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Benefits They're Real Push Up Gel Liner & They're Real Remover Review and Giveaway !!!!

Hello my beauties :) I hope you are all well :) 
Today I come to you with 2 reviews in the one Ok Maybe Stick on the Kettle make a cuppa and relax because this is a fair read as you know I like to go into alot lol.  Plus it will be worth it in the end ;) 

This is long over due but I really wanted to get the feel of these before I gave my utmost honest opinion as I always do.  I like to use the product well as there is so many ways to use a product some at the beginning might not suit you but once you use it a few times and get comfortable with it your first impressions might change.  Well thats what happened with me at the beginning I was well impressed with the promises and performance of this product.  Then I changed my mind then changed my mind again, there has been alot of mind changing but now I have my final verdict.  First let me tell you a little about the products before I give you my final verdict :) :) 

We all no matter how long we have been applying makeup have always wanted an easy life when it comes to applying makeup.  Some makeup we find easy to apply some we find hard and the main one is eyeliner.  Yes even makeup artists make mistakes applying the perfect flick or getting the eyeliner perfect on both eyes.  I to this day find it hard and only just catching on to getting at least a normal look flick.  
There are many eyeliners out there and some we find easier than others 

There is for example
Pencil which is easy enough but can be a pain when you have to sharpen it all the time 
There is liquid which comes with either a flimzy brush or too hard of a brush and sometimes liquid can look too glossy for certain looks 
We have Gel (my favourite at the moment) which is great matte finish long lasting and jet black!!!!  but again you have to apply with a brush and its hard to find the right brush suitable for us to apply.  Not only that the gel dries out over a period of time 
Then you have The felt tip eyeliner which in my opinion is a pain in the butt to be honest as I find they dry out way too fast (I have never had a great relationship with them as you can tell) 
As you can tell there is alot of liners out there and to be honest there is also alot of problems we run into from each one 
This is where Benefit Thought long and hard about these difficulties and it took them over 5 years to come up with an answer to all of those problems in one product :) :) 
Well of course this as you can tell is either going to be a hit or a miss but one things for sure It has certainly got the attention of all us beauty geeks and thats for sure :) :)  This is the First every Gel liner to come in a pen.  

So Benefit Believe they have the answer So much so that They went all out with creating a theme of this :)  Remember I told you all I went to the Launch Event of this liner ?? Heres a link to refresh your memories :) :)  Genius Right!!! Well according to Benefit this liner is so easy to apply that you can apply it with handcuffs on !!!!!

They're Real Push up Liner comes in a pen with a twistable lid and that twistable lid is there for a reason of course.  As this liner is gel.  The twist able lid will guarantee to keep the gel from drying out :) 

So what makes this liner so special and why did Benefit spend so long creating this product?
Well first of all we have to talk about the applicator.  
The special Accuflex tip is flexible and rubbery for a precise line that can hug the lash line, also while applying the guard pushes the lashes down so that product gets right between each lash leaving you no spaces to fill in or tight line.  We all know that too can be a pain.  The Tip also helps to create that perfect flick we all dream about getting right but 90% of time fail on at least one eye

Of course starting of you have the twist the bottom about 10 times before the product appears at the tip.  Let me tell you all now that this is in fact a gel liner.  The one you get in the pot in which most of us love and would love to be able to use.  I currently have a favourite gel liner myself and to be honest when im in a hurry it can be a pain too apply but I like to get that jet black matte look at the same time.  I was delighted to see that this has the same finish and that matte finish I love.  Also I was delighted to see that this is JET JET Black and totally noticable.  

In the above picture I twisted the product enough for you to see what it looks like but you do not need this amount of product to do your eyes 
My goodness me Ladies and gents this is literally full proof Waterproof smudge proof and aint gonna move until you move it.  I kid you not I actually did put this beauty to the test I put this on at 7 in the morning on a hot day and wore it to bed (removing the rest of my makeup of course)  I woke up the next morning to find this never budged one little bit in fact I would have got away with wearing it the following day all day if I didnt remove it.  
You need very little of this to do the two eyes and the less you twist up the less you waste as you will waste alot of it I assure you Here is the swatches I could make with the pump in the above photo and whats more I was still able to do my eyes with the bit left after swatching 

The tip allows you to apply thin or thick strokes depending on what you desire also you can apply with a light hand for a light to medium coverage or heavy hand with more product for a more intense full coverage look here is a closer look at the swatches 

I have to admit This too takes practice to use.  You are literally not going to become a genius from the moment you buy it I am sure of that.  I have had some difficultly with this to begin with on more than one occasion.  The reason?  Well you first of all have to get used to the feel of the pen and also the tip even though it looks easy it can be tricky so even before you apply the gel start off with nothing on the tip to get used to it.  Also the product can dry pretty quick if you are one who likes to take their time at their liner.  If that happens you are going to find that if you build this up it will flake on you.  So that is just a little word of warning before you commence or before you think that this is not working out for you.  You will have about 10 seconds before this completely dries on yours eyes so work fast.  

I do also find that the gel from this liner is a little thicker than normal gel liners I have worked with and I have worked with both high end and affordable gel liners.  I think maybe thats one fault I do find with this product and maybe thats why when it does dry and you do build it up it flakes.  Also if you build it up I find it very heavy on the eye and feel it looks crusty or wrinkly which is not attractive.  

Please excuse the next photo as its the only good photo I have at the moment from my phone of the liner on my eyes as I said I have been playing  around with this for a while now and randomly took photos from my phone instead of my camera lol Just look how black and beautiful it does look :) 

Now you do not have apply the liner this thick either as stated above you can do a simple thin line for every day wear such as the following 

As you can see its super super black and intense and when close to the lashes makes you lashes look super thick and full.  Having this in my possession is a god send in my opinion and once you get the hang of using it you are going to love love love it.  I would like if benefit did make the gel a little less thick as I think that is the only fault with it.  Also they have not as of yet tested it on the bottom lash line there for they have not stated that its suitable for that area but of course I been oh too curious have in fact tested that out for you.  
Yes it worked out brilliant for me but I do have to point out that if you suffer with super sensitive eyes you might find this a little heavy for that area.  I do not suffer with super sensitive eyes but I do from time to time suffer with sensitive eyes.  It did not effect me at all and stayed put all day long.  

Here is another photo I want to share with you with my lovely model Sarah.  I found the liner really suited her and was so noticable in the photo I did a simple smokey eye look and finished with a cat eye flick using this liner as you will see it elongated her eyes and the camera really caught that I also want to point out that she is not wearing any lashes they are her own but they look so so full with this liner on her and yes she too has the liner on the lower lash line and found it did not annoy her or remove the whole nigh in fact she stated she felt out of place when her friends needed to touch up their makeup that night she had nothing to do her makeup was still perfect  :) :) 

So thats my thoughts on this and you will be able to get you hands on this from today in stores near you and online soon after I have actually found a site already selling the They're Real Push Up Gel Liner and its for €25 :) 
Now for my next review I promise this is going to be short but very sweet :) 

Benefit also surprised us with another new release.  This is especially for all you ladies who love the They're Real Mascara ;) aswell as this liner.  I know how difficult the They're Real Mascara is and boy oh boy there is nothing budging this baby even with baby oil this doesnt come off easily.  Well that was until now !!!! :) 

Benefit claims:  This little beauty is Specially formulated to remove our bestselling they're real! mascara and they're real! push-up liner, this creamy gel is gentle-yet-powerful. It completely lifts away waterproof eye makeup without tugging the delicate eye area. Suitable for sensitive eyes & contact lens wearers.
It states to saturate a Cotton Pad and gently wipe away the makeup 
Hmmmmm Sceptic are we? 
Yes I was too 

As you can see it comes in a lovely squeezable tube.  The product itself is like a cream and looks like a cleanser 
It feels light and scent free.  

So tried this beauty on the liner marks I did on my arm letting the liner completely dry in fact I left the liner on my arm for a full hour before applying this pea sized amount over the strokes 
and the result? 

Well let me tell you this shocked me I couldnt believe how fast this removed the lines and not only that it was a pleasure watching the liner dissolve in front of me and disappear with a swipe of a cotton pad.  So what about the eyes did it work there too.  
Well the way I like to use this is to squirt a little on my finger tips and massage the product onto my eyes the pleasurable feeling my They're Real Mascara and They're Real Push Up Liner dissolving as I massage the product in is amazing.  Even though you do not look too attractive when you stop massaging and look in the mirror haha here is an example (picture taken with phone again lol) as you can see no effect on the eyes even when I have them open and wow this product is amazing even on the most waterproof mascara made :) 

This is also available now and costs €19.50 so worth it :) :) 
So there you have it my very long review but its 2 in one and now for the best part.  One of you luck readers are in with a chance of owning these two products YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Check out the Rafflecopter below to see what you have to do xxxxxxx and please read Terms & Conditions and YES ITS INTERNATIONAL :) 

Until Next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

P.S  If you fancy winning £30 worth of Makeup Revolution Products where you can choose the products your want I buy and Send them to you Enter my Instagram Giveaway @missninasworld :) :) 

Terms and Conditions :
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  2. You must be over 18 to enter if you are not over 18 you must get full consent from your parent/guardian to enter
  3. Please follow all the rules because its only fair :)
  4. I will infact wrap up the prize well when sending it out but if it came to the item been damaged or lost after i have posted it, It is not my responsibly after i send it. There will be no replacements etc sent out
  5. Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Good luck :)

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Jennifer Barron said...

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