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Tanorganic Self Tanning Oil Review

Ok its that time of year where we all have to talk tan 
Summertime especially we all feel the pressure to get a little colour.  Its the time of year where we take that summer clothing box out and crindge at the fact that our pasty bodies are going to look horrible against our bright skirts, shorts and tops.  We feel pressured to sit out in the sun and damage our skins especially us Irish gals.  In all honesty I was blessed with having sallow skin and even if I get a days sun I am sorted tan wise but I would prefer not to be sitting out damaging my skin I hate it.  I used to be stupid when I was in my teens and sit out for hours wearing no spf and baking myself until I could not stick it any longer WRONG DECISION and to tell you the truth the result of those years of tanning has left me with pigmentation on my face and plenty of moles to cover up :(  
So how can we get out natural tanned look without damaging our skin.......... Of course with a bottle :) :) 
There is alot of self tanners out there promising amazing tan thats long lasting and effortless.  Some I have come across and hated.  Others I am loving especially Cocoa Brown Its one of the best but that does not stop me trying out other tans to see how they work and how they are especially for you all out there 
Today I bring you Tanorganic Self Tanning Oil 
Of course I have to mention Tanorganic is also Irish Owner and Created by a woman called Noelle O'Connor.  To find out the full story behind Tanorganic Click here 

Ok let me tell you a little about this tan before I get down to my thoughts shall I.  First of all lets cover the promises that comes with this tan :) 
TanOrganic’s Self-tanning Oil is ideal for those who wish to achieve a natural looking alluring glow. It will light up your skin leaving you feeling confident and sexy and is the perfect choice for this who prefer a sun kissed look to a full on tan.
The tanning oil is made with a unique blend of 8 different plant oils including Borage seed oil, Argan oil and Orange peel oil. TanOrganic’s Self-Tanning Oil has a subtle citrus fragrance with a hint of rose. It adds a natural bronzed effect to the skin and is lighter than our Original Self-tan but darker than a gradual tanner.
  • The world’s first self tanning oil
  • Super easy to apply, no gloves required for a streak free, even tan
  • Natural looking professional finish
  • Skin nourishing and hydrating for silky skin and a perfect fade
  • No synthetic colours, preservatives or parabens.
  • Beautiful subtle citrus fragrance
This Tanning Oil costs €24.99 for a 100mls bottle :)  This is going to give you at least and I mean at least 20 applications for the entire body :) :) 

First of all I know what you are all thinking €24.99 is a little pricey but it is 100% organic and of course organic can be pricey.  Not only that you are getting a beautifully packaged bottle a heavy glass bottle might I add with a wooden twisty top.  Something I wouldnt mind showing off on my dresser :) :) 

The instructions are fairly simple to follow
You literally prepare your skin before tanning by ex foliating and applying moisturiser a couple of days prior.  Then on the morning of tanning have a quick shower to ensure there is no dead skin cells or oils on your skin.  Also apply clear nail polish to your toe and finger nails to prevent staining your nails.  If you are applying to you face apply Vaseline to your brows to stop staining too.  
According to the instructions all you need to do is apply the Oil with your bare hands like you would with any other body oil making sure to blend evenly and to get all areas to avoid patches.  Its as simply as that.  Afterwards it states to use a baby wipe to remove excess tanning oil from the palms of your hands.  To be honest I found it scary at first applying this as the oil is clear, I thought to myself I was going to miss spots because its clear and I am so used to applying tan that already has colour in it.  

Well I did all of that to perfection.  I have to say the zesty scent was lovely while applying.  I found the oil very moisturising on my skin and to be honest took a while to soak into my skin of course to be expected with applying oil to your skin but to be honest it was good as I could see where I was applying the oil and which parts I missed.   I forgot to mention that I applied this straight after my early morning shower.  I wore loose fitted clothing for the entire day.  I noticed my skin starting to tan within 4 hours of wear which was impressive as I knew It was only the beginning.  After 7 hours my skin looked beautifully tanned. I was definitely 2 shades darker than my natural colour which is amazing :)   Not only had I the loveliest natural tan I had it for a full 7 days before I noticed it becoming patchy It became patchy .  I found it only becoming patchy on my feet and it wore off everywhere else evenly.  A lot of people commented on my tan thinking it was natural and could not believe it was from a bottle :) :) NICE!!!!!!

Of course with good points I have to come to you with some bad points :( :( 
I only have 2 bad points one of which is something that was quite embarrassing to me to be honest.  That is the scent !!!!! Yes I mentioned earlier applying the oil it smelled zesty and lovely but though out the day I could get this awful stench I mean the only way I can explain the scent (sorry in advance to anyone who has a light tummy) but it reminded me of stale pee.  Keep in mind I am a mum of 5 kiddies and do know only by kiddies nappies what stale pee smells like.  I actually had no idea where the stench was coming from and I was going round like a sniffer dog smelling everywhere to see where this stench was coming from It was only when I went to get dressed for bed and took off my top that I realised it was me MORTIFIED !!! But I can reassure you that the scent does go away, you just have to stick it out for about 7 - 8 hours or so.  
The other fault is ORANGE HANDS and believe me I did exactly what it said on the bottle I scrubbed my palms with a wipe and I still ended up with orange palms and the more I touched water the more orange my hands looked for a good 4 days I palms remained orange I even used the Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff to try and remove the orange and it was hard to get rid of.  My advise is to use rubber gloves that fit perfectly on your hands to apply the oil.  The picture below is after I scrubbed my palms with tough stuff and you can still make out how orange they looked 

Apart from them two faults which can easily be fixed I really like the tan.   Its so natural looking and if you wanted to go darker all you have to do is apply another layer the next day.  I am well impressed with how easy this comes off after wearing it for a week.  You are not scrubbing vigorously trying to get all the tan off just a simple ex foliating shower takes it all right off 
So I think its worth trying and worth the money?  Yes definitely the only thing I would advise is to apply in the evening time where you will not be around anyone who will sniff you lol by morning simply take off your clothing have a nice light shower and that scent will disappear :)   Its also worth trying if you suffer with sensitive skin or very dry skin as this is full of organic ingredients and very moisturising so it will not effect you whatsoever.  
I really hope you enjoyed my review 
Let me know your thoughts 
Have you tried this yet :) 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Tasha Steel said...

The packaging looks great, love the wooden lid.

To avoid the streaky hands, apply it with a mitt! I've started applying my gradual tan with a mitt to avoid any orange tones between my fingers (which has happened before and it's not good)

Thanks for the honest review, I think I'd be willing to overlook the scent and apply it on an evening and shower the morning after. That colour payoff is really good! x

Shannon Boyce said...

This sounds like a really good tanner! The results are beautiful.

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