Wednesday, 8 August 2012

MUA Glamour Nights Palette Review

Hey everyone Hope you are all well :) 
Today i have another MUA review for you :) 
I have this palette a while now and actually the first time i got it i forgot about it for a week or two as i got it free with other MUA purchases i got.  There was a deal going that if you spent £4.50 or more you got the "Glamour Nights" Palette for free.  
The "Glamour Nights" Palette Costs £4.00 to buy on the MUA Website
I am quite a fan of MUA eyeshadows especially the single eyeshadows.  Its astonishing how pigmented and how smooth they are for the price so i was really looking forward to trying out "Glamour Nights" 
I am not new to trying out MUA eyeshadow palettes as i have already tried the
 Immaculate Collection Palette in which i got at an amazing deal and quite liked 
The Packaging on these palettes are not exactly brilliant.  I find them very flimzy and can imagine if they were dropped they would break quite easily but for the price thats totally expected.   As you can see this palette comes with 12 eyeshadows.  This is obviously a more evening to night time palette with shades to suit evening and night time looks but there is a Glamour Days palette with more neutral shades for day time.  So there is a mixture of matte and shimmer/frosty shade to this palette.  
Starting with the first row 
A Matte White- This is very sheer as you can see in the photo i tried a few swatches for it to show up on the photo and even at that it bearly shows up 
A Shimmery Purple with black undertones This is very pigmented but a little chalky 
A Dark Forest green with tiny specks of shimmer is very pigmented a little goes a long way one of my favourites 
A Very Metallic Silver Again a very pigmented but chalky shade 
A Brown grey This is not very pigmented i found it hard to work with 
A Chocolate brown with shimmer this too is very pigmented and you can have fallout with this 
The Second row
A very dark brown (almost black) This is a matte and semi pigmented you do need to build up this shade 
A Bright gold with shimmer This is quite a pigmented shade and a little goes a long way 
A beautiful shimmery green its appears metallic on the eye i love this colour and love using it as a liner for a pop of colour in the day time 
A Matte Purple This too needs a little building up before you see its true potential another lovely colour 
A Fuchsia Pink with shimmer wow this shade is very pigmented and beautiful a little goes a long way 
A very sheer pale pink with shimmer this is almost invisible to the eye to be honest i would use this more for a "no makeup day" eye colour than night time 
Over all these shades a beautiful and i think the palette was well put together.  The matte shades are a little on the less pigmented side but when built up look great, the shimmery/metallic shades are more pigmented some creating a little fall out.  They are easy to work with a easy to blend.  With a good primer these eyeshadow will last all night long or if worn in the day will last all day.  I think at the end of the day most of these eyeshadows are great a couple a little disappointing but well worth £4 well well worth it.  I have been using this palette quite alot lately and i enjoy experimenting with it :) 
**** Swatches are made with no primer****

Thats my review for today :) 
I have since bought a couple more palettes for MUA so keep an eye out for more reviews :) :)
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Beauty Make Up Addict said...

Looks like a really nice palette to have thanks for sharing.

MsDarkFairy88 said...

looks like a great palette hun! i do find the matte shades from MUA a bit on the chalky side alright :/

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