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Makeup Revolution Salvation Intense Lip Lacquer

Hello my beauties :) I hope you are all well 
Today I bring you another Lip Product review 
I am sure alot of you who read my last review are thinking "Did she not just do this review?"  No I didnt I promise This is the Makeup Revolution Salvation Intense Lip Lacquers.  The last review I did was on the Salvation Velvet Matte Lip Lacquers and yes there is a difference :) :) 
The Packaging of course is no different and neither is the price.  They cost £3 each and there is 7 shades to choose from.  Like the Velvet Lip Lacquers I chose 2 shades to begin with to see what they were like :) :) 

Makeup Revolution claims:  For the most colour intense lips!
 A high shine colour to give the lips a full, bold and glossy look This is the intensive colour salvation for your lips. A high shine colour to give the lips a full, bold and glossy look available in a wide range of shades. Non sticky formula with a smooth texture for long lasting vivid colour.

First let me show you the shade I got :) 
Gave You All My Love:   The perfect first date shade :) :) This fabulous shade is perfect to draw attention to the lips but not over doing it.  You want the most attractive looking kissable lips?  you got it with this.  A Stunning blue toned baby Pink shade with silver shimmer.  Blue toned lip products always look better on me and I think it is done to me having a warm complextion.  I found this Lip Lacquer makes my lips look a little bigger than normal and I think its down to the shine and shimmer :)  This is a perfect shade for the Summer months for sure :) I am in love with this shade and will be wearing it alot this Summer 

Next Shade is 

Didn't I tell you?:  Well this is the perfect everyday shade for everyone.  A lovely rosey pink shade with golden shimmer.  If you have naturally pigmented lips this shade will be more of a MLBB lip product.  

Well now that I have you well filled in on these shades let me tell you about my experiences with them. 

These Lip Lacquers come with a doe foot applicator which makes application a dream.  The fact that these are not a stain means you wont even need a mirror to apply.  Perfect for travelling :) :) 

I have to admit these are not as pigmented as the Velvet Matte Lip Lacquers but they are more pigmented than a gloss in which to be honest this product would remind you more of a gloss than a lipstick.  The fact that these are listed as a Lip Lacquer kind of disappoints me just a tad as I was expecting them to maybe be a little more pigmented than they are But I suppose we cant all have our cake and eat it especially at that price :) :) 

How it feels 
This feels amazing on the lips from the moment you apply.  My lips feel smooth and soft and infact moisturised while wearing them.  Alot of people who do not like shimmer in their lips products might fear you will feel the shimmer in this, dont you worry you dont feel it at all infact you bearly see the shimmer on your lips after applying.  Even after the Intense Lip Lacquer wears off your lips still feel like you have it on which is brilliant 

Lasting Power?
Quite shocked with this one to be honest.  As they feel like a gloss you would think they would last as long as most glosses which is usually only and hour or a little more.  These last for about 2-3 hours depending on the shade you buy and according to eating and drinking of course :)  

While applying these I noticed a vanilla scent.  The scent is not strong and wears off after a little while so if you are not fond of the scent dont worry you will not notice it.  I would highly recommend this to people who are not fond of matte lip products.  
Whats great about these is you are getting a lipstick and lip gloss in one tube 
So If you are someone who tends to reach for lipstick and likes to add some gloss over it these little beauties are going to save you a job by giving you the 2 in 1 :) 

Well I hope these two reviews were helpful to you and maybe helped you decided which one if not the two you would prefer.  Let me know in the comment below which you prefer 
Until Next Time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

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I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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