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Youngblood Liquid Mineral Foundation Review

Hello my beauties How are you all :) 
I am sure a few of you are saying "Yes finally she has this review up"  As alot of you seen in my #fotd (Face Of The Day" picture on instagram that I included this foundation in it quite a few times and I was asked by you what I thought of the foundation.  To be honest I am very quick to get my reviews up about new items I get my hands on and usually its easy to make my mind up about them after about a week of using them but this foundation has surely had me on a 50/50 mood for the past 3 weeks and today I have finally come to doing this review.  

For some of you who does not know why people are curious about this foundation its because it is going to be hard on credit card to purchase.  It costs a whopping $49 of the Youndblood website and €35 here.  Yes I know quite a price tag for a simple foundation right?! Well in all honesty I did not buy this It was a gift to me from the lovely Glitter Mama Wishes who gave me the foundation simply because it was not the right shade for her.  I felt so bad when I realised how much it cost but she was so generous to give this to me for nothing :) :)   Realistically I think the price tag is so high is because Youngblood is classed as one of the top quality mineral line brands out there not only that but their ingredients are 100% natural, free from talc, oils, parafens and perfume 

I have been using this almost everyday for the past 3 weeks and I have only used up a small amount of the foundation.  When I got this foundation the mark of the foundation was at the d of Youndblood and now its at the 1st O of blood.  
There is 30ml of foundation in this bottle which is quite normal for a bottle of foundation.  

Youngblood claims:  Say goodbye to dry! Our Deep Sea Hydrating Complex quenches parched skin for a healthy radiance. A special blend of rare Reduced Salt Deep Sea Water, botanicals and more than 20 ocean minerals soothes and revitalizes skin. The pore-free finish wears for hours.

This foundation is only suitable for people with normal to dry skin but they do have different types of foundations suitable for every skin type and every skin tone including full coverage foundations for people who suffer with acne scarring, scarring from surgeries etc 

I have to say I am more than impressed with the packaging first of all we are getting a small pump that not only is small and manageable but also does not pump out too much product.  We have full control of how much products comes out each time we use it.  Second of all not only that but its the first time ever i have seen this from a bottle of foundation which contains a pump,  we can unscrew the pump to get whatever product is left in the bottle HAPPY DAYS which means we are getting the full 30 mls of foundation 

One pump literally gives you this much which means you are not going to over do it.  I have to admit I was expecting this foundation to be alot thicker than it is.  Its more runny than thick but not too runny.  I like the constancy as its easier to blend .  As you can see in the picture below I raised my arm and left it there for about 15 seconds and it started to move down my arm.  

There are a number of shades available for every skin tone starting with 
Light:  There is Pebble(c)  Sand(w)  Shell(w) 
Medium:  Golden Tan(w)  Sun Kissed (n) 
Tan:  Carribean(c)  Suntan(c)  Tahiatian Sun(w)
Dark:  Barbados(w) 
The letters in the brackets stand for Warm Cool and Neutral 
If I was choosing a foundation from here I would aim for Warm or Neutral as I have yellow toned skin anyone who is pale and does not tan in the sun would go for Cool 
The shade I have is Pebble which I knew would probably not be my exact match but it would surely be close to it.  Normally Warm and neutral foundations suit me better and i was afraid that as Pebble has a cool undertone to it that it might be a no no 

Pebble is surely a little lighter than my skin tone I would say this would suit someone is an NC20.  This shade is actually the lightest shade on the website or available in this foundation.  Even though its not my exact shade I made it work for me :) :) 
This shade is light with a slight pinkish undertone to it perfect for anyone who has a cool undertone :) :) have a warm undertone you can actually make this work for you.  Unlike some foundations you get that has a cool undertone this foundation has very little pink to it which is actually very good as you will see in the swatches below 

I have swatched this in the inside of my arm as this is the palest area of my whole body my face is darker than the inside of my arm 

As you can see its not a bad match and you see how much a pea sized amount spreads out :) 
I have to point out that this foundation is in fact water-based which means if you have acne prone skin especially this is perfect for you. 

 I also found this foundation has a light to medium coverage which I was disappointed with to be honest.  I thought it would cover up alot in one go but it did not.   I have alot of freckles and also suffer with pigmentation on my skin with one layer of this over my face the pigmentation and my freckles were still noticable :(   I thought maybe this was because I was using a buffer brush and tried applying with my fingers it still gave the same coverage also with a foundation brush.  The most coverage you will get is medium coverage after about 2 to 3 applications depending on what you are covering up.  
if you are only covering freckles (which you shouldnt do anyway because freckles are beautiful) you will get away with 2 layers if you suffer pigmentation 3 will cover it.  

I did like the finish of this foundation.  It sort of has a slight dewy finish and you are left with a nice healthy natural glow.  I have to admit I suffer with large pores and did find it minimise them.  I also had a few dead blemishes and it didnt cake up over them at all.  Fines lines you need not worry about as it does not soak into them either.  It does feel very lightweight on the skin almost like you were not wearing anything on your face.  I did try applying this with a beauty blender and I can report its a no no situation as there is water in the foundation and also water on the sponge , it just makes the foundation slide all over and gives a very uneven application.  

As you can see there is some good points and then there is some bad one overall I would not repurchase this again as I like foundations with a medium coverage.  I love my Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation which has a medium coverage finish after one layer ...... to get the same coverage I need to build this up twice 

Even though this has a dewy finish I find I do not have to powder it to set it on my normal/combination skin.  If you do suffer with an oily T-zone(like I do) which progresses throughout the day I recommend setting with a translucent powder.  Another point I want to share with you is that this does not oxidise so the shade in the bottle is true to what it will look like on you face.  I also found that this foundation is not great for flash photography I was shocked when I went for a family meal and got some photos taken with them I looked like death warmed up.  
in normal photos it looks great in fact my skin looks flawless which is lovely but do not wear this at night or to weddings :) :) 
Here is an example of how white I look in the photo and believe me in person I did not look as pale 

Even though I look Flawless I look white too :(  I did not powder that night just to show how dewy it is :) :) 
So I have a love hate relationship with this foundation as you can see 

What I hate :
This gives a white cast with flash photography even though there is no spf in it
You need about 2 to 3 layers before you get enough coverage to cover up pigmentation & semi-heavy freckles 
It costs so much to buy 

What I love:
I love the flawless finish I get from this foundation 
I does not soak into fine lines and large pores 
It water based which means even if you have an oily t-zone you are not going to look very oily 
Its long lasting (average 8 hours of wear before you see patching) 
Its 100% natural and harmless for your skin 
Its suitable for anyone with normal to dry skin 
Its easy to apply 
It feels very light on the skin almost like you are not wearing any foundation 
You have control of the coverage you want even though you will only get the most medium coverage 
You can use any brush to apply this foundation even your nice clean fingers :) :) 

Now for the before and after picture for you all (dun dun dunnnnnnn) So what do you think ?  This is with 2 layers of the foundation and of course my HG Concealer :) This picture was taken in natural lighting. 

I really hope this was helpful to you all and if you have any questions at all about it ask below and I will surely answer as best I can.  I am sure I covered everything as that's what I wanted to do in this post after all it is and expensive foundation and I wanted to get everything as clear as possible
What do you think do you think you would try this out for yourself 
Have you tried it ?  Whats your thoughts :) 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Becky Peacock said...

I've never been super impressed with youngblood but this foundation works really well with you skin. I might have to give them another chance!

Shannon Boyce said...

It may not be the perfect foundation but it sure looks good on you!

Mandy Wenchel said...

I was looking for a nice foundation, one that will help me wear a flawless skin and no dark spots. As a beauty enthusiast, I want nothing but to make sure that the product I'll be using will enhance my beauty and not to ruin it. Thank you for sharing this review.

genius786 said...

This is written very well you are a very good writer. I am agree with you. Hope you will Carry on writing in the same way. Thumbs Up!

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