Monday, 2 June 2014

Makeup Revolution Amazing Volume Mascara Review

Hello my beauties :) 
Today I have a review on the Makeup Revolution Amazing Volume Mascara.  As you know Makeup Revolution is a new affordable brand available to be online and its already booming with amazing reviews :)  I have already posted up a review on their Iconic 1 Palette which I adore so today I thought I would share my thoughts on one of their mascaras.  
This mascara only costs £2 which is not going to break the bank and thats what I love.  There are 3 types you can choose from 
Ultra Black 
Makeup Revolution claim you are going to get amazing volume from root to tip in just one stroke 
In all honesty I was not expecting that to be true after all alot of us ladies love extra volume on our lashes especially when we suffer with horrible lashes.  So I was curious to see how this works on my flimzy lashes 

I love the packaging of this mascara.  Its simple yet different The packaging is a black plastic tube but has a plastic glass type covering over that :) 

The wand is a normal sized wand which I am sure alot of you out there will be pleased about.  Normally Volume mascaras will come with a huge wand which can be a pain especially for someone who has small eyes but the wand is suitable for everyone I Promise :)  I found it very easy to work with and the fibres do separate every lash which is a bonus for me as I hate clumped up lashes 

Another great thing I noticed about this mascara was when I took the wand out of the tube it felt like there was a little bit of suction.  When I looked at the want there was not clumped up formula that you do get with some mascaras.  I hate when you are in a hurry and taking the wand out only to find you have to scrape most of the mascara off the wand before using it each time.  With this mascara you do not have to do that I had a look in the tube and of course there was a closing in there especially designed to scrape off excess mascara off the wand for you LOVE IT !!!!!! I wish all mascaras had that 

So now for the formula!!! Ok its not as black as some of my mascara's You have to build the colour up to get the blackness you want.  I found the formula wet to start off with of course with it been new they do say some mascaras have to be used a few times before you get the best out of it.  With this one its true.  I did have to use it a few times before I seen it work at its best.  
As this is a Volumising mascara I was literally watching out for some volume and in all honestly it does volumise for an everyday look.  I couldn't see myself using this on a night out as I would want more volume.  I am not saying it does not work but I am saying this is more of everyday use which is fine for me.  I does not hold a curl that I can tell you as you see on the right eye in each picture I have one stubborn eye that refused to stay curled unless I use waterproof mascara and it is not as curled as the one on the left.  I even noticed throughout the day the lash on the right fell more  but it does what it says it does add volume 
Here is a before and after picture of me using just the volume mascara 2 coats :) :) (click on the photo for a closer look) 

Overall for a £2 mascara this is worth a try for everyday.  I find no faults with it as it does do what it claims and a little more by adding a little length too.  
Well done to Makeup Revolution as I will surely repurchase this.  Have you tried this yet :)  Keep an eye out for a review on their Lengthening Mascara review as I am also trying that  out and will have that up asap :) 
I hope you enjoyed this review 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Frankie CH said...

I think it looks fab! Loving Makeup Revolution at the moment :) Great post!

Frankie x

Dyna said...

mm kind of underimpressed according to what I see in the review.. as in review is great, but it wouldn't be something I enjoy using :)

Tania Neff said...

Thanks for all your great reviews! Always looking for that "perfect" mascara.

Nina s said...

Frankie CH Thank you hunny

Dyna Hunny i knew straight away you wouldnt like this lol after all you like clumpy lashes eh

Tania Thank you for supporting hunny

Jess | Just Jesss said...

This looks great for an everyday mascara, I really like the packaging as well! :)

Jess xo

Kelly McKenny said...

I've heard nothing but great things about this brand, will have to get my hands on some of their stuff soon!

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