Monday, 8 April 2013

The Body Needs Crush Pot Pressed Eyeshadow Review Part 2

Hey my beauties How are you all doing today :) 
Its Monday and the kiddies are gone back to school after a 2 week break and not a moment too soon if you ask me lordy how bored does kids get after a few days off school is unreal.  They never seem to be entertained too long with what they have which is alot more than what i had when i was a kid aka Nintendo ds's, dvd's, phones, bikes, go-carts etc the list goes on and on but no thats not entertaining enough lol I think its just routine they are very quick to get used to school time and play after school but having a full day of free time seems to get to them alot lol :)  They baffle me sometimes :) 
Anyways sorry I im babbling on with the review :) 
YES I DID IT AGAIN I got more of  the Crush Pot Pressed Eyeshadows from the body needs website.  I just couldn't resist the tempting 40% at the time and seeing as I have a good experience with the last batch i got I just had to buy more for my collection :) 
If you missed my last review on the first batch I got click here to check it out :) 
  • Each of these little beauties cost $3.99 each and are fitted into a 26 mm pan.  
  • This means they fit perfectly into a MAC Palette :) 
  • They are about 2g of product each
  • They are magnetic and will stick to any palette with a magnetic plate but if you were to place these in a MAC palette you will have to purchase the magnet separate in which you can get them here from the body needs website they only cost $1.99
So let me go ahead and show you the shades I chose this time around :) 
Troubled Tart:  On the site this is described as a Burnt Frost Rose Shade.
Wow is this shade beautiful.  I love using this in the crease and on the bottom lash line when wearing a brown smokey eye.  It shade is so easy to work with and very very pigmented its soft creamy and needs very little to achieve the look you want with it :) top marks for sure on this one :) 
Blackened Maroon:  I Love these blackened shades I have quite a few from the last haul and i love them :) they are great to use at night especially.  
Oh this shade is AMMMMAAAZING!!!!!! I love it :)  Its not only pigmented soft and creamy it looks stunning even on its own :)  This is a black purple brown shade with sparkle 
Tricked:  This is a stunning bronzed brown it would put you in the mind of Half Baked from the Naked palette only a little on the darker side :)  Let me tell you now this shade is pigmented you would actually get away with wearing no primer with this its stunning and so easy to work with I love it :) 
Blue Brown Sparkle:  This is described as a deep rusty brown that reflects green, brown and silver sparkle.  Hmmmmm Nice shade not so nice to work with to be honest.   I have tried this on its own and its just way too chalky for me its a no no for me but if any of you all out there has this shade and know how to make it work let me know :) because I find it stunning and unique :) With a primer it does work a little better as I will show you the difference in a picture below 
Goddess:   A Very sparkly Gold.... Again this shade is very very chalky but alot easier to work with than Blue Brown Sparkle..... With a primer this looks stunning its not as creamy as the others but maybe that because of the extra sparkle in it :) 
Love it :) 
Tropic Heat:  I love the name :) so so suits the eyeshadow..... As described a mid-toned rose with copper sparkle...... I know You would get confused when you look at the pan it looks like a copper shade with gold sparkles and it sure surprises you when you swatch it thats for sure......This is another chalky shade and will need a primer for it to work but its so so pretty and again unique I dont have a shade like this and I love that :)  
Autumn:  This is a matte light brown shade with a red undertone.  This is is lovely but takes alot to coax out of the pan :( Mattes are usually hard to work with anyway even with a primer it takes a good few applications before you get any colour pay off.  I do like to use this mostly as a day time eyeliner in which i dampen my brush to use and it works perfect that way :) 
Vampy:  A Deep Matte Maroon shade.  Again because its matte its hard to work with but a little better than Autumn.  This shade is just beautiful perfect autumn shade :) aswell as that its perfect for a smokey eye.  
Mosi:  This is a deep matte teal shade :) I thought this would be a great shade for a pop of colour to a smokey eye.  This turns out to be light a dusty and looks fab on the lid.  Again a hard shade to work with but is beautiful once applied :) 
Obscene:  A Deep Pink Purple with silver shimmer.  Boy oh boy is this pigmented.  It only needs the tiniest amount to do the whole lid.  A stunning shade and really makes my hazel eyes pop.  It can be a little chalky but not enough to give out about I love this shade :) :) 
This is a Picture of Of the 3 chalkiest shades with and without a primer 
Over all of course I love these eye-shadows I think they are amazing value For what you are getting.  The Mattes on the other hand are best left alone in my opinion as they are just too hard to work with but if you wanted mattes there is pigments of each shade available so you could easily opt for that :)  That's what I intend on doing in my next future purchase.  
What I love about these is that they fit into most palettes especially the UNII Palette in which I have filled up with just The Body Needs Crush Pot eye-shadows :) :) 
Have you tried these yet?
Until Next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


StephanieLouise said...

Put the Blue Brown over a brown base shade using the foiling method. I have the loose version & love it!

Nina s said...

Thanks for the ip hunny i will try that one :) its a stunning stunning shade :)

Jordan Alice said...

Tricked looks gorgeous! xx

Shannon Boyce said...

Oh wow, these shades are just gorgeous! I am loving how shimmery and pigmented they are.

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