Tuesday, 14 August 2012

LIFE: Benefits of been a Mum

Hey my beauties I hope you are all good today :) :) 
Since my kiddies have been off school i have been enjoying some brilliant times with them and for the past week i have been asking myself "Is it possible to love your children too much"  Like I literally eat sleep and breath for my kiddies.  I never really spend time away from them only once every 2 months to go shopping for the day but even at that I'm talking about them for most of the day.  Dont get me wrong i love having me time and some days i wish i had more me time as it is good for you after all but while im away i only think of them.  Some people have told me its unhealthy some have said thats not normal to me i think its what mums do best.  Mum's are mums from the moment that egg in her womb is fertilised.  I have heard so many people only complain about been a mum (including myself for some moments in my life) like for instance having no money, having less friends, not getting out with your friends, not been able to leave the country etc but deep down they are only put on stand still in my eyes and there is so so many benefits of been a mum These are the benefits i get from been a mum 
1.  Love:  
No matter what there is always unconditional love in your home when you have children.  The love you feel is so warm, cosy and magical.  Its almost like your in the clouds floating with the amount of love that your children have for you and what you have for your children.  No matter how many arguments you have with your kiddies they forgive and forget.  If you ground them they understand and dont hold grudges.  They tell you they love you when you least expect it but need to hear it.  They sense when you are upset and the simple thing like picking a "Flower" aka leaf from the garden will make you smile. awwwwww tears in my eyes remembering this today :)  No matter what age you are you will always love your parents even if you have had the worst ever argument and havent spoken to them in so long there is always that love its the same if you are the parent no matter what your child does that love will never die. 
my brother and i at my twins fancy dress party
2.  You can be yourself:  
No child of yours or any child for that matter cares if your hair is standing up, if you look like the walking dead first thing in the morning, they dont care if you stay in your pj's all morning they love you no matter what way you look.  You will never ever get judged by your children no matter what you do, say or what way you look.  
3.  You can be a child again:  
Oh yeah i love this one hehehehe Kids make you feel alive they make you young, they make you do the silliest things, they make you pull the weirdest faces that if you pulled them at an adult they would think you need locking up,.  By golly have i done some childish things with my kids on the street in front of everyone hahahaha awwww i love it.  I have often been caught jumping on the bed and been told off by my own kids hahaha dont be afraid to be a kid again because your know what......Thats what keeps us young.  Do silly things who cares The sound of laughter, the tears of laughter and the fun you have with your kids is all so worth it :) 
4.  Imagination:  
When was the last time you used your imagination ( i bet you are thinking when your were a child)  well when you have children you have to have imagination you have to think up of games, stories, things to do etc and its fun it brings me back to my childhood all the time.  My children get entertained and i make good memories for them when they are older.  Remember your child is only a child for a short time so make their childhood special when you can.  You dont need to spend money to have fun with your kids just use your imagination children love that :)  Even baking a cake and decorating it yourself with the help of your kids takes imagination :) 
My mothers day present from my kids picked by them all  so proud they even thought of picking me flowers on the day without anyone telling them to 
5.  Proudness:  
Wow i have had some amount of that i tell you and the rush you get from knowing your child has done something good that you thought them is unbelievable.  When people come back to you telling you your child is a credit to you gives such warmth inside.  Its amazing how much kids take in and if you lead them by example they will surely follow in your footsteps after all your child lives up to you wants to be like you does what you do says what you say.  So its never too early to start yes its hard work but when they do something you found hard to teach them without you telling them THATS WHAT MAKE YOU FORGET ABOUT HOW HARD IT WAS AND MAKES YOU THE PROUDEST PERSON IN THE PLANET!!
6.  A reason to get up in the mornings:  
Oh boy oh boy there is mornings i have been woke up at 4 in morning to get up and stay awake for the day.  There was a full year where i only got 1 hours sleep at night as i had to feed my twins every hour.  To be honest if i hadnt kids i wouldnt have done that but when you have kids no matter how hard it is its all so worth it when you see their smiles when you see them growing and when you see their cute little eyes looking at you with complete innocence you forget the tiredness automatically.  
7.  Matureness (if that is a word): 
 I have seen this in alot of people both men and especially in women.  From the moment your child is born you instance change your view in life you instantly become more mature.  Mature in everything be it thinking about life making plans for the future life in general you might not even notice it yourself but sometimes i notice i sound more like my grandmother with somethings i come out with where as before if my grandmother said something i would be tutting her saying awwww silly old woman (sorry nana :) ) but now i see some of her little lectures are 100% right (thats not saying you have to have a baby to become mature lol) no no but you find yourself maturing more whenever you do because you have a new life to think about you have a human been you have to protect raise and care for :) 
8.  Strength:  
This is surely one I have gotten more of since becoming a mum.  I have alot more strength in everything i do.  I have alot more strength in standing up for what i believe in for the sake of my children.  Sometimes i even wonder myself where the strength comes from but to be honest I THINK THE STRENGTH COMES FROM THE LOVE YOUR HAVE FOR YOUR CHILDREN.  Like for instance people have always asked me where i got the strength to deal with my baby been diagnosed with cancer, to be honest i hadnt a clue but replied "I just had to be strong for my baby thats what kept me going"  If you are strong your children will be strong :) :) I love my new strength and i find its rubbing off on my children :) Whenever your child is sick or something goes wrong you always seem to find the strength within to deal with what ever situation it is at the time :) 

Oh my goodness i have just noticed how much i have written :) I could write forever about this subject but I wont dont worry :)  As you can see thats only the smallest amount of how i see what benefits you get from been a mum.  I love it.  Yes its very stressful yes its definitely the hardest job in the world but at the end of the day carrying, raising and watching a life that you brought into the world is the most amazing precious experience anyone could ever experience in their lives and for people who have the misfortune of not been able to have children of their own 
don't feel bad there are plenty of children out there who need the love you have for them and i bow down to you for that as that is one of the most amazing things you could do for a child is give him or her the life he or she deserves :) :) 
So i will leave it at that everyone as you have probably fallen asleep by now 
If you are a mum or a mum to be tell me you thoughts tell me what you see as your benefits :) 
Until next time 
Lots of love luck and laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


mndy said...

Thank you so much! I needed this, more then you can imagine. Having a stressfull time and 2 kids don't always get along very well. But this is so beautifully written, and so true! Thank you :)

Papadiile Ruxandrei said...

Great post! I'm not a mom yet, but i hope that someday i'll feel the wonderful things you wrote.

Nina said...

@mndy hunny raising kids is very stressful even with having one child never mind 5 i understand completely but when you find that the kiddies are stressing you out so much you feel down about it just take time out and remember you are so luck to have them enjoy them as you wont find the time flying by and they will be having families of their own :)

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