Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Revlon ColorStay 16 Hour Eye Shadow in Precocious, Adventurous and Seductive Swatches & Review

Hey my beauties :) 
Hope you are all well 
Todays review is all about the Revlon Colorstay 16 hour Eye Shadow Palettes.
Yes I Know I am always late with new releases lol but at least I got them on the same year they were released eh? hahaha
These little beauties were released around the start of the year and there is seeminly 16 shades to choose from.  
I got these from my lovely reliable ebay seller i have been telling you all about :) these 3 were included in with the Loreal Infallible Eyeshadows .
I was very interested in the fact that Loreal claim these are 16 hour wear.  To be honest i was sort of hmmmmmm about this claim but we will see. 
  Each palette comes with 4 eyeshadows.  I love the was Revlon has put these eyeshadow palette together to suit each other, this is handy for people starting out with makeup or people who do alot of travelling and do not want to bring handfuls of eyeshadow palettes with them.  Whats even more brilliant is that they have instructions on the back to show you how to apply them :) 
Ok to my knowledge these are selling for around $7 or near that price. 
The packaging is pretty straight forward.  They are square plastic palettes with 4 eyeshadows and one sponge tip applicator.  The package is very sturdy which is handy when you are travelling as these have been put to the test in my house with my kiddies been around one of them was dropped a couple of times and none of the eyeshadows broke :) 
So on with the shades :) 
Precocious:  This little beauty I was more than impressed with to be honest :) :)  I am saying this in my best french voice "Beauiiiiful" 
The first shade is a lovely Shimmery silver gives a frosty finish 
The Second shade is a medium charcoal 
The Third shade is a medium toned plum 
& lastly is a beautiful deep burgundy
 Ok the shadows are not as pigmented as i thought.  They are pigmented but i was expecting more.  They are buildable tough :) with a good primer these do last all day but without a primer they do not last the 16 hours that they claim :) They eyeshadows are quite soft in texture and do create a tiny bit of fallout but nothing that a swipe of a brush cant handle :)  In all i love the shades in this palette it creates a lovely day time smokey eye and this is perfect for Autumn :)
Swatches are made with no primer :)
Next up 
Adventurous:   This is yet another perfect Palette for Autumn.  
The first shade is a lovely creamy gone of white shade it sort of has a yellowy undertone to it 
The second shade is Deep olive green with tiny golden shimmer. (stunning)
The third shade is a golden bronze 
& the forth is a dark chocolate brown matte :) 
This palette is full of pigmentation and well worth investing in :) I experienced a little fall out with the second and last shade but nothing major.  I found this easier to work with than Precocious and the shades blend really well together.  I highly recommend this palette :) :) These shadows really did last all day with a primer.  I wore these eyeshadows from 10 in the morning until 8 at night and found no movement whatsoever :) 
& Lastly 
Seductive:  This palette i am 50/50 about. 
The first shade is a very very sheer sparkly white.  When you swatch it all you really get is shimmer 
The second shade is a very very sheer light purple with white shimmer again when you swatch it you are getting little to nothing only shimmer
The third shade is love lilac more pigmented but still needs to be built up 
& Forth shade is a beautiful darkened purple this is my favourite out of the 4 shades. 
Now I love my purples but this palette did disappoint me.  The 2 first shades were literally none existent when it came to trying to apply them.  All i could get was shimmer which was a same as they do look lovely in the palette.  The last shade is fantastic and I found it very easy to work with and to apply.  To be honest I would not purchase this palette again as i find that only one shade stands out in it and its not worth parting your money with over 1 shade.  
I even found it hard to swatch them for photo but managed after swatching a few times over each other these swatches are made with no primer 
Over all I am 50/50 about the palettes  Even though i only have 3/16 shades I am sort of not sure about buying more to try.  I have seen a few other shades that are well pigmented from other reviews but i feel you can get better palettes for the same or less value that would be better in pigmentation.  They are not bad either for instance the 2 palette I reviewed i absolutely adore and found the pigmentation brilliant.  I just cant understand why all the palettes are not the same in pigmenation after all they were all made around the same time by the same company. 
I would like to try the other palettes that i did spot but i think it will be a while before i do try them 

Have you tried these palettes? Have you these shades or different ones? What do you think of them :) 
I hope this review helped you all :) :) 
Until Next Time 
Lots of Love Luck & Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Adel said...

Adventurous is so pretty :)
Thanx for the review and the swatch.

Anonymous said...

Love the look of Adventurous, pity the pigmentation isn't the same in all of them though!

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