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Sure Maximum Protection Stress Control Deodorant Cream Review

Hello Everyone I hope you are all well :) 
I havent done a deodorant or antiperspirant review in a very long time because to be honest I have always stuck to the same one without changing :)  I have been satisfied with the last one for a long long time now and felt I didn't need to change it :) 
That was until I fell pregnant and been pregnant can change the way your body works both inside and out !!!!  
My hormonal levels have differed and to be honest trying not to sound disgusting while saying this but so with my sweat levels.  They have expanded big time !!!!
I was never really that sweaty type but since becoming pregnant and also running around after 5 kids I have had alot more of those days :) 
I have also been cautious alot about using sprays in my house not only for myself but also for my 5 year old who suffers asthma and when it doesn't flare up I dont really mind but when it does I stay away from sprays for his sake as he can be quite bad.  
This is where I started to look out for a good roll on  Antiperspirant that will last all day and also release a lovely scent :)  
That's when I spotted Sure !!!! 
I have already went through one of these which was the Clean Fresh Scent since they were first released so I had to grab The Stress Control one to try out  :)  I have for Sure put this to the test the past few weeks between organising a Communion, Packing for 7 of us to go on a weeks holiday (our first ever holiday ) this Friday and of course been pregnant I am the perfect candidate for this :)  

The main reason I snatched this up was for the promises it makes :) 
Sure Claims:  That this version contains calming lavender and white flower scents to help soothe and relieve stress. Created especially to help you prepare for anxious moments, you’ll be protected against sweat and odour often caused in stressful and high pressure situations

The deodorant is shaped nicely and is small enough to carry around in your bag on long journeys :) 

When I first tried this deodorant and seen it was a cream I was a little bit wary.  I dont really like anything with a wet or moist feeling under my arms and was afraid this was going to be the case with this deodorant :)  I was very very wrong :)  The instructions on the package is to twist the bottom and allow your desired amount of cream to come out through all the holes :)  Then apply to your under arm area :) 

I have to say first of all the scent of this deodorant cream is amazing wow !!!! Even my kiddies love the scent :)  They are forever smelling me :)  My partner love the scent as its not as strong as the sprays which can be very overpowering.  He literally knows what day I wear this and what day I dont :)  

As for the stress test I have to say this never let me down !!! Not once :)  I trust it 100%.  The scent lasts all day long on me and I feel I do not sweat half as much.  Applying the cream to my under arm area is like a dream and dries straight away which is very reassuring when putting on your clothes :)  You dont want a load of cream on your nice clean clothes which is another thing I was worried about :) 
Very little of this goes a long way so be careful how much you dispense at a time.  Literally turn the wheel twice and you have enough for each arm.  
What I love about this also is that I can even apply this after shaving.  I was able to apply deodarant under my arms after shaving until hours later but now I can do it straight away and it doesnt annoy or sting me :) 

I adore this so much I had to buy one for my daughter too :)  She adores it and hasnt (Overused) her sprays since using it :)  For the price which is only €6.99 in Boots :)  At the moment boots is doing an offer on these for €5.89 So grab while the deal is on like I did :) 
I find this deodorant lasts me alot longer than the sprays as you do not have to use as much :) 

Have you tried these yet?
Would they be something you are looking for to keep the stress sweats away ?

I hope you enjoyed this review 
Until Next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


beautyqueenuk said...

This sounds like a solid, good and reliable deodorant to have x

Esha said...

I haven't tried anything like this!Would wanna give it a shot!

Laura - Alagoz said...

Have never tried anything from the brand. It sound good though xx

Pink Frenzy

Nafisah Atcha said...

I have Mitchum on my list to try xx

Michelle K said...

This sounds excellent! I use Mitchum but when I run out I'll definitely give this a try xx

Louise Smith said...

This sounds like such a fab deodorant. I've used the same one for years but found recently that it doesn't seem to work as well as it used to, so I'll have to pick this up and give it a try :)

Great review.

Louise x

With love from Lou

dawn obrien said...

great post! I'm going to go and buy some, when we go away for weekends and can't take aerosol deodorants on the plane in hand luggage this would be perfect and will help with the stress! x

Jess | Just Jesss said...

This sounds great, I have asthma too so I always lean towards stick or roll-on deodorants rather than sprays, may have to give this a try :)

Jess xo

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