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NYX Glam Shadow Sticks Review

Hello my beauties :) I hope you are all well :) 
Today I have a NYX review 
Oh golly I am more than excited that NYX has finally arrived to Ireland :)  Its going to be be super exciting when I find a stall near me but be warned I will be invading it lol 
If you are wondering where to find stalls so far here is a list of stockist who might be near you :) Thanks to the girlies of Viva Adonis they posted up the list first then I spotted it on Makeup over minds blog :)  I really want to jump in the car now and go shopping but anyway I have tried quite a bit from NYX and to be honest they are one of my top brands amazing quality for such affordable prices if you want to check out any of my reviews on the NYX Products I have tried so far click here 
So Lets get on with the Glam Shadow Sticks :) :) 
I purchased these sticks from Cherry Culture as I normally do when buying NYX Cosmetics up until now of course and they only cost $3.50 at the moment on the site I am not sure what they cost here but I doubt they would be anymore the €5 each 

There are 16 shades to choose from and I'm kicking myself that I didnt get more but of course I was been very cautious about them first and didnt want to get too many incase they did not work out for me.  I am a sucker for cream shadows especially ones in a stick as they are so handy to have in your bag and so easy to apply to the lid.  It makes life so much easier especially when you are in a hurry to get ready and go out the door.  
I especially love cream shadows when I am looking for a base for my shadows as it makes eyeshadows alot more intense and bolder looking :) :)  plus it makes your eyeshadows last longer 

I was also very curious to find out was there any difference between these and the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil which is too one of NYX's most sold product.  90% of reviews out there say that the NYX Jumbo eye pencils are great for eyeshadow bases but not on their own as they do crease.  There are about 28 - 20 shades available that literally everyone (especially in the beauty world) has at least one Jumbo Eye Pencil in their collections and love them I have numerous amounts of them and still to this day reach for them :) 
So let me show you the shades and then tell you what I think 

Glistening Emerald:  Aww sure I just had to get this little beauty after all I am a gal from the Emerald Isle (Ireland) lol.  I am in love with this shade.  It surely is a stunning glistening Emeralds shade.  Pigmentation is amazing and a little goes a long long way 

This is a perfect colour for a smokey eye or sim
ply to use as an eyeliner for a pop of colour on the bottom lash line or even the top lash line.

  Next up is :) 

Elegant Mable:  This is a more sheer everyday type shade.  Its a gold shade with a darker gold shimmer.  With these two combined it gives a slight rosey gold finish.  This works perfect as a base on the lid for any daytime or night time look.  

The fact that this is a more lighter shade it of course is sheer to start off with but can be built up a little.  

Lastly is (please excuse the blurred picture)

Vibrant Amethyst:  Love this shade too as purple is one of my favourite shades of eyeshadow.  This is not unlike "Purple Velvet" Jumbo eye pencil by NYX only a tad darker and more shimmery.  Purple really works for my eyes as I have hazel eyes so I just gotta love it :) This stunning deep violet shade has multi coloured glitters going through it and looks amazing in the sunlight 

This is surely one for a dark smokey eye look I love it 

Now for my over all opinion and that is that there is not a huge difference between these and the Jumbo pencils The only difference is: 
  • They do not need to be sharpened as these pencils twist up 
  • They are a little more pigmented than the Jumbo pencils but to be honest there is not a huge difference 
  • They is more shimmer in these than the jumbo pencils you can not get any matte shades from the Glam Shadow Sticks 
  • They last a little longer than the jumbo pencils in fact if not used near the crease they can last all day of course with some fading but not alot 
Yes they do crease I'm afraid so if you have oily lids your best to give these a miss.   If you suffer slightly oily lids you will get away with wearing these if you have a good primer underneath.  

I am a little disappointed at the fact that NYX mislead us by saying 
"Entice the paparazzi with your intense eyes using the Glam Shadow Stick obtainable in 16 hues. These shadow sticks provide extreme pigmentation with the right amount of sparkle that will out shine the flashing lights. Weep for joy since these darlings are waterproof. So go ahead and steal the limelight with your glam eyes!

Soft texture that applies precisely onto eyelids, leaves an even payoff of rich color and shimmer that won't smear or fade. It's texture is thin, non-oily and blendable, but will not crease. The pen is retractable, to make it easy to apply, even on the go."

When you say waterproof you are thinking long-lasting nothing is going to budge this baby well as I said above they do move especially if you have oil lids.  They do in fact fade unless you put a shadow on top to seal the deal otherwise you are not going to have the intensity that you began with.  

As far as been true well the pigmentation part is true as you see yourself.  Blend able of course that's very true but I have to admit the shade Elegant Mable if built up can be a bugger can move a little and it will look blotchy.
I did a look on my daughter for my sons communion day and she loved it I use nothing on her lids only Glistening Emerald and done a winged look along with a thin line of black eyeliner over it.  Alot of people commented on her eyes and she loved them herself.  I simply sealed it with the same shade eyeshadow and it lasted all day long even through a game of bowling without budging.  

So as you can see they are not overly different to the Jumbo pencils only last maybe twice the amount of time.  
Have you tried these yet? 
Whats your thoughts on them :) 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Julie B said...

These look gorgeous! I'm a massive fan of NYX and will have my top picks for NYX up on my blog shortly!

JustJulie | Beauty Blog

Shannon Boyce said...

I think the colours look amaaaaaaazing. It's too bad that they don't stay put as much as you'd like though - because the colours really do look great!

Becky Peacock said...

I've swatched but never purchased - as you say - kinda like the Jumbo Pencils :D

Tiki Byrd said...

The Marble and Amethyst are gorgeous. Why did I have to stop here...product junkie

Tiki | Grow It Girl

Kelly McKenny said...

These are gorgeous colours!
Shame they dont last so long! x

Maria-Isabel @ Agape Love Designs said...

wow your daughter is just stunning!!! Thanks so much for linking up to Makeup Monday! (I Pinned your post!)


Pauline Reyes said...

Whoo! I'm certain that the products have good quality since those were manufactured from Poland. :)

~Pauline @Nars Philippines

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