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New Favourite Brush Alert - Blank Canvas Cosmetics E36 Large Concealer/Eyeshadow Brush

Hello my Gorgeous readers I hope you are all well :) 
Tell me some news What has life been like for you lately :) 
Well mine has been cray cray with raising 5 kiddies.  Been 6 months pregnant and of course been a blogger I wouldnt have it any other way :) 
Today's review is on a new brush I have not yet reviewed :)  It is not new to the site but to be honest its only in the past month I have actually started using this and I am blown away with it :) 
This brush is absolutely outstanding and makes life so much easier for me when doing my makeup!!!!  I noticed just how much I loved it the week I went on holidays especially.  My holiday was not a relaxing one and to be honest even tough I enjoyed every moment of it but my kiddies did not allow me much time to do my makeup while been there (which I didnt mind of course) but they just wanted out of the house and out all day :)  I had my needs and needed to get my makeup on in literally 5 minutes :)  
Along with the help of my other favourite brushes this brush in particular made applying my makeup in 5 minutes happen :) Especially when applying my eye makeup I really only needed this brush 

The new brush in question is the:

This brush has to be one of the best brushes that Blank Canvas Cosmetics has made without a doubt :)  I have 3 of these babies and I use each and every one of them a different way.  Its a perfect multi-tasking brush :)  Because of its synthetic fibres you can use this with both cream and powder products :)  

I absolutely adore the shape of this brush.  Its an oval shape yet turn it to the side and it looks thinner.  There is so many bristles in there I dont know how they managed to fit them all in this small brush :)  The brush is so so soft I love it 

I use this first of all for packing on shadows as its absolutely brilliant for picking up the right amount of eyeshadow to pack all over the lid.  I also love using this to pack on pigments and glitters as the bristles cling onto the loose pigments perfectly and creates less fall out :)  

This brush is also perfect for applying colour into the crease because of the shape.  I simply apply to the crease and then turn over and blend as simply as that :) 

I also use this for applying and blending out concealer :)  I love how well this brush blends out the concealer without soaking up any of the product :)  Its also small enough to fit under the eyes and even in the inner corner of my eyes :) 

Lastly I use this brush for both contouring and highlighting :) 
Contouring down the sides of my nose as its the perfect fit, contouring the crease of the eye area and even contouring the cheek bones with cream products :) 

Highlighting with this is like a dream.  Down the bridge of the nose, cheek bones, under the brow and cupids bow its just the perfect size :) 

You can now see why I adore this brush so much and what I love even more is that it only costs as little as €6.99 for each brush :)  I highly highly recommend this brush to you all its just such a handy brush to have that can be used for literally anything :)  
Washing and drying this brush is a dream also :)  It washes so quickly without shedding and is dried within an hour :) 
Love it so much :) 
Well I hope you enjoyed with review :) 
Have you tried this brush yet if you did why didnt you tell me how amazing it is (only kidding lol)  
 If you are thinking of purchasing from Blank Canvas dont forget to Enter "NINA" at the end for a little discount for all my lovely readers
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Emmyw said...

I am absolutely terrible! I don't apply any foundation or concealer with a brush - always my fingers. I must take you up on your recommendation here though.

Shannon Boyce said...

This sounds so so good! I keep hearing fantastic things about BCC in general. Definitely need to give them a try!

Alice Furlan said...

I have never tried BCC brushes, but heard great things about them! This looks a lot like the Real Techniques base shadow brush (which is my favortie in the world)

Emma Delfosse said...

This sounds like a great brush! I prefer sponges myself but I may have to give this a try :)

Sophia Meola; ❤ said...

This brush sounds fabulous - I do love multi purpose products and the fact that this could be used for eyeshadow and concealer is great! I also love that it is duo fibre and the overall quality sounds lovely. Great post!

Sophia Meola | A Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog


Louise Smith said...

I've never tried anything from Black Canvas V+Cosmetics before, but these brushes look amazing! I'll be adding these to my wishlist later, that's for sure. Great review!

Louise x

With love from Lou

Yahima Hernandez de la Cruz said...

thanks for the tips Nina, I'm trying to "discipline" myself applying foundation with a brush but I'm not that good yet, besitos

Karis Brelsford said...

Not heard of this brand before but the brushes look great and sounds good xx

Michelle K said...

This sounds like a great brush, thanks for the review lovely! xx

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