Sunday, 30 September 2012

New Essence Kiss Care Love Lipbalms Review

Hey Everyone I hope you are all well.  
Ok its that time of year again where we are all feeling the colder weather creeping in slowly.  We are starting to notice little things like the nights are getting earlier, having to light the fire come 4 in the evening and also noticing the changes to our skin, nails and hair.  The fact they are becoming drier and and paler.  Well we will also notice the fact that we are using the heating and going out to the cold is most certainly going to dry out our lips so its that time to start stocking up on the lip balms, cream and cold sore stoppers.  
So today I will be reviewing the New Essence Kiss Care Love Lipbalms which are now in the permanent range.  
There is 4 colours to choose from and they cost 1.69 euro each for 4g of product.  
kiss and care in the city! the gentle texture of the lipbalm is moisturizing and pampering thanks to its premium castor oil ingredients. the highlight: these lipbalms have a refreshing fruity taste and guarantee a natural look with their subtle color-dispersion. available in four beautiful, trendy colors.
Ok the Packaging is a little bit on the cheap side as you will see by the last lip balm the writing is already wearing off and i only got these about a week ago but to be honest who is going to worry about the packaging if you are suffering with dry lips and need moisturising ASAP.  
Now the Balms itself is what we would be more interested in.  They each have a different shade  which is very very sheer and to be honest barely even noticeable on the lips but you can see a tiny tint of each  
Fruit Crush is my favourite to be honest because even the scent smells delish.  It reminds me of bubble gum i use to eat when i was a kiddie :) Now you can smell the scent but you cant taste it off you lips if that makes sense :) 
This give a nice rosey tint but i dont find it noticeable on the lips as i have pigmented lips as it is.  
Fruitylicious is a pretty baby pink that gives a slight frosty finish.  I am still finding it hard to pinpoint the scent but its fairly sweet not my favourite to be honest 
Caribbean Sunrise this gives a tiny bit of orangy tint the scent is somewhat like the second balm only less sweet.  
I have to say these lip balms surprised me i actually was very sceptic about them at first.  I was wrong to be...These lip balms are so soft and cream.  They apply like a dream.  They are so moisturising and i find they last a good 2 -3 hours before reapplying unless you drink or eat.  The glossy shine they give is incredible they give an amazing healthy glow to your lips they look kissable :) :)
My favourite is definately Fruit Crush because of the scent mmmmmm but they all do the same job which is keeping your lips moisturised so i am glad i have these for my winter stock and my kiddies love them too :) i will surely be buying some more for them for their school bags.  
Have you tried these yet?
Until next time 
Take care and mind yourselves :) 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Emilyx0- Irish beauty blog said...

I have the Fruit Crush one and I love it, they're quite similar to the Maybelline Baby Lips lip balms which I'm dying to get my hands on!

Emily x

StephanieLouise said...

Love the Maybelline baby lips, these look like cousins!

Vicky Hoang said...

if these were more pigmented then i would've definitely picked them up! :)

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