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Powderpocket Box May 2014

Hello My beauties 
Its that time again :) :) Its the May Powderpocket Box 
Boy oh Boy did I get excited with this months theme.  This edition is called the "Sweet Treat Edition" and to be honest who doesnt like a bit of sweetness in their lives :) :) 
Of course with pastel colours been a huge trend this season Powderpocket treated us with a lovely bright blue box compared to their usual black box.  I know for a fact I will put this box to good use :) :) I love it 

As always we got a nice mini magazine which contains all the information we want about the products we got in our box.  Plus what I loved about this months magazine is that they shared some of our tweets which goes to show they read everything we have to say about them :) :) Check it out is one of these tweets yours ?

Ok now onto the box and its contents :) :) 

First up is 

Great Lengths Daily Moisture Shampoo - Full Sized bottle costs €17.00 for 250mls - We got a 50mls sample - I am sure alot of you have heard of Great Lengths as I have seen so many amazing reviews on their extensions.  Now I do not have extensions but I do have dried damaged hair and if this does what it says it does well I am looking forward to seeing the results it promises.  The Promises?  Daily Moisture can be used on all hair types as it’s extremely gentle. It will help to clear away dry ends and also balance the scalp environment. Daily Moisture contains Aloe Vera, this helps to leave the hair feeling silky and manageable. Active ingredient GSP-T will protect hair against environmental damage and premature aging. Any damage caused to the outer cuticle will be repaired by our Aquarich ingredient, this will also help increase volume and give hair maximum shine while reducing static.
In all honesty I am hoping its as good as it says for that price :) :) 

Nimue Exfoliating Enzyme - Full Sized Tube costs €49.00 for 60mls - We got a 30mls tube - Winning many awards Nimue is globally recognised for it’s modern skin classification concept (Environmentally Damaged Skin, Hyperpigmented Skin, Problematic Skin and Interactive) and unique philosophy based on four treatment pillars, Rejuvenation, Restoration, Antioxidation and Sun Protection.
Nimue promises :  Non-irritating, non-abrasive enzymatic exfoliation.  Refines skin texture.  Imparts smooth and radiant skin
Combination of fruit enzymes help digest protein bonds between stratum corneum cells without overstimulation
Optimises penetration of active ingredients.  This product is reaching to those with Environmentally damaged skin Hyperpigmented skin Problematic skin & Interactive skin
I am looking forward to trying this out :) :) 

Kinvara Skincare Absolute Cleansing Oil - Full Sized Bottle costs €19.99 for 100mls - we got a 5mls sample -  *Irish Made*  This is one of Ireland's most Acclaimed natural skincare brands and I am excited to try this product out.  Stating that this is is suitable for all skin types I can already tell this is going to be good.  Using a blend of pure plant oils this oil is said to be that gentle it wont strip off your skin.  It is said to remove every trace of dirt grime and makeup that is left on your face leaving your skin clean soft & prepared for the day ahead :) :) This sample is quite small but it does state that you only need one pump to do your entire face hmmmmm. 

Ciate Mini Nail Polish in shade Sugar Plum - Full Sized bottle costs €10.95 for 12.5mls - we got a 5ml bottle :) This will be my first time trying Ciate Nail Polish ..... Yes I know tut tut but I do have nearly too many nail polishes in my collection at the moment its not the first thing I go for as nail polish does not last on my nails long enough.  My hands are always in water and my nails are brittle because of that so most of the time I leave my nails with clear nail polish on but I do like to paint my nails on special occasions or when I feel like treating myself to a mani.  This shade looks fabulous I cant wait to try it on Keep and eye out on facebook and my instagram for a picture of it on my nails :) 

Hollywood Eye Magic Serum - Costing €75 (wow) for a 15ml bottle which is stated to have 300 applications -  we got as you can see a tiny sample about 2 - 3 mls maybe - This states that you will look and feel more confident with your person makeover in a bottle.  With Collagen Boosters, natural extracts and healing properties this exclusive unique formula is oxygen infused for maximum result.  It states to watch it work right before your eyes.  In the directions we have to apply to clean skin sitting upright and rub in a tiny pea sized amount around your eye area.  So if you are a sufferer of Dark Circles, Sagging skin, puffiness, wrinkles and fine lines which we all do at some stage or most stages this might attract you but to be honest it would have to work miracles for that price tag.  Well I will surely let you know if I notice any difference or any miracles :) :) 
and lastly Powderpocket were sweet enough "get it lol (i need to get out more)" to add a little treat for us all to celebrate their 6th box 

The only thing was I only got to look at this packet of sweets before my twins spotted them and was gone running before i could say boo lol 
Over all The box was fine to me.  It didnt wow me like the last 2 I got but I am surely looking forward to trying out the products at the same time.  None of these are full sized products either which is a surprise and it is the first box we have received with no full sized product in it.  But to be honest I can see why as there is a few pricey products included in this box for example the Nimue Exfoliating Enzyme the full sized bottle is 60 mls and costs €49 we got half the size sample which adds up to €24.50 just with that one product makes up for the price of the box and more.  
So what's your thoughts on the May Edition ?
If you would like a review on any of these product do let me know :) :) 
Well if you are check out the PowderPocket website where they offer a plan 
Monthly plan is €15 including postage 
6 monthly plan is €75 including postage where you receive you box per month for 6 month that includes a free box 
12 monthly plan is €150 including postage where you receive your box per month for 12 months that includes 2 free boxes 
Until Next Time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Shannon Boyce said...

This box looks so great! I absolutely love that nail polish shade!

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