Monday, 4 May 2015

My pleasurable Visit to The MeMeMe Cosmetics Event at McGranes Pharmacy :) :)

Hello my beauties 
I hope you are all well today :) 
I simply had to do a blog post of an event I went to yesterday :) 
It was at the McGrane Pharmacy in Trim Co Meath Ireland (Incase my lovely none Irish readers were wondering) 
I was simply planning on posting up some photos of the MeMeMe stand on facebook but I just had to give you a more detailed account of how I got on :) 
First of all the moment I walked in the door I felt such warmth from the place :)  The pharmacy alone is small but full of amazing value deals on everything its literally a girls dream walking in there.  
I was greeted by the lovely Margaret who is a Makeup Artist and works for MeMeMe Cosmetics :)  She had a lovely big smile and reassured me that she was almost finished with her client.  I of course was in no hurry as it was a pleasure to browse the pharmacy and also watch Margaret doing her work :)  She was happily chatting with her client who was also lovely and asking lots of questions :)  I was happily brought into the chat and we had a great time talking makeup as us women do :) 
While she was busy applying makeup onto her lovely client she was also filling both of us in with lots of information about the products she was using :)  I was hypnotised haha  Here is the Lovely Margaret herself :) 

Margaret even introduced me to some of the staff of McGranes Pharmacy who were very very polite :)  They even offered a cup of tea to me which was very thoughtful.  I was even surprised that one staff member remembered I was there before simply shopping for myself of course :)  I thought wow now that is amazing and brilliant that they remember their customers.  I was even more shocked because I very rarely get the chance to visit as much as I want as I am not from that town :) 
Anyway back to business.  I was very very impressed with MeMeMe Cosmetics stand display as it was so tidy and so neat and so full :)  Margaret says MeMeMe Cosmetics always likes their stands to be full all the time as they hate to disappoint customers who are looking for a particular product and ends up having to wait for the display to be refilled :) Always nice to know :) 

Just to note you are probably going to see alot of my head and face in some of these photos lol as the mirror was right at my vision :)  Let me show you some close up photos of these amazing products :) 

Starting off with the wonderful face products.  Margaret told me that the blushes alone have been compared to the Bobby Brown blushes which says alot :)  The packaging remind me alot of the Benefit blushes :)  
The Cheek & Lip tints also remind me of a certain higher end brand :)  
The shimmer stacks in which I now one one of (& will be reviewing soon)  Looked amazing and Margaret stated they can be used on the eyes also :) nice to know and I adore multi purpose products :) 

There is two types of foundations available one is a tinted moisturiser which is handy for Summer and then a normal liquid foundation which I was told was suitable for all skin types I cant not wait to try out the Flawless Foundation as I have heard alot about it :)  (review coming soon) 
There is also two types of concealers available.  One is in liquid form which is medium coverage and can be used everywhere on the face for that little bit of extra coverage.  The 2nd on which attracted me even more is the pot concealer :)  This looks amazing and I can not wait to try it out and let you know how it is :) 
There is also the Beat the Blues Highlighters in which I have already tried and reviewed and of course love.
There is lots of eye products to choose from :)  I was also very interested in the "Fallen Angel" duo which is a mascara and eyeliner and I opted to pick one up for a review :) :) 
The dewy pots looked stunning and I later on had to pick a few of those up too ;) 
The most famous "Arch Angel" was there to my delight as I adore this product if you want to see a review on that click here :) 
I was super excited to see the Ultimate Palettes there aswell as they have been the latest releases by MeMeMe Cosmetics and I havent had the chance to see them up close and personal :)  I was adoring one of them in particular and I cant wait play around with it :)  Review coming soon ;) 

With a wide variety of lip products to choose from I was complete bedazzled :)  I have seen alot of bloggers using the Light Me Up gloss and I am so glad I have finely got one in my collection.  Margaret informed me that the lipsticks have shea butter in them which means plenty of moisture for you lips :) 
The nail polishes also looked stunning :) 
I just wanted all :) 
Margaret did inform me that 2 new products are to appear on the stand very very soon :)  1 been an eyeshadow pencil and the other been a jumbo lip pencil :)  I am super excited to see what they are like :)  I am hoping they come in sooner than soon lol 

Overall the morning was lovely.  I had a lovely time speaking to Margaret and also to the staff of McGranes Pharmacy :)  I would highly recommend you to pop in and enjoy shopping there and believe me you will feel very very welcome and come out the door with change in your pocket ;) 
I can not wait to get using my new MeMeMe Cosmetics products and let you know how I got on :)  I really wanted to buy most of these products and at the prices they are I am surprise I didnt go crazy but I was very good as I am saving to bring my kiddies somewhere for the summer before Baby #6 is born :) 
Thanks again to Margaret for spending so much time with me and answering all the questions I asked.  The one thing she did say is The meaning behind MeMeMe name is:  You have to keep telling yourself Its not all about you you you its all about MeMeMe Makes sense right LOVE IT!!!!
If you want to keep up to date with offers that McGranes Pharmacy has check out their facebook page here :) 

So that is it for today :) 
I hope you enjoyed this post :) 
I hope you are looking forward to my future MeMeMe Reviews :) 
Until Next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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