Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lengths Mascara Review

Hello my beauties I am back with the promised review on the Makeup Revolution Amazing Lengths Mascara :) :) :) 
Just to refresh your memories I did a review on the Makeup Revolution Amazing Volume Mascara and it turned out to be good results :)  For all of you lovely girlies out there who look for volume more than length you should check out my review here :) :) 
Now for all of you girlies who are blessed with full lashes and are looking for more length this review will help you decided if this mascara is for you :) 
As it only costs £1.50 on the Makeup Revolution site you are surely not going to lose out on much pennies 
The Amazing Lengths Mascara is available in 4 varities 
Ultra Black 

So the packaging is much the the last mascara I review only without the clear plastic glass like cover over it.  Its the simple black tube nothing crazy exciting but what to expect from such an affordable price.  I like that they have made the Lengths and Volume tube a little different from each other as its easier to pick out when they are together  

The Wand is alot different to the Amazing Volume mascara.  It is alot thinner and the bristles are a little stiffer to make sure every lash is separated.  There is also a bend to the wand which means it works with the lashes instead of against.  I did find if you use a heavy hand the bristles can be a little rough on the eyes so be careful.  
Using this on the bottom lashes is a dream because its a smaller brush and I get even application which is perfect :) 

As you can see the brush is in two different shapes.  From the tip to the middles the bristles are alot smaller and from the middle to the end the bristles are longer means every single lash even the smaller ones near the inner corner is getting the mascara :) :) 

This mascara like the Amazing Volume has the little suction hole in the tube to take off excess mascara we so hate to see on the wand and have to scrape off before we apply our normal mascaras

Now lets speak formula !! The consistancy is in between wet and dry which is actually a good thing as this mean less mess and more percise application.  As to been the Ultra Black like its name again like the Volume Mascara it needs to be built up for the Ultra Black finish and even at that you can get blacker mascaras.  This is another (in my eyes) everyday wear mascara.  
Does it lengthen my lashes.  Yes it does give me a little more length for sure after 2 coats I have seen a difference 
Take a look yourself click on the photo to see closer The top row is before any mascara is applied and the bottom row is after 2 coats :) 

In my opinion I feel I got more Length from the Amazing Volume Mascara.  I will show you a comparison photo of the two together but to be honest there is not a who difference between the two in length.  The top Row is of my wearing 2 coats of the Amazing Lengths Mascara and the Bottom Row is of me wearing the Amazing Volume Mascara 

Last photo is of me wearing the both of the mascaras together 
Well there you have it my review on the Amazing Lengths Mascara :) :)  I think for the price you can not go wrong with either one or even the two.   So which one would suit you better ?  Or would you be like me and use both :) :) 
Tell me your thoughts :) 
Until Next Time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

 As I stated above if you are only looking for length and not volume this is for you.  I tend to reach for both of these mascaras together for the past 2 weeks and they both work great together I am getting both the perfect daytime Volume and Length with the two 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


MaRy Michaelidou said...

It looks like an awesome mascara! Nice review!
kisses from Greece

Jessica Dearnley said...

Your eyelashes look lovely :)


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