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Makeup Revolution Out of this World Merged Eyeshadow Collection Review

Hello my Gorgeous Beautiful Readers (Yes YOU ARE ALL GORGEOUS) 
I hope you are all well 
I can not believe I have been so slow with my Makeup Revolution Reviews.  I am sure alot of you had seen my huge haul picture I posted up on FB last month and not only that i had ordered more items since posting that picture but in all honesty I have been so busy with life in general and not only that having fun playing with my new products :) 
So today I am bring to you one of Makeup Revolutions great deals going and that is the Out of this World Merged Eyeshadow Collection which contains 8 eyeshadows and only costs £1.50 each but if you buy all 8 eyeshadows you get 2 for free :) :) So technically you are only paying £9 for 8 eyeshadows.    You can buy them separate and not as a collection but that deal was too good to miss out on.  
This collection of course is one that I just could resist after all I am a huge fan of baked makeup products.   If you are new to baked eyeshadow I will give you a low down to what they are.  
Baked shadows are a mixture of mineral pigments that are formed into domes and baked so that the moisture evaporates and all of the minerals, pigments and shimmers are left behind leaving you with a beautiful new texture of eyeshadow. 
They can be used wet or dry and usually have tiny shimmery particles that leave a gorgeous shimmer to the lid without being too overpowering.  When applied dry, the shimmer is soft and pretty and when applied wet, the pigment is intense and the shimmer effect almost becomes a foiled effect.
If you haven't tried a baked shadow yet you have to get your hands on one.
Ok so now that we have this lesson over with lets get on to the eyeshadows :) :) First up is 

Heavenly:  This is one I was really looking forward to trying out.  Its cream eyeshadow with a bronze going through it wow this eyeshadow is fabulous.  This is the perfect highlight eyeshadow for the inner corners of your eyes to really open them up.  I have also used this on the brow brow and also as a highlight on my face.  Yes they can be used on the face too.  This is a stunning shade for even on the lid to really give you the eye wide awake look.  I wore this with another of these eyeshadows a few days ago and it worked wonders on making me look fresh and awake and ready for the day even though I only have 2 hours sleep :) :) 
Beautiful really is one you should have in your collection :) 
The below picture is a swatch of it dry and a swatch of it wet.  I simply dampened my brush and applied 
Next up is 

Limitness:  Awww Just look how the sun catches the colours isnt it beautiful :) :)  This shade I am sure you all will love especially you neutral lovers out there.  As you can see there is 3 different shades of gold in this pan there is light gold medium gold and a dark bronze shade but altogether you get a fantastic copper shade and I have to say you get away it wearing this only dry.  The pigmentation is amazing dry and you will see by the swatched there is not a huge difference between the dry and wet swatch Lovely shade :) :) 

Next up is 

Celestial:  This is a mixture of white, gold green and a darkened green shade but swatched together makes a green you wouldnt see in a normal palette believe me.  This shade is beautifully pigmented and yet I found it quite sparkly.  I do have to warn when using this shade expect a little fallout.  I have to admit I had to apply this to my eyes before I put on my foundation as its a darker shade.  Its still beautiful :) 

Next is 

Blue Planet:  Just take a moment to look at this eyeshadow.  Isn't it fantastic and wouldn't it just take you imagination to some planet in space it certainly would remind you of it wouldn't it.  Anyways as you can see there is a mixture of bronze, baby blue and a deep blue in this eyes shadow but thats more is I cant help prefer using this shade wet.  Its absolutely stunning Need I say more?  You have to get this one for sure see the swatches below 

Ok (slurp) Next shade is 

Galactic:  Another Neutral shade for you all to drool over and this shade works great with the first shade Heavenly.  A Beautiful combination of dark brown and 2 different shades of gold bringing you a beautiful bronzed brown.  I love this full stop its hugely pigmented and looks even better when applied wet.  You cant go wrong with this 

Next up is 

Starburst:  Wow a perfect name for this one for sure.  We have a mixture of gold, silver and a black.  Boy this shade surely surprised me because when I swatched it first Dry I found it very sheer especially with it been a darker shade but to my surprise when swatching it wet it surely showed me its true colours LITERALLY!!! Intense pigmentation and a stunning Starburst effect check it out :) :) 

Next up is 

Moon Dust:  This is surely another eye opener because to be honest I was a little confused what type of shade this was going to end up to be lol.  We are getting a mixture of a copper bronze, a charcoal and silver in this pan.  When I swatched it dry it just looked like a sheer charcoal shade but when swatched wet wow its actually a black 
Very pigmented with what looks like silver sparkles going through it 

And last but not least is 

Astral:  Awww well if you know me you will know that I am super happy this shade is in the collection.  I love me some purples :)  We are getting a mixture of light purple medium purple and silver in this pan and I was super excited to see what the finished shade would be like.  I have to admit I was impressed with the shade swatched dry.  Its light and a perfect shade for during the day when swatched wet it gives you a stunning violet with tints of silver beautiful shade and I am sure you all will agree is the perfect shade of purple :) :) 

Phewww And now there you have it all the eye shadows plain to see they look absolutely amazing Right?  Especially for the price you are getting what you paying for :)  I to be honest have found no faults with these beauties they are all amazing and blend out beautifully.  If I was to pick a fault I would have to say you will find fallout from this but to be honest you have to expect that from baked eyeshadows.  As they are not pressed like normal eyeshadows so you are better off not applying your foundation until after you do your eyes with these.  Otherwise you are going to end up looking like a disco ball.  :)  They are definitely worth trying if not all of them pick one but im sure you will find it hard to choose just one from this collection :) :) 
As Mentioned above I had to use some of these eyeshadow to create a daytime look to make me look more awake after only getting 2 hours sleep :) so I used 
Heavenly (wet) all over the lid and in the inner corner 
Some Galactic (dry) on the outer corner of the lid blend inwards and a little into the crease and lastly a little moon dust (dry) on the outer V bringing it to the bottom lash line I also used a matte brown eyeshadow to blend the colours together and above the crease.  I used a matte cream eyeshadow on the brow bone as I had enough shimmer on the lid :) :)  Of course just when I was taking the second photos the sun had to shine at its best and I didnt realise it would make me look lighter lol but you get the idea :) :) 

I really hope you enjoyed this review let me know what you think?  So you think you will be purchasing any of these :) 
Until next time Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Telina A said...

This is such a pretty collection! I love the look you created :) x

Telina | Love, Telina

Sherry P said...

OOOhhhhh these are beautiful! Thanks for the review and gorgeous pictures. I love a great bargain deal as well as finding unique shadows and these tick the boxes indeed :)

Kelly McKenny said...

Wow, these are all gorgeous!
I particularly love the bronzey/goldy ones :)

Dyna Spiteri said...

SPLAPS SELF! Just placed an order and didn't get these.

Julie B said...

I've been eyeing up these eyeshadows for some time now but hadn't seen the swatches so thank you, I will now be placing an order of all of them! x

Lisa Washington said...

Oh wow, I LOVE these. They are so pretty. I need to get heavenly & the purple one....I think they'd work great with green eyes. Great review, fab post. Thanks for letting us know about these as I'd never heard of them before!

Maria-Isabel @ Agape Love Designs said...

Wow those swatches are stunning! Thanks so much for linking up to Makeup Monday! (I Pinned your post!)


Manon Margaretha said...

Great colours!
Your blog is lovely!

Liz Lopez said...

My favorites are the first two shades and galactic. I want to try these shadows. they look lovely and I'm a fan of baked eyeshadows.
Great post!

Marie Papachatzis said...

Love the eye shadows. So pretty! So very pretty. I wish we had all of these brands in the states. I am very jealous!!!! :)

Isabel O said...

<3 Blue Planet.

Have bookmarked your blog- stumbled across it. I love a bargain so a bargain beauty blog is right up my street.


maya ahmed said...

wow these shades are dazzling

Heeydoll said...

Finally I found someone who has these , the look so beautiful I'm defo going to purchase.

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