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July Glossybox 2012 Festival Season

Hey my Wonderful Beauties 
How are you all doing :) 
Today I am showing you what i got in my July Glossybox 
I dont know about you guys (who get the glossybox) but i tend to steer clear of an videos or blog posts that reveal whats in the months box simply because i am after all paying 15 euro altogether for the box and like the whole surprise but the fact i am from Ireland , it means England Subscribers get theirs first. 
So Most of you probably know at this stage whats in Julys box but hey i could have got something different to others we will see 
The July box is based are the festival season :) 
In this box I got 5 samples & 1 extra (I love getting extra's hehe) 
Speaking of the extra let me show you what it was :) 
Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Gentle Hydrating Line Samples 
Glossybox says:  The Visible Difference Gentle Hydrating line is the perfect treatment to offer an intense moisturisation for dry skins. This regime helps restore balance and promote hydration in skin’s surface levels while also removing impurities and providing moisture deep in the skin’s surface layers. The treatment primes the skin’s surface so it is prepped to receive & retain hydration throughout the day.
More is the pity that i can not try these as i have an allergy to Elizabeth Arden's Range for some particular reason :( but i will give these to someone who loves this range 
Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics Lip Frosting 
Glossybox says:  This cream gloss is perfect for all occasions. Scented in This cream gloss is perfect for all occasions. Scented in homemade pavlova, use it on your lips for a tint of colour, or dab onto cheeks for a lit-from-within glow
This is a full sized product at 10mls and it costs £10 boy oh boy a little expensive i thought to myself especially for a lip gloss.  The scent is suppose to smell like Irish Cream Pavlova eh no it doesnt smell like that but it does smell like bubble gum or icecream :) :) It is a very sweet smell which i doent mind whatsoever but if you dont like the sweety smell best not buy this :)  The lip gloss is quite thick and you would only need a pea sized amount to the lips, to be honest i would not put this on my face as it is a little on the shiny side but if you were stuck for a blush it would do.  The shade as you see it is a pinky shade with tiny specks of gold shimmer.  I like it on my lips it doesnt feel sticky but you know it will last a while on the lips.  I like it but not enough to pay £10 for to be honest.   
The below picture is of the gloss rubbed into the skin 
Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse: 
Glossybox says Effective by nature 98.1% of the ingredients in this Dry Oil are of natural origin, it is a unique combination of 30% Precious Plant Oils and Vitamin E to nourish, repair and soften your face, body and hair in a single step. Precious benefits for my skin Your face and body are left feeling soft and silky. Your hair is supple, sofeautit and shines with health.
To get 50mls of this it will cost £17.50 
I actually first seen this in another brilliant Irish Beauty Blogger Leanne from Thunder And Threads Junes Favourite and was wondering about it since and then low and behold i get a sample in my glossybox :) :) Happy Days :) 
I have to say this product is impressive :) I cant help but feel a little posh with this the packaging looks like you have paid alot for it and thats for sure.  The product itself i have only got to use it twice so i cant honestly give you my full opinion on it.  So my first impressions is very positive indeed !! Oh my even the scent smells oooo laa laa.  I actually can pinpoint the scent to be honest its a little sweet awwww boy does it smell beautiful :) :)
So far i have used this on my body, the oil take a little longer than a moisturiser to dry obviously as its an oil but when it does my skin feel silky smooth almost like babies skin.  I am actually quite amazed just how soft and dreamy my legs feel and look with this rubbed in on them.  The scent lingers lightly and my 10 year old hasnt stopped sniffing me since i started using it (im serious i could be in shops and she would be beside me and suddenly sniff me lol)  I will used it a little further as i have yet to try on my face and hair and i will end up doing a full review on this and more than likely end up buying it as i love it already.  
AWAPUHI WILD GINGER Texturizing Sea Spray
Glossybox Says:  Lush waves and exotic texture
• Tousled, beachy texture
• Volume and touchable movement
• Enhanced waves, curls and definition
• Awapuhi extract balances moisture for a healthy-looking finish
I have yet to try this little bottle of joy (hopefully) I am planning to start tomorrow actually so will let you all know how i get on :) but the price of this is £18.95 for 150mls and the sample size as you see is 25mls :) 
Monu Calming Cream:  
Glossybox says:  This green-tinted cream works by neutralising the redness often noticed on the cheeks and chin area. This product is suitable for all skin types but especially for sensitive, distressed and irritated skins. As well as working to mask redness, the ingredient content will help to calm, soothe and heal the skin thanks to Horse Chestnut Seed Extract, Arnica, Bisabolol and Yarrow Extract, the added Rutin is renowned for the treatment of broken capillaries. Coconut oil will replace lost lipids and soften the skin plus Wheat Protein which is a rich sourse of vitamin E. Added protection from UVA and UVB rays help protect the skin and reduce skin damage.
This is £14.95 for 15mls to buy :) 
This brand has been quite a regular in the glossybox since i have been getting it but to be honest the samples i have gotten so far from them i have liked but this one i havent really been eager to try out straight away as i been lucky do not suffer with redness or irritation to my face but i will of course keep it for some days that i might :) :) 
Lastly is Bex London - W1X Urban Fragrance 
Taken from the website:  Bex London Fragrances are contemporary, urban, and sought after by the discerning few. Each one captures a distinctly characterful part of town. Some are feminine, some are more masculine. All are essentially androgynous.

W1X is the first overtly feminine fragrance with in the Londoner portfolio. At its heart lies a sumptuous neo-vintage blend of rose, jasmine, iris and violet, wrapped around a base of precious woods and vanilla. This sophisticated fragrance is inspired by the opulence and high octane atmosphere of London's "West End".....a place where celebrity, music, high fashion and art merge together.
This Fragrance costs a whopping 102.27 euro for 100mls 
I have never tried this brand before in fact i have actually never heard of this brand before so i was excited to try an expensive new fragrance and sprayed almost straight away.  This scent really didnt appeal to me to be honest but boy is it strong.  A little of this will go a long way and and bit i sprayed on me lasted literally all day.  I am not really a fan of vanilla and i could smell that straight away.  To be honest after about 4 hours of wearing it i warmed to it a little but people who smelled it off me asked me what it was :) 

So that finally it everyone boy did i blab a bit in this post :)  That me all over though i am know to be a bit of a chatter box at times.  I hope i didnt set you all off to sleep. 
So did you all get the same or did you get some other items.  I know there one product in the glossybox that i would have wanted and that was the HD Brows & eye set :( ah well 
I have been impressed again with Glossybox they are stepping up in everything and long may it last :) 
If you are interest in checking out the Glossybox site click here 
They have offers going you can pay monthly 3 monthly 6 monthly and so on they have also come out with a men Glossybox so if you are stuck on what to buy a particular man in your life a present Why not try getting him one of them as its its the safest and best option :) 
Until next time 
I hope you all stay happy, safe and healthy 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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