i am the same even with foundation hunny ans thanks so much for the compliment oh wow Dior is expensive but i bet its amazing
Kerrie no i havent tried it yet hunny let me know how you get on :) :)

ABI said...

Thanks for the review!!:)

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